Counsel to the Admiralty and Navy, Assist. to Chief Engineer, Robert William Atherton, esq.

Hughes, esq. Sol. to the Admiralty and Navy, Inspector Anoat, John Dinnen, esq. W. P. Robson, esq.

Clerk 1st Class, Chas. E. Lang, Queen's Proctor, F. Hart Dyke, esq.) esq. Admiralty do. Will. Townsend, esq. Clerk of the 2nd Class, Claud C. Registrar, Henry Cadogan Rothery, Clifton, esq. esq.

Clerks of the 3rd Class, Spencer Marshal, Evan Jones, esq.

Pidcock, Rob. B. Wesley, esqrs. Judge-Advocate of the Fleet, Will. Draughtsmen 1st Class, James Atherton. esq.

Wright, esq. Deputy Judge Advocate of the Fleet, 2nd Class, John S. Holland, esq. G. L. Greetham, esq.

Writer and Calculator, Eugene Rec.-Gen. of Droits of Admiralty, Sweny, esq. Gerard B. Hamilton, esq.

DEPARTMENT OF THE ACCOUNT. Comp.of Droits, W. F. Robsou, esq. Coroners for the Coast of Hampshire ANT-GENERAL OF THE Navy,

in Cases in the Jurisdiction of the Accountant General, Richard MaAdmiralty, G. L. Greetham, esq.,

dox Bromley, esg. and Will. Swainson, esq.

Chief Clerk, Edward Gandy, esq. Coroner for the River Medway, Chief Clerk's Branch. Edward Twopeny, esq.

Clerks of the 2nd Class, Chas. TurCor. for Plymouth, G.Eastlake, esq.

ner (Paymaster of Contingencies), Coroner for Harwich, Philip W.

Matthew Bentley, Thomas C. K. Freshfield, esq.

Gloag, D. Aitken (act.), esqrs. Note.For officers of Vice Admi- Clerks of the 3rd Class, Joseph F. ralty Courts abroad, see the various

Goodwin, W.Edward, P. Hooper, Colonies.

Fred. A. Richards, Geo. F. H.

Nott, Will. P. Hinde, esqrs. DEPARTMENT OF THE SURVEYOR Ledger and Bill Branch. OF THE NAVY.

Clerk of the 1st Class (1st sec.),

Sir Surveyor of the Navy, * Capt. Sir

Jas. Beeby, esq. Baldwin W. Walker

Clerks of the 2nd Class, J. H. Assistant Surveyors, John Edye,

Rawnsley, Henry Butler, Rich. Isaac Watts, esqrs.

S. Chaplin, Jas. Anderson (act.), Clerks, 1st Class, Walter D. Eden,


Clerks of the 3rd Class, R. R. Ran. esq. 2nd Class Clerks, Stuart Brodie, Jas.

dall, Henry Brady, G. M. EdHewett, esqrs.

wards, Will. J. Reed, H. J. Al3rd Class clerks, H. B. Parke, lan, Chas. G. Turner, esqrs.

Geo. Wells, Herbert L. C. Hor Invoice and Claim Branch. dern, Jos. J. Brown, Edward T. Clerk of the 1st Class, John Whiffin, Burr, esqrs.

esq. Inspecting Officer, Mr. Jas. Luke. Clerks of the 2nd Class, Joseph Draughtsmen, 1st Class, Jaz. Graff, Nash, E. H. Hay, P. H. McKeresq.

lie, esqrs. 2nd Class, Will. T. Hinde, esq. | Clerks of the 3rd Class, Juhn Gil3rd Class, Rob. Lewcock, Fred. bert, J. X. Merry, A. D. WilliamBarnes, David Warder, esqrs. son, . C. Dibdin, Morton B. Steam Branch.

Carpenter, Geo. Hartley, F. Chief Engineer and Inspector of Pennell, H. J. Blyth, esqrs.

Steam Machinery, T. Lloyd, esq. Storekeeper's Cash Account Branch.

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Clerk of the 1st Class, A. W. R. Full and Half-Pay Branch. Walker, esq.

Clerk of the 1st Class, H. W. Clerks of the 2nd Class, J. H. Spur

Strutt, esq. rell, P. W. Griffiths, Geo. J.T. Clerks of the 2nd Class, Rob. AtMerry, esqrs.

kinson, James Bowden, S, W. Clerks of the 3rd. Class, C. H.

Burton, esqrs. Ross, John Scott, esqrs.

