REGISTER of DEEDS in the County of Middlesex.

Office in Bell-yard, Temple-bar. ( Office hours from 10 to 3. Deeds registered, 11 to 2) Registrars, Henry W. Vincent, Ed- Deputy Registrar and Chief Clerk, ward R. Porter, Geo. Le Blanc, John Rigge, esq. esqrs.

QUEEN'S SERJEANTS AND COUNSEL. Attorney-Gen., * Sir Alex. J. E. Chas. Hildyard, Will. Lee, John Cockburn.

B. Parry, Montague Chambers, Solicitor-Gen., #Sir Rich. Bethell. Russell Gurney, George M. Queen's Serjeant, Jas. Manning, esq. Butt, Abraham Hayward, James Serjeants ai Law.-4Hen. A. Mere Bacon, * Rt. Hon. Spencer H. wether, John Adams, fHen. Walpole, John Rolt, Edward Storks, Hen. J. Stephen, 4.Ed J. Lloyd, John Greenwood, ward Goulburn, Will. Fry *Richard Malins, Frederick CalChannell, ++ Will. Shee, Digby vert, Hen. S. Keating, RounC. Wrangham, Will. Glover, dell Palmer, Michael PrenderStep. Gaselee, John Vincent gast, Henry Bliss, Chas. SprenThompson, Frs. Stack Murphy, gel Greaves, Christr. Argyle Herbert Géo. Jones, Alfred Sep Hoggins, Will. Carpenter Rowe, timus Dowling, Nath. Richard Peter Fred. O'Malley, Barnes PeaClarke, John Barnard Byles, cock, Edwin J. James, Kenneth Un. A. Kinglake, Edw. Bellasis, Macaulay, #Rob. Ingham, James Edw. Sandys Bain, Chas. Wil Campbell, Thos. Cuandless, Will. kins, Arnold Wallinger, Ralph Elmsley, John W. Willcock, Thomas, G. Atkinson, Hum Walter Coulson, Graham Willphry W. Woolrych, esqrs.

more, Will. T. S. Daniel, Fred. Queen's Counsel. --Right Hon. T. W. Slade, John Baily, #John G. Pemberton Leigb, *H. W. Tan Phillimore, Brent S. Follett, J cred, C. T. Swanston, John Mellor, Will. Bulkeley Glasse, Balguy, #Sir Frederick Thesiger, Rich. D. Craig, Sam. Warren, Christ. Temple, Walker Skirrow, Rob. Pasbley, Geo. W.W. Bram

Sir Fitzroy Kelly, Johp Evans, well, Jas. Anderson, #W. AtherBiggs Andrews, F. Whitmarsh, ton, Hugh Hill, Chas. J. HarC. P. Cooper, R. B. Armstrong, greave, Thos. Emerson HeadRt. Hon. Sir Day. Dundas, Wil Jam, W. M. James, H. A. Mereliam Whateley, C. J. Knowles, wether, S. Temple, Edw. James, #Rt. Hon. Matt. Talbot Baines, Montagu Smith, W. R. Grove, #Rt. Hon. Jas. A. Stuart Wort-| Peter Erle, E. B. Denison, Henry ley, Ed. Wilbrabur, Wilkinson R. Bagshawe, Chas. Shapland Mathews, Jn. Herbert Koe, Jobn Whitmore, Will. Overend, PerGodfrey Teed, William Loftus ceval A. Pickering, James P. Lowndes, John Walker, Kenyon Wilde, William Bovill, esqrs. Stevens Parker, James Russell, Barristers at Law, having Patents Rob. Prioleau Roupell, T. Oliver of Precedence, M. D. Hill, esq., Anderdon, Loftus Tottenham Rt. Hon. Will, G. Hayter, Chas. Wigram, J. A. Roebuck, #W. Austin, Jas. Rob. Hope, Thos. H. Watson, Chas. Howard White- Phinn, R. P. Collier, esqrs. hurst, W. J. Alexander, #Rob. Those marked thus + have Patents of Precedence.

The College of Doctors of Law, incorporated in 1768. Rt. Hon. Sir John Dodson, knt. Advocate General, Official to

D.C.L., Master of the Facul- the Archrleacon of the East Riding ties, Official Principal of the of Yorkshire. Arches Court of Canterbury, Master, Keeper, or Commissary, of the

Augustus F. Bayford, D.C.L. Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Rob. Joseph Phillimore, D.C.L., and Commissary of the Deaneries

Chancellor of the Divceses of of the Arches of London, Shore

Salisbury,Chichester, and Oxford; ham, and Croydon.

