Sacred comedy, its origin, i. :70.
Sage, Le, bis play of " Tarcaret," i. 99.
Şavage, bis tragedy of “ Sir Thomas Overbury,"i. 198.
Scbiller's robbers, its effects on the Bohemian students,

ii. 120.
Scenery, the history of, from its earliest period, ii. 72.
Sedley, Sir Charles, his comedy of, “ Bellamira," witticism

on, ii. 148.
Setlle, Elkanab, lines on, by Dr. Young, ii. 364.
Shakspeare, Ode to the Genius of, by Hogg, i. 39.- Reply

to, by Ryan, i. 41. His commentators satirized, i. 85.-
His gallantry, i. 105.- Calculation of the number of lines
in each of his plays, i. 112.-Repartee to a drunken
blacksmith, i. 129,- Account of the first edition of his
works, i. 156.—List of his plays chronologically arranged,
i. 182.-His works substituted for the Scripturos, by
mistake, i. 197.-The Sunderland club of, account of,
i. 227.-His gallantry to Queen Elizabeth, i. 156.-
Ireland's forgeries of bis works, ii. 190.--His remains,
ii. 198.-Original of his Dogberry, iii, 87.-Instability
of public professions of regard to his memory, iii. 169.-
Frauds practised on his writings, jii. 196.-The origin
of his “ Hamlet,” iii, 218.-The origin of bis “Mer-
chant of Venice,” iii.[225.-His Crab Tree, and Drinking
Mug, iji. 227.- Commentators on the early forgeries of
his works, iii. 231.Absurdities of his commentators,
iii. 244.- Early publication of bis plays, iii. 257.Ori.
ginal story of his Romeo and Juliet," iii. 263.- His
seleotion of plots and characters, iji. 269.--Shakspeare's
birth-room, writings on tbe wall in, iii. 273.—His present
descendants, curious account of, by Sir Richard Phillips,

iii. 277.-His residence, “ New Place,” iii, 286,
Shakspeariana, iij. 291.
Shepherd, the Gentle,” its first performance at Edinburgb,

i. 237.
Sheridan, Thomas, his benevolent conduct to Mr. Kelly,
iii. 48.

(R. B.) his interview with George III., i, 130.
his wit on “ The Battle of Hastings," ij. 41.

Mr. Boaden, the author, ii, 143.
----, effect of his ". School for Scandal,” on some cong-
trymen, iii. 41.

, and his son, iij. 67.

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Sheridan, bis promises to the Staffordshire electors, iii, 136.

tragedy of “ Pizarro," curious (acts, connected
with, iji. 271.

and the first edition of “ Sbakspeare,” iii. 271.

---, anecdotes of, iji. 284.
Sbuter, his humour, i. 130.

and the highwayman, i. 265.

his ready calculation, ii. 90.
Shylock, costume of, iii. 47.
Siddons, Mrs., her reading before royalty, i. 45.-Persor-
j. 261.-Ancient, description of, i. 279.-Interdicted at
Cambridge, ii. 7.-Death of Old Drory, in 1741. ii. 22.
of puppets, at Milan, account of the performances at,
ii. 52.in the time of Charles II., ij. 122. The Globe,
account of, ii. 125.—The Curtain, account of, ii. 135.-
The White-friars, account of, ii. 148.- Barning of the
London, ii, 174.-The Black-friars, account of, ii. 184:-
Drury Lane, originally called, “ The Cock Pit, or Phønix,
account of, ii. 210.-German, notice of the Bourgomaster,
relating to, ij, 236 — Riot at the Haymarket, ii. 275.-
Covent Garden, O. P. war at, ii, 282.--State of, during
the Civil Wars, üi. 25.-Costume of, in 1747, iii. 32,-
Tragioal accident at the old Haymarket, iii. 43.-Custom
of admitting strangers behind the scenes of, abolisbed by
Queen Anne, iii. 47.-Announcement at the, of Montrose,
iii. 51.-Lima, account of, by Captain Hall, iii. 82. in
Denmark, despotio conduct of the King regarding, iii. 96.
Its immorality described by Jeremy Collier, iii. 115.-
Chinese, account of iii. 116.-Representation at an Italian,
satirizing the nation, by a German prince, iii. 140.-Ac-
count of a disturbance in, at Havre De Grace, iii. 176.-
Objection of the clergy to, iii. 179.-Origin of soldiers
doing duty at, iii. 187.-Prices of admission and re-
ceipts of, in Shakspeare's time, iii. 191.-Expenses of
Covent Garden, and Drury Lane, iii. 207.-Stages in, of
the Greeks and Romans, iii, 233.-Goodman's Fields,

mance of Isabella, i. 89.-Miss Seward's opinion of,
i. 258.-Account of the grandfather of, ii. 19.-Her first
rise, ii. 193.-Her talents criticised, by George Steevens,
iii. 112.-Ludioroas description of ber first appearance in

