sheaves it becomes necessary to put it twice through the machine; otherwise one threshing will give the straw entirely clean, The expense of this machine, including all materials of wood, iron, and brass, is not exceeding ninety pounds, exclusive of carriage, and the board and lodging of four workmen for a fortnight while employed in fixing it up. It has been erected for many farmers in the midland counties without failing or being disapproved of afterwards in any one instance; and in the neighbourhood of the metropolis, for Edmund Morris, Esq. of Charleywood, near Rickmersworth; for Mr. Field of Chesham ; and for Mr. Pickford of Market-street; the last of whom has erected a second machine, with which he has combined a chaff-cutter, and a pair of mill-stones, and finds them all perform satisfactory, one horse being added whenever each of these is put to work. - -

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List of Patents for Inventions, &c.
(Continued from Page 144.)

Thomas SMITH the younger, of Capon Field Ironworks, near Bilston, in the county of Stafford, Iron. master; for certain improvements in steam-engines. Dated June 3, 1808. Specification to be enrolled within one month.

RALPH DoDD, of Change Alley, in the city of London, Engineer; for improved bridge floorings or platforms, and fire-proof floorings and fire-proof roofings for extensive dwelling-houses, warehouses, and mills. Dated June 3, 1808. Specification to be enrolled within six months.

WILLIAM Shotwell, of the city of New York, in North America, now residing in the parish of St. Mary Lambeth, in the county of Surrey, Gentleman; for certain improvements in the manufacturing of mustard. Communicated to him by a foreigner residing abroad. Dated June 14, 1808. Specification to be enrolled within

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GeoRGE TENNANT, of Great Ormond-street, in the county of Middlesex, Gentleman, and ALEXANDER GALLoway, of Holborn, in the same county, Mechanist; for a machine or machines for cutting all sorts of fustians, usually denominated constitution cord, tabby cord, shaft cord, thickset, tabby velveteen, Genoa velveteen, velveret, and every other species of fustian, velveret, and velveteen; also velvet, plush, and other cloths or goods

goods made of cotton, silk, woollen, or any mixture thereof, usually cut in the manufacture of such articles. Dated June 14, 1898. Specification to be enrolled within six months. -

GEORGE Lowe, of Cheapside, in the city of London, Cotton-spinner; for an improvement in the manufacture of a fabric, composed of flax and cotton, which is applicable to many useful purposes. Dated June 23, 1808. Specification to be enrolled within six months.

SAMUEL GADD, of Shadwell, in the county of Middlesex, Rope-maker; for an improvement in the art of rope-making, upon the principle of composing each strand of rope with two distinct threads twisted together, and of the arrangement of the apparatus by which that principle is carried into effect. Dated June 25, 1808 Specification to be enrolled within one month. John HALL, of the town and county of the town of Kingston-upon-Hull, Rope-maker; for certain improvements in making and manufacturing ropes and other cordage, and coiling of lines in whale boats. Dated June 28, 1808. Specification to be enrolled within one month. - - GEORGE Pocock, of the city of Bristol, Schoolmaster; for geographical slates for the construction of maps. Dated June 28, 1808. Specification to be enrolled within one month. -

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Specification, enrolled pursuant to Act of Parliament of the 47th of GEORGE the Third, of the Invention of HENRY FoundRINIER and SEALY F OURDRINIER, of Sherborne Lane, London, and JOHN GAMBLE, of Saint Neots, in the County of Huntingdon, Paper Manufacturers; for making Paper by Means of Machines, for which several Letters Patent have been obtained at different Periods.

Term extended to 15 Years from August 14, 1807. with Plates.

To all to whom these presents shall come, &e. Now KNow YE, that in compliance with the terms and conditions of a certain Act of Parliament passed in the now last Session of Parliament, and intituled, “An Act for prolonging the term of certain Letters Patent assigned to Henry Fourdrinier and Sealy Fourdrinier, for the invention of making paper by means of machines;” we do describe and ascertain the nature of the machine and invention in the said Act mentioned, in the present improved state thereof, and in what manner the said Vol. XIII.-SEcoRD SERIES, Ff inamachine is to be made and used in such improved state, and also in what manner the work to be done thereby is to be performed; and we do also herein explain such better practical application of the original and improved principle or principles of the said machine and invention described in the specifications inrolled, as in the said Act is mentioned, or any or either of them, together with all the improvements thereof, as we ourselves do now use and practise. And accordingly we do describe the nature of our said machine and invention in the present improved state thereof; and do declare that the same consists in the using a revolving web of wove wire, or other similar material or thing applicable in like manner as such web; the same being made endless by joining its ends together similar to a round towel, or by naving it wove endless, and in applying such web to the making or manufacturing of paper, according to the arrangement and application of the revolving or endless web before-mentioned, in connection with other mechanical apparatus, as hereinafter more particularly de

scribed. - First, the pulp or material of which the paper is intended to be made, having been prepared in the usual way, well known to paper manufacturers, is deposited in a proper receptacle, such as is generally called the wat, marked VAT in No. 1 of the drawings accompanying this specification (see Plate IX.) The said drawing, No 1, exhibits a side view or elevation of the said machine, and also a plan thereof; and for the purpose of better elucidation, we have indicated the same things in each by the same letters or figures of reference. The pulp being in the said vat is, by admixture of water therewith, brought to the required consistency, and is then suf. . - - - - - - . . . fered

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