Clerks of the 3rd Class, W. D, Paymaster's Cash Account Branch. Piers, J. H. Baker, W. H. M. Clerk of the Ist Class, David Ap Walker, Rodolph A. Arundell, pleton, esq.

esqrs. Clerks of the 2nd Class, Thos. Jayne, Chas. F. Field, Jas. Reddie, Alex.

Seamer's Wages Branch, Scott, esqrs.

Clerk of the 1st Class, Oliver H. Clerks of the 3rd Class, 0. B. Wool Davis, esq.

sey, Gilmour Irving, Wm. Reed, Clerks of the 2nd Class, John MarT Mandy, Herbert L. Reid, tin, Rob. Thompson, Arthur esqrs.

Houghton, Henry Nosworthy,

esqrs. Prize Branch.

Clerks of the 3rd Class, Henry J. Clerk of the 1st Class, Thos. C. Turner, E. O. Lillicrap, Robert Barrow, esq.

Young, F. T. Pearsall, esqrs.
Clerks of the 2nd Class, Andrew
Basilico, Rob. Hardy, Will. Ken-

Allotment Branch. rick, esqrs.

Clerk of the 1st Class, Charles Clerks of the 3rd Class, Will. Ste- Spence, esq.

vens, Edw. Witt (Prize Cashier), Clerks of the 2nd Class, John MatJ. Halliburton, . G. Crozier, son, W. H. Douglas, Thos. PitW. D. Hickson, H. R. Foord, cairn, Geo. Renwick, esqrs. Thos. Denton, esqrs.

Clerks of the 3rd Class, Charles

Jones, Henry H. Smith, Henry Pay of the Navy Section.

Jones, W. P. Lamont, Henry Chief Clerk, Thos. Collings, esq. Toms, Andrew Armstrong, J. I. Chief Clerk's Branch.

Eckstein, esqrs.
Clerk of the 2nd Class, James
Irwin, esq.

Clerks at the Outports (Attached to Clerks of the 3rd Class, Henry Seamen's Wages Branch). Goodliffe, P. S. Beamish, Ander

Chatham, son Bowen, esqrs.

Clerk of the 2nd Class, Edwd. Ca

hill, sen (act.), esq. Ships' Establishment und Muster |


Clerk of the 2nd Class, Jos. Saul, Clerk of the 1st Class, G. W. Hebden,

esq. esq.

Clerks of the 3rd Class, Thomas Clerks of the 2nd Class, Geo, Stil

Lomas, G. G. Scott, esqrs. well, G. C. Harrison, Malcolm

Plymouth. Goldsmith, Thos. F. Erskine Clerk of the 2nd Class, Peter Robert(act.), esqrs.

son, W. H. Weddell, esqs. Clerks of the 3rd Class, G. W. Daysb, W. J. Murton, Alex.

DEPARTMENT OF THE STOREAbethell, Selby De V. Spencer,

KEEPER GENERAL. Chas. J. Davies, Chas. Martin, | Storekeeper General of the Navy, esqrs.

1 Hon. Rob. Dundas.


Chief Clerk, J. R. Clark, esq.

Store Account Branch. Clerk of the 1st Class, John Ro- Clerk of the 1st Class, N. L. Sepbertson, esq.

pings, esq. Clerks of the 2nd Class, Jas. H. Clerks of the 2nd Class, J.S. B. de

Renton, T. Whiffen, Ed. C. War- | Courcy, F. C. Ogle, esgrs. ren, J. Easthope, N. Girdlestone, Clerks of the 3rd Class, Will. G. esqrs.

Pleadwell, C. H. Shetfield, esqrs. Clerks of the 3rd Class, J. B. Kingdom, R. D. Brown, W. Dickson,

Claim 8. Estate Branch. Thos. Kinsey, Hen. E. Canney, Clerk of the 1st Class, A. Pike, esq. G. H. Hatton, A. H. Price, Archi- Clerk of the 2nd Class, Henry Anbald McDougall, Henry Peake, cel, esq. Edw. Keogh, Jas. T. Gambier, Clerks of the 3rd Class, Alex. Warre, W. E. Heath, esqrs.

Chas. H. Sheffield, G. P. King,


Freight Account Branch. Clerk of the 1st Class and Regis-cles

Clerk of the 1st Class, M.J. Jeffertrar of Public Securities, John

son, esq. Doutty, esq. 1st Class Clerk, Antonio Brady, esq.

Clerk of the 2nd Class, A. Douglas, 2nd Class Clerks, Aug. F.D.Browne, Clerk of the 3rd Class, J. Davies,

4 esq. A. S. Stuart, esqrs. 3rd Class Clerks, Thos. B. Gripper, J. V. Hampton, esqs.