Official of the Archdeaconries of Rt. Hon. Step. Lushington, D.C.L. Miildlesex and London; Advocate Judge of the Admiralty Court,

of the Admiralty; Judge of the Judge of the Consistory Court, Cinque Ports; Commissary of the Chancellor of the Dioceses of Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's. London and Rochester, and on. J. Parker Deane, D.C.L., Treasurer. cial to the Archdeacon, and Com- | Alfred Waddilove, D.C.L., Steward. missary of Essex, and Hertford- Travers Twiss, D.C.L., Vicar Gen. shire, and of the Deaneries of of the Province of Conterbury, Essex and Barking.

Commissary General of the City Sir John Stoddart, knt. D.C.L.

and Diocese of Canterbury, and Jesse Addams, D.C.L.

Official to the Archdeacon of CanJohn Lee, D. C. L.

terbury, Regius Professor of Civil Thomas Blake, D.C.L.

Law, O.xford; Librarian. John Haggard, D.C.L. Chancellor of

Hon. Rich. Edw. Howard, D.C.L. the Dioceses of Winchester, Lin

Will. Fras. Dodson, D.C.L. coln, and Manchester, and Official

Fetherston Stonestreet, D.C.L. to the Archileaconries of Surrey, . * Colchester, Essex and St. Albans.

Thos. Spinks, D.C.L.

John Geo. Middleton, D.C.L. John Trenchard Pickard, D.C.L.

Maurice C. M. Swabey, D.C.L.
William C. Curteis, D.C.L.

Geo. Edw. Hughes, D.C.L.
James Chapman, D.C.L.
Wm. Robinson, D.C.L.

Sam. Jewkes Wambey, D.C.L.
Herbert Jenner, D.C.L.

Geo. Webbe Dasent, D.C.L. J. E. P. Robertson, D. C.L. Under Treasurer, Mr. Henry Watts. Fred. T. Pratt, D.C.L.

Vicar Gen.'s Office, Bell-yard, Sir John D. Harding, D.C.L. Queen's Doctors Commons.

VICAR - General's - Office, and II. COURT OF ARCHES.
Registry of the Peculiars of the Official Principal, Rt. hon. Sir
Deaneries of the Arches, London, John Dodson, knt. D.C.L.

Shoreham, and Croydon. Registrar, Will. Townsend, esq.
Vicar-Gen., Travers Twiss, D.C.L.
Dean of the Peculiars, Rt. hon.

Sir John Dodson, knt., D.C.L. Master, Keeper, or Commissary, Rt.
Registrar, Francis H. Dyke, esq. hon. Sir John Dodson, knt. D.C.L.
Necord Keeper, Mr. Henry Watts. Registrar, Rev. Rob. Moore, M.A.
Apparilor-General of the Province Deputies, Charles Dyneley, John

of Canterbury, Felix Knyvett, esq.! Iggulden, Will, F. Gostling, esqrs.

Apparitor General, Mr. Felix Kny-1 V. CONSISTORY COURT. vett.

Judge, Rt. hon, Stephen LushingIV. Faculty Office.

ton, D.C.L.

Registrar, Rev. Richard Watson. Master, Sir John Dodson, kt. D.C.L. Deputy, John Shephard, esq. Registrar, Hon. J. H. T. Manners Clerk of the Registry, Mr. W. L. Sutton.

Deputy, Edm. Chas. Currey, esq. Apparitor, Mr. Thos. A. Lewis.

F. Hart Dyke (Queen's | John H. Pitcher. John Bellis.
Will. Rothery.

H. C. Ibbetson. William Abbott. Will, F. Gostling. Thomas B. Puckle. Henry Ibbetson. James P. Barlow. Charles Sladen. Thomas Dyke.

William Abbott, jun. Decimus T. Dyke,
Joseph Sladen.

Philip C. Toker. William Fox, jun.
William Fox.
John Annand.

Perrot Fenton.
John Iggulden. Rich. W. Jennings. Frank Jellicoe.
John Scurlock.

R. E. A. Townsend. Will. Neve. Charles Bowdler. Thomas E. Fielder. Henry C. Rothery. Thomas Poynter. Charles Severne. Edw. W. Crosse. Felix Joseph Slade. Malcolm Orme. Henry A. Bathurst Henry B. Swabey. Charles Toller. Aug. P. Oldershaw. John's. Willett. Charles Tebbs.