Dublin, iii. 137.
Smith, the actor, his biography, ii. 13.

Miss, ber death from excessive joy, ij. 62.
" Sorcerer,” tbe, a pantomime, accouut of, iji. 189.
Spain, the drama in, i. 1.
Steele, Sir Richard, bis comedy of“ The Conscious Lovers,"

saccess of, ii. 225.
Stephens, ibe button maker, his performances as a tragedian,

i. 228.
Steevens, George, bis letter to Hayley, on Mrs. Siddon's

talents, iii. 112.
Stil), Dr. Jolin, Bisbop of Bath and Wells, the first comic

writer, account of, iii. 223.
Stoppelaer, Michael, the actor, his replies to Ricb, ii. 206.

's progress, lines on the, i. 267.
Suzanne, Mademoiselle, the French actress, i. 147.
Sydney, Botany Bay, prologue on opening the Theatre at,

i, 250.

Talma, M. bis performance of Hamlet, i. 11. and i. 286,

ridiculons letter to, i. fl.
Tesi, Mademoiselle, of the Vienna Opera house, ber marriage,

i. 175.
Theatre, Sir Richard Phillips's opiniun of, i. 60.- Opposi,

tion to, by a poppet shew, in the time of Charles II. j. 37.-
The Fortune, account of, i. 90.-The Red Bull, acoonnt
of, i. 126.-Whimsical enumeration of, i. 146.-The Bath,
its patent as a Theatre Royal, i. 200.-Establishment of
the first Scotch, i. 205.-Customs of the ancient Englişb,

iii. 290.
Thomson, James, bis interview with Quin, the actor, iii. 107.
Thormond, the actor, bis stratagem, i. 118.
Tottenbam Court Fair, advertisement of a play and enter-

tainment at, in 1741, ii. 21.
Tragedy at Hayti, i. 6.

qualifications of a prime minister to write a,
üi. 219.
Tree, Miss, imprompta on, ii. 133.
Trefusis, Joseph, the actor, account of, i. 35.

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Vandermere, the celebrated barlequin, iri. 75.
Vega, Lopez de, his facility of coinposition, i. 120.
Verbruggen, bis insolence to the Duke of St. Albans, ii. 122.
Verona, the amphitheatre at, i. 17.
Vestris, the Opera dancer, bis insolence to Marie Antoinette,

ii. 251.

Violante, Madame, her performances at Edinburgh, i. 8.
Visconti, Signora, a singer, anecdote of, i. 285.
Voltaire, anecdote of his tragedy of “ Zara," i. 43.

, first performance of “ Alzire,'' i. 110.

his reception at the play-house, iii. 87.

his kindness to a debutant, iii. 120.
Vondel, the Dutch dramatist, bis biography, iii. 216.
Vortigern and Rowena, the plot of, iii. 254.

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Webb, Mrs. The female Falstuff, ii, 252.
"Wedding ring,” (the) account of the tumalt at the first re-

presentation of, iii. 206.
Węston, bis artifice to escape a bailiff, ii. 99.

his singular will, iii. 35.
White, Miss, her notions of parenthesis, i. 208.
Wbitley, the manager at Nottingham, bis readiness, iii. 134.
Wignell, the actor, bis performance of Portius, in “ Cato,"

ii. 250.
Will of a Spanish actor, i, 111.
Woffington, Mrs., her performance of Portia, i. 164.
Woodward, his performance of Bobadil, iii. 174.

satirical attack on Sir John Hill, iii. 180.
Wycherley, bis interview with the Countess of Drogheda,
i. 121.

kindness of King James II. to, i. 158.
and the Duchess of Cleveland, ii. 242.
bis peculiarities, iii. 237.

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Yates, bis letter to the Editor of the Public Advertiser,

ii. 152.

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