Director General, + Sir John LidComptroller of the Victualling and dell, M.D.

Transport Services, Thomas T. Chief Clerk, W. Fossett. Grant, esq.

2nd Class Clerks, A. Maclaurin, W. Chief Clerk, Chas. Champ, esq. l K. Fossett, G. Mackeson, esqs. Supply and Correspondence Branch, 3rd Class Clerks, Geo. Crandell, W. and Estimate and Claims Branch. / T. H. Bunnett, E. Lyon, Geo. Clerk of the 1st Class, S. S. Lewes,

R. D. Norton, Edw. E. Ede, esq.

Zante Le Maitre, H. M. McCay, Clerks of the 2nd Class, R. W. c. esqrs.

Richardson, W. Lewes, W. W.

Kinsman, C. J. Cox, esqrs. DEPARTMENT OF THE DIRECTORS Clerks of the 3rd Class, Will. Watts,

OF TRANSPORTS AND PRISONThos. Maclaurin, Rich. T. A. ] ERS OF WAR. Grant, esqrs.

Paymaster's Account Office. Capt. Rob. Craigie (Chairman),
Clerk of the 1st Class, F. Perigal, Maj. Jas. H. Craig Robertson,

Will. Drew, esqrs.
Clerks of the 2nd Class, R. Friend, Secretary, Edw. Gifford, esq.

J. M. Barron, G. G. Wilson, c. Chief Clerk, Will. Willis.
G. Rule, esqrs.

| Service & Correspondence Branch. Clerks of the 3rd Class, W.A. Wad-Clerk of the 1st Class, Thomas

dilove, Chas. Fawcett, G. A. M.] Weigall, esq. Duncan, G. G. Forrest, W. F. Clerks of the 2nd Class, F. W. Du Robson, F. A. Miles, F. S. Jern- Pré Dyer, Edw. C. Cockcraft, ingham, Lewis C. Irving, esqrs. Ameleus Everest, esqrs.

Clerks of the 3rd Class, J. W.

DOCK-YARDS. Harris, R. G. J. T. Collings, W.

DEPTFORD. F. Banghan, esqrs.

Capt. Superintendent, Horatio T. Claims, Records, and Prisoners of Austen. War Branch.

Master Attendant, and Harbour Clerk of the 1st Class, W. L. An- Master E. J. P. Pearn, esq. derson, esq.

Master Shipwright, Henry ChatClerks of the 2nd Class. Arthur H. field, esq.

Bather, Spencer H. Riley, esqrs. Storekeeper, F. L. Mouchet, esq. Clerks of the 3rd Class, J. G. Pigou, Store Receiver, Archimedes Couch, esqrs.

esq. Accounts & Estimate Branch. Surgeon, Will. Bruce, M.D. Clerk of the 1st Class, W. E. Jen

Woolwich. kins, esq.

Commodore Superintendent, John Clerks of the 2nd Class, Louis H. Shepherd.

Noel, Geo. H. Johnson, esqrs. Master Attend. John M‘Donald, esq. Clerks of the 3rd Class, H. C. Alley, Mast. Shipw., Will. M. Rice, esq. 7. F. Evans, esqrs.

Assistants, James P. Peake, Jos. DEPARTMENT OF THE DIRECTOR


Storekeeper, F. V. Gottlieb, esq. OF ENGINEERING AND ARCHI

Store Receiver, Peter Morgan, esq. TECTURAL Works.

Chaplain, Rev. J. C. Connolly, B.A, 2ūti2ti2?Â?Â2Ò2§Â2/2 ņģē?2?Â?2/22/2 ?Â2Ò2Â2 âÒ2Âò§§Â2Ò2/2ti22řtiņ22

tectural Works, Lieut.-Colonel| chinery, Chas. Atherton, esq. Godfrey T. Greene.

Assist. to Chief Engineer and InChief Assistant, Wm. Scamp, esq.

Ispector of Steam Machinery, Draughtsman, James Trotter, esq. /

David Partridge.
Clerk and Draughtsman, W. J. Assist. Inspector of Steam Machinery,
Scamp, esq.

Rob. Taplin.

Surgeon, Colin A. Browning, esq. 15, Duke Street, Westminster.

Assist. Surgeon, Dep. Adj. Gen., Col. Sam. R.


Captain Superintendent, Christr. Assist. Adj. Gen., Lt-Col. Geo. c.! Wyvill. Langley

Officers of the Yard. Clerk, W. F. France, esq.