Thos. Fenton. Henry Lewis Smale. James H. Bayford. John Pulley, William Townsend. Gev. S. Nicholson. Will. Tarn Pritchard. James R. Burchett. James Farquhar. Edwin Edwards. Nathl. B. Engleheart. Henry Blackburn. Arthur T. P. Barlow. John W. Denne. Frederick Robarts. Rob. E. Crickitt. Francis C. Austin. Jos. Sladen, jun. Fred. S. Clarkson. Robert Edw. Pownall. Montague J. Tatham. Edm. C. Currey. Edward W. Wadeson. G. B. Bloxham. Geo. W. Brooks. George Sam. Heales. C. S. Thomas.

Douglas Dubois. Henry J. Wheeler. G. R. Longden. Alfred Fenton. Thomas Blake. Chas. J. Middleton. A. Heales. Frederick W. Pott. Henry Smale.

E. W. Toller. William Pritchard. Geo. Fielder.

W. G. W. N. Jennings.
Edward C. Brickwood. Henry H. Deacon. H. Gregory.
Edward Toller.

John W. White. C. Lawrie.
William G. Clarkson. Alfred N. Cherrill. C. Waddilove.
Arthur Loveday. John J. Nicholl. G. Burchett.
John Boswell.
Edward F. Jenner.

H. P. Clarke.
John Nelson.

James R. Burchett, jun. Geo. Loveday.
Charles Dyneley. Richard Addams. Reginald Appack.
John Shepherd. Richard H. Winstanley | John Berry.
Henry Oliver.

Henry G. Stokes. John G. Pilcher.
Henry Puckle.
Fred. Capes.

Chas. Bishop.
Henry V. Tebbs. C. P. Lochner.

Albert O. Nelson.
John J. Glennie. Lionel Skipwith. Will. Buckton.
Nathaniel Robarts. Hen. C. Coote.

W. B. Abbot.
Charles Ring.
C. D. Bedford.

Henry V. Tebbs, jun. Fred. Clarkson. John Wills.

All Proctors are Notaries.

DUCHY COURT of LANCASTER, Lancaster-place, Strand. Chan, #Rt. Hon. M. Talbot Baines. Manor and LIBERTY of the Savoy. Attorney-Gen. T. F. Ellis, esq. Steward, S. B. Bristowe, esq. Keceiver-Gen. Lt.-Gen. C. R. Fox. | Bailiff, Edw. Willoughby, esq. Auditor, Fras. Alf. Hawker, esq. Clerk of the Council and Registrar,

Church Ward. Fred. Dawes Danvers, esq. Chief Burgess, Richard Twining, Queen's Serg. Chas. P. Cooper, esq. esq. Queen's Counsel, Will. Atherton, Assistant, Rev. Dr. Jelf.

esq., Gordon Whitbread, esq. Solicitor and Clerk in Court, Thos.

Savoy Ward. Walford, esq.

Burgess, Will. P. Richards, esq.
Surreyor Gen. of Woods and Lands, Assistant,

Geo. Legard, esq.
Architect and Surveyor Gen.of Build-

Royal Ward.
ings, Sydney Smirke, esq. Burgess, F. B. Robinson, esq.
Clerks, Jos. H. Gooch, Peter T. Assistant, Geo. Powell, esq.

Renaud, Geo. W. Powell, esqrs. Record Clerk, Will. Bardy, esq.

Middle Ward. Usher, Mr. William Doggett. Burgess, Rev. John Forster. Messenger, Richd. Ford.

Assistant, W. H. Sunith, jun., esq. Receiver of Rents in Derbyshire, Beadles, William Wright, Edward

Richard Hinckley, esq. Lichfield. | Standgroom.

COUNTY PALATINE of LANCASTER. Chan. *Rt. Hon. M. Talbot Baines. Registrar Liverpool District, J. W. Vice-Chanc., W. M. James, esq.

Winstanley, esq.

Seal-keeper, Robt. W. Hopkius, esq. Secretary, Fred. D. Danvers, esq. Altorney-Gen., C. J. Knowles, esq.

Prothon., Col. Hon. C. B Phipps. Constable of Lancaster Castle, Will.

Clk.of the Cr., T.S.Shuttleworth,esq. Hulton, esq.

Deputy Clerks of the Peace, Messrs. Chief Registrar, Peter Catterall, esq. Gorsts, and Birchall, Preston,

COUNTY PALATINE of DURHAM. Chanc., Christopher Temple, esq. Signer of I'rits of Extracts, R. All. Gen., #Rob. Ingham, esq. 1 Stafford, esq. Solicitor Gen., J. L. Adolphus, esq. Counsel attending Chancery Sittings, Cursitor, Jos. Davison, gent.

1 C. W. Faber, T. Greenwell, J. C. Registrar, J. Tipiady, esq.

Heath, F. D. Johnson, E. Mey. Eraminer in Chancery, H. Green- ! nell, esqrs. well, esq.

Steward of the Halmntes, Alexander Clerk of the Crown, J.W.Hays, esq. / Atherton Park, esq. Prothonotary, Rev. Thos. Thurlow. Clerk, Deputy, John Ward, esq.

Deputy, Ck. of Peace, Gerard Wharton, esq.

Ecclesiastical Court. Deputy, J. Tiplady, esq.

Chanc., #Thos. E. Headlam, esq. High Sheriff, Robert Surtees, esq. Surrogates, Rev. J. A. Raine, Rev. Under Sheriff, W. E. Wooler, esq. ! E. Elder, Rev. J. B. Dykes.

Registrar, Hon. Aug. Barrington. I Hoyle, J. Hutchinson, J.B. Kelly, Deputy, Jos. Davison, gent.

s. 'Lightfoot, R. Lindsay, W. Proctors, Messrs. Thomas Marsden, Marshall, N. C. Milne, T. New

Robert Burrell, John Burrell. I sam, J. Priest, G. S. Ranson, S. Commissioners for taking Affidavits, Reed, J. Tiplady, W. Wanless,

Will. Bell, E. Bent, T. Burn, W. G. L. G. Ward, J. E. Ward, s.
Burr, R. B. Cay, E. Eddison, J. Weatherhead, esqrs.
Fisher, jun., R. Hodgson, J. T.

Court for RELIEF of INSOLVENT DEBTORS. Chief Commissioner, William John Registrars and Auditors, Mr. H. W. Law, esq.'

Lamb, Mr. Ingpen, Mr. G. Clark. Commissioners, Chas. Phillips, esq., Clerks., Mr. E. R. Sturgis, Mr. A. Fras. Stack Murphy, esg.

W. Ingpen, Mr. J. R. Warren, Chief Clerk, Henry Simpson, esq. Mr. W. H. Hester, Mr. R. W.Yeo. Provisional Assig. Sam. Sturgis, Extra ditto, Mr. Dentou, Mr. A. esq.

Penn, Mr. Croly, Mr. Crossman, Tariny Master, Mr. Chas. Dance. Mr. Notson. Clerk of the Rules, Mr.C. V. White. Court Keep. 8. Crier, J. Chamberlin.

COURT of WESTMINSTER. Dean, Very Rev. Will. Buckland, 1 sistants, Mr. John P. Deeds, Mr. D.D.

Thos. Wood. High Steward, Duke of Buccleuch.

St. James's. Dep.Steward, Thomas Lightfoot,esq. Burgesses, Mr. George Halfhide, High Bailiff, Francis Smedley, esq. Mr. R. Hendrie. Deputy, J. Rogers, esq.

Assistants, Mr. Chas. Humby, Mr. Chief Burgesses for 1855 and 1856,

John Branscombe,
Mr. Will. Goldsmith, Mr. John

St. George's.
St. Margaret's.

Burgess, Mr. G. Haines.
Burgesses, Mr. W. Goldsmith, Mr. Assistant, Mr. John Turner,

Geo. Trollope, Mr. Geo. Banks, St. Paul's, Covent-garden,
Mr. W. Forty.

Burgess, Mr. W. Cribb.
Assistants, Mr. Jacob Cole, Mr. E. Assistant, Mr. Jas. H. Watherston,

Horne, Mr. Jos. Hannah, Mr. St. Clement's, and St. Mary-le-
Geo. F. Trollope.

St. John's.

Burgess, Mr. Robert Low.
Burgesses, Jos. C. Wood, esq., Mr. Assistant, Mr. E. Whitelocke.

W. Freeman.
Assistant, Mr. James Chadwick.

Town-Clerk, John Robson, esq.
St. Martin's.

High Constable, Mr. Foster Owen.
Burgesses, Mr. Richard Cobbett, Court-keeper, Miss Wilson.
Mr. Jas. Haward.

Crier and Mace-bearer, Mr. Reuben Assistants, Mr. G. K. Tucker, Mr. Dann. Sam. Barton.

Sealer of Weights and Measures, Mr. St. Anne's.

Thos. Cooke. Burgesses, Mr. John Pulman, Mr. Printer to the Court, Mr. C. Reynell.

C. D. Leftley.

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