72. *

My hands alone engag'd below,

T. 22.
My spirit still with thee.
When thou,my Saviour, shalt'appear,

MAY all those blessings on us flow, Then gladly may I cry,

Ånd in our lives their virtue show, “The work thou gavest me while here Which from the manger to the cross, • Is done to thee I fly."

Thou, Lord, hast merited for us.


V. Of the Sufferings and Death of Jesus Christ, and his

Resting in the Grave. 73.

5 By all thy grief, thy teats and supe T. 114

plication, What human mind can trace the Thy bloody sweat, thy bitter agony ; condescension

O grant that I may love thee ardently : Of our almighty Maker's love to man? Be thou, dear Lord, my life and con

solation ! No angel can the hidden myst'ry scan; Redeeming love, thou art past com

Whene'er temptation would my soul

beset, prehension ;

[prove, Yet by the Spirit's teaching we can I'll pray to thee, and think of Olivet. From Jesus' agony, that God is love.

74. T. 580. 2 Pursue,mysoul,the sacredmeditation, BEHOLD! how in Gethsemane And view the agonizing Lambof God; See him oppressed with the pondrous Th?incarnate God doth sweat for thed load

Till drops of blood fall down ; Of all thy sins, to purchase thy salva- For thee the Lord lies prostrate there, He riseth with a heart-affecting look, Hear his thrice-utter'd,mournful pray'rs Andwith his follwers passeth Cedron's Mark ev'ry dol'rous sigh and groan. brook.

2 I'm lost in wonder and amaze; 3 My spirit now with solemn, deep Here I'll abide and melt and gaze,

'Tis God's beloved Son! devotion, Doth follow Jesus to Gethsemane;

How heavy is the weight he bears! There he, on my account, doth weep

His soul is fill'd with grief and fears, [tion:

Lo! now the bitter cup comes on, O'ercome with horror at the bitter po- 3 Lord, dost thou suffer thus for me? Yet to his Father's will he is resign'd. Dost thou endure such misery, Grant me,dear Jesus, thyobedient mind. To give me life and peace ? 4 I see my Saviourkneeling, groaning, Then will I bear

this on my heart,

“ My all is purchas'd with thy smart, weeping, He prostrates on the ground and prays

Thy sweat &blood sign myrelease."

75. T. 96. Yea trembling wrestleth in an agony; And while his sad disciples all are OFTEN I call to mind the place sleeping,

Gethsemane, to which the Lamb, His soul in grief, his eyes in tears are who lov’d to be in loneliness, drown'd,

With his disciples often came, His sweat as drops of blood falls to the Where, out of boundless love to me, ground.

He wrestled in an agony.

and pray,

for me,

and prays.

2Thereyaverwhelm’dwith grief,hesaid: 2 How is Jesus' sacred soul oppressed

My soul is sorrowful to death';"! With our sins' prodigious load! And suffring freely in my stead, Tho' an angel comforts the distressed,

He drank the bitter cup of wrath ; Weak and fainting Lamb of God! Now on his knees, then on his face, Yet what trembling seizeth him all over He weeps, and sweats, and bleeds, Tears and sweat and blood his visage


And in drops fall on the ground, 3 Sò lov'd me the eternal God, That he became the Son of man,

While his heart in grief is drown'd. And took my sin's prodigious load.

3 Jeers and stripes and mock'ries he My soul, admire his gracious plan!

endared, Thy stripes, thy guilt and curse he bore; Meek and patient, in our stead; Believe and thankfully adote.

How are Jesus' gracious eyes obscured:

View his wounded back and head; 76.* t. 99.

He, whom whips and thorns have la. cerated,

[ted : MosTawfulsight!myheartdothbreak, Is the Lord, who all things hath crea Oh! it can ne'er my mind forsake Ah, his pungent grief and smart,

Howthou for me hastwept&prayed: Melt and break my stubborn heart. Might I for thy soul's agony,

4 See him bear his cross, in deep When wrestling with death bitterly,

affliction, Lord, as thy trophy be displayed !

On his sore and wounded back,

Led to Calvary for crucifixion, (rack ; 77.* T. 36.

Where his limbs they stretch and GOD,in a garden, suffers in our nature! As a Lamb he's led unto the slaughter, He faints, who cheers and comforts And his soul is poured out like water: every creature;

Vinegar and gall he tastes, An angel strengthens his Creator yon- While his suffring body wastes. Adore and wonder. 5 Non behold him weeping, bleeding,

crying, T. 54.

'Midst two thieves, upon the cross ; COME, congregation, