Peter's death JOHN XXI.

foretold. thou wast young, thou A. D. 33. him, If I will that girdedst thyself, and

he tarry till I come, walkedstwhither thou m Ph. 1. 20. what is that to thee? wouldest : but when

2 Pe.1. 14. follow thou me. thou shalt be old, n ch. 13. 23. 23 Then went this thou shalt stretch

25. saying abroad among

& 20. 2. forth thy hands, and

the brethren, that that another shall gird o Ma. 16.27, disciple should


28. thee, and carry thee & 25. 31.

die : yet Jesus said whither thou would- 1 Co. 4. 5. not unto him, He est not.

& 11. 26. shall not die ; but, if 19 This spake he,

Re. 2. 25. I will that he tarry

& 3. 11. signifying mby what & 22. 7.

till I come, what is death he should glo- 20.

that to thee? rify God.* And when p ch. 19.35.

24 This is the dishe had spoken this, 1Jno. 1.1. ciple which testifieth he saith unto him, 3 Jno. 12," of these things, and Follow me.

wrote these things,

9 ch. 20. 30. 20 Then Peter, turn- Ma. 11.5.

and we u know that ing about, seeth the Ac. 10.39. his testimony is true. disciple n whom Je- & 20. 35. 25 4 And there are bus loved following ; He. 11. 32. also many

other which also leaned on r Am. 7. 10. things which Jesus his breast at supper,

did, the which, if and said, Lord, which ver. 19–

they should be writ.

# The unais he that betrayeth nimous tes

ten every

one, TI thee?

timony of suppose that even the 21 Peter seeing him antiquity world itself could not saith to Jesus, Lord, informs us, contain the books and what shall this that Peter that should be writ

was cruci man do?


ten. Amen. 22 Jesus saith anto

St. John, the apostle and evangelist, was a native of Bethsaida, in Galilee, and son of Zebedee and Salome. It is said that he was about 25 years of age when he began to follow our Lord; he was his beloved disciple and friend. It is stated by Irenæus, Eusebius, and Origen, that after the destruction of Jerusalem, he went into Asia, and founded the churches of Smyrna, Thvatira, Pergamos, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. During the persecution of Domitian (A.D. 59,) he suffered much, and was banished to Patmos, where he wrote the Apocalypse ; but was afterwards recalled. He lived to a great age, and died at Ephesis. The style of St. John is simple and por. spicuous; and, as Mr. Blackwall, in his Sacred Classics, says, "h, reaches to the very heaven of heavens in the sublimity of his notions.” This Gospel is enriched with several discourses and miracles of Christ, not recorded by the other Evangelists,

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chad given + Or, eating

A. D. 33. but h ye shall be bapCHAP I.

tized with the Holy 1 The former trea- a Lu. 1. 3.

Ghost not many days tise have I made, o b Mar.16.19.


Lu. 9. 51 Theophilusa, of all

6 When they therethat Jesus began both Ma. 28.19. fore were

come toto do and teach,

Jno. 20.21. gether, they asked of 2 b Until the day a Mar.16.14. him, saying, Lord, in which he was ta

Lu. 24. 36. wilt thou at this time ken up, after that he Jno. 20.19. restorek again the through the Holy e Lu. 24.43. kingdom to Israel? Ghost

7 And he said unto commandments unto together them, ! It is not for the apostles whom he with them. you to know the times had chosen:

f Lu. 24. 49. or the seasons, which 3 . To whom also Jno. 14.16. the Father hath put he shewed himself g Ma. 3. 11. in his own power. alive after his passion 1 Joel 3. 18. 8 m But ye shall by many infallible

i Ma. 24. 3. receive + power, nafproofs, being seen of them forty days, and

k Is. 1. 26. ter that the Holy

Da. 7. 27. Ghost is come upon speaking of the things Am. 9.11. you: and oye shall pertaining to

the 1 Ma. 24.36. be witnesses unto me kingdom of God : Mar.13.32. both in Jerusalem,

4 . And, † being mch. 2. 1. 4. and in all Judæa, and assembled

together t Or, the in Samaria, and unto with them, command-power of the the uttermost part of ed them that they Holy Ghost the earth. should not depart coming upon

9 PAnd when he from Jerusalem, but you. had spoken these wait for the promise - Lu. 24.49.

they of the Father, f which,

• Lu. 24. 48 things, while

Jno. 15.27. beheld, 9 he was taken saith he, ye have heard of me.

p Lu. 24.51. up; and a cloud re

Jno. 6. 62. ceived him out of 5 & For John truly

their sight.

9 ver. 2. baptized with water;l

10 And while they Lu. 24. 4. twenty,

with us,



exhortation. looked stedfastly to- A. D.33. jin the midst of the ward heaven as he

rch. 10. 3.

disciples, and said, went up, behold, two


(the number of the men stood by them Ma. 28. 3. names together were in r white apparel ; Mar. 16.5. about an hundred and

11 Which also said, Yes men of Galilee,

Jno 20.12.

16 Men and brewhy stand ye gazing sch. 2. 7; thren, this scripture

& 13. 31. up into heaven? this

must needs have been same Jesus, which is · Da. 7, 13. fulfilled, f which the taken up from you Mar.13.26. Holy Ghost by the into heaven, t shall Lu.21. 27. mouth of David spake so come in like man- Jno. 14. 3. before concerning Juner as ye have seen

1 Th. 1.10. das,

& which was him go into heaven.

2 Th. 1.10.

guide to them that

Re. 1. 7. 12 0 Then returned

took Jesus.

1 Lu. 24. 52. they unto Jerusalem

17 For bhe was from the mount called s ch. 9. 37. numbered Olivet, which is from y Ma. 10. 2, and had obtained part Jerusalem a sabbath 3, 4. of i this ministry. day's journey. z Lu, 6. 15. 18 k Now this man

13 Ånd when they a Jude 1. purchased a field with were come in, they b ch.2. 1,46. the l reward of iniwent

up s into an Lu. 23. 49. quity, ; and falling upper room, where 55. headlong, he burst abode bothy Peter, a Ma. 13. 65. asupder in the midst, and James, and John, e Re, 3. 4.

and all his bowels and Andrew, Philip, i Ps. 41. 9. gushed out. and Thomas, Bartho

Jno. 13.18.

19 And it was known lomew, and Matthew, James the son of Al & Lu. 22. 47. unto all the dwellers

Jno. 18.3. at Jerusalem ; insophæus, and z Simon

h Ma. 10. 4. much as that field is Zelotes, and a Judas Lu. 6. 16. called in their proper the brother of James. i ver. 25. tongue,

Aceldama, 14 b These all con- ch. 12. 25. that is to say, The tinued with one ac- k Ma. 27. 5. field of blood. cord in prayer and 7, 8. 20 For it is written supplication, with 1 Ma. 26. 15. in the book of Psalms, the c women, and 2 Pe. 2.15. Let m his habitation Mary the mother of m Ps. 69.25. be desolate, and let Jesus, and with a his

n Ps. 109. 8. noman dwell therein: brethren.

and n his + bishoprick

+ Or, office, 15 And in

or, charge.

let another take. days Peter stood up

21 Wherefore ot

The day

of Pentecost, these

men which A. D. 33. were all with one achave companied with

cord in one place. us all the time that o Mar. 1. I. 2 And suddenly the Lord Jesus went p ver. 9. there came a sound in and out among q ver. 8.

from heaven as of a us,

ch. 4. 33, rushing mighty wind, 22. Beginning from

Jno. 15.27. and cit filled all the the baptism of John, r ch. 15. 22. house where they into that same day sch. 15. 8. were sitting. that p he was taken

1 Sa. 16.7.
3 And

there ap

1 Ch. 28.9. up from us, must one

& 29. 17.

peared unto them be ordained q to be a Je. 11. 20. cloven tongues like witness with us of his & 17. 10. as of fire, and it sat resurrection.