Master Attend., Chas. Pope, esq. Royal OBSERVATORY AT GREEN

Mast. Shipwright, Fras. J. Laire,

esq. WICH. Royal Astronomer, Geo.Biddel Airy,

Assistants, Will. Henwood, John J.

Fincham esq. First Assist., Rev. Rob. Main, M.A.

Chief Engineer, Alex. Laurie, esq. Superintendent of Chronometers, Geo.

Storekeeper, Rob. Lawes, esq.

Store Receiver, Edm. J. Brietzcke, B. Airy, esq.

esq. Superintendent of Nautical Almanac, John R. Hind, esq.

Chaplain, Rev. Allen Fielding, M.A.

Surgeon, Peter Suther, esq. OBSERVATORY AT THE CAPE OF Assistant Sury., H. Peacock, M.D. Good Hope.

Director of Police, Lt. John Wise. Astronomer, Thos. Maclear, esq.

Queen's Harb, Mast., T. Laen, esq. First Assistant, William Mann, esq.

SHEERNESS. Sec.dssistant, G.W.H. Maclear, esg. Capt. Superintendent, John J.

| Tucker.


Officers of the Yard. Surgeon, William Folds. Master Shipwright, Sam. Read, esq. Assist. Surg., John Reid. Assistant, Will. B. Robinson, esq. Director of Police, Lieut. Thomas Master Attendant, Jonathan Aylen, Williams, R.N. esg.

Queen's Harbour Mast., W. H. Assistant to ditto, John Jackson,esq.) Thompson, esq. Store Receiver, W. L. Freeman, esq. Storekeeper, John Whittle, esq.

PEMBROKE. Surgeon, James Wilson, esq.

Captain Sup. Rob. Smart. Director of Police, Lt. E. Ramsey.

Master Shiproright, Oliver W. Lang, Chaplain, Rev. Roland Wilson,

esq. M.A.'

Storekeeper, Geo. Chiles, esq.

Store Receiver and Timber InspecClerk in Charge, C. Wootton, esq.Surgeon, Thos. C. Jones.

tor, Rich. Bonniwell, esq.

Chaplain, Rev. Jas. H. Malet, D.D. Rear-Adm. Sup. Will. F. Martin.

Director of the Police, Lt. Rich. Officers of the Yard,

| Weatherley. Master Attendant, James Under- Harbour Master, Joseplı K. Martyn,

wood, esq. Assistant to the Master Attendant,

esq. James Tonkin, esq.

Halifax (Nova Scotia). Master Shipwright, Rich. Abethell, Storekeeper, Alex. Eliott, esq. esq.

Assistants, Henry Cradock, Will. Clerk in Charge of Stores, Chas.

H. Jones, esq.
Storekeeper, W.C. Edwards, esq.
Store Receiver, George Vinter, esq. clerk

Chief Engineer & Inspector of Ma-

| Clerk in Charge, W. H. Brown, esq. chinery, Andrew Murray.

MALTA. Assistant to Chief Engineer, Thos. Rear-Adm. Superintendent, *Hon. Miller, esq.

Sir Montagu Stopford. Assist. Inspector of Machinery, Will. Master Attendant, and Queen's HarLynn.

bour Master, David Craigie, esq. Chaplain, Rev. Edw. S. Phelps. Master Shipwright, Will. Ladd, Surgeon, James Henderson, esq. esq. Assist. Surgeon, Ernest Elliott, esq. Naval Storekeeper, P. W. Pidcock, Director of Police, Lt. H. W. Hall. esq. Admiralty Inspector of Schools,

GIBRALTAR. Rev. Joseph Woolley.

| Naval Officer in Charge of Stores, DevonPORT.

Capt. Hon. Geo. Grey. Rear Adml. Superintendent, *Sir

Cape of Good Hope. James H. Plumridge.

Naval Storekeeper, Capt. Andrew Officers of the Yard.

Drew, R. N.
Master Attendant, Jno.C. Mills, esq.

Assistant, James Brown, esq.
Mast. Shipwright, Will. Edye, esq.

esa. Naval Storekeeper, Henry WarringAssistants, Geo. Turner, Henry

L. Peake. Chief Engineer, and Inspector of Naval Storekeeper, J. Ballingall, esq.

Steam Machinery, John Trickett. Chaplain, Rev. John U. Campbell. Storekeeper,

Hong Kong. Store Receiver, Thos. Pretious, esq. Storekeeper and Agent Victualler, Chaplain, Rev. John Briggs. 1 Chas. Parker, esq.

will. Edye, esq.

ton, esq. BERMUDA. vincall.esq.

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