Re. 2. 23. upon each of them.* 23 And they apt ver. 17. 4 And d'they were pointed two, Joseph a ch. 20. 16. all filled with the called "Barsabas, who Le. 23. 15. Holy Ghost, and bewas surnamed Justus,

De. 16. 9. gane to speak with and Matthias.

b ch. 1. 14. Other tongues, as the 24 And they pray-cch. 1. 31. Spirit gave them uted, and said, 'Thou, Id ch. 1.5. terance. Lord, s which know

Jno.20.22. 5 And there were est the hearts of all Re. 15. 13. dwelling at Jerusamen, shew whether of e ch. 10. 16

lem Jews,

devout & 19. 6. these two thou hast

Mar, 16.17.

men, out of every chosen,

100,12.10: nation under heaven. 25 t That he may 28. 30.

6 Now when this take part of this mi

& 13. 1. was

noised abroad, nistry and apostle.

& 14.2. the multitude came ship, from which Ju- 1 Gr. when together, and were das by transgression

this voice confounded, because

tvas made. fell, that he might

Or, trou- them speak in go to his own place. bied'in

that every man heard

his 26 And they gave mind.

own language. forth their lots; and

fch. 1. 11.

7 And they were the lot fell upon Mat

all amazed and marthias; and he was ver, 3

velled, saying one to numbered with the * Some have another, Behold, are eleven apostles.

rendered dia- not all these which

hepitouerdi, speak fGalilæans? CHAP. II. distinct

8 And how hear we 1 AND when a the fire ; i.e.

every man in our own day of Pentecost was small flames. tongue, wherein we fully come, bthey

were born!

tongues of



sermon. 9 Parthians, and, A. D. 33. by the

prophet Medes, and Elamites, and the dwellers in

8 Ma. 20. 3.
1 Th. 5. 7.

17 h And it shall Mesopotamia, and in

h Ps. 72. 6.

come to pass in the Judæa, and Cappa- Pr. 1. 23.

last days, saith God, docia, in Pontus, and is. 32, 15, 1 i will pour out of Asia,

16. my Spint upon all 10 Phrygia, and & 44. 3. flesh: and your sons Pamphylia, in Egypt,

Eze.11.19. and your daughters

& 36. 27. and in the parts of Joel 2. 29, shall prophesy, and Libya about Cyrene,

29. your young men shall and strangers of

Ze. 12. 10. see visions, and your Rome, Jews and

Jno. 7. 38. old men shall dream

Tit. 3. 4.6. proselytes,

dreams : 11 Cretes and Ara

i ch 10. 45.

18 And on my serbians, we do hear k ch. n. 28. vants and on my

& 21. 9. them speak in our

handmaidens I will

1 Co. 12. tongues the wonder

10. pour

out in those ful works of God. & 14. 26. days of my, Spirit;

12 And they were 1 ch. 21.4.9, and I they shall proall amazed, and were 10. phesy : in doubt, saying one

1 Co.12.10. 19 m And I will to another,


28. shew wonders in hea

& 14. 1. meaneth this?

ven above, and signs 13 Others mocking "Joel 2.30, in the earth beneath said, These men are

Ze. 1. 14. blood, and fire, and full of new wine.

18. vapour of smoke : 14 But Peter, stand- Ma. 4. 1. 20 n The sun shall ing up with the

6. be turned into darkeleven, lifted up his

n Is. 13. 9,

10. 15. pess, and the moon voice, and said unto

& 24. 23.

into blood, before them, Ye men of Ju- Je. 4. 23, that great and notdæa, and all ye that 24. able day of the Lord dwell at Jerusalein,

Am. 8. 9.
Ma. 24. 29.

come: be this known unto

& 27. 45.

21 And it shall you, and hearken to Mar. 13.24. come to pass, that my words:

Lu. 21.25. whosoevero shall call 15 For these are not

Re. 6. 12. on the name of the

& 16. 18. drunken, as ye sup

Lord shall be saved. pose, & seeing it is but Joel 2. 32.

22 Ye men of Is

Ma. 28. 19. the third hour of the

hear these day.

13. words ; Jesus of Na16 But this is that 1 Co. 1. 2. zareth, a man apwhich was spoken

proved of God among

Ro. 10. 12; rael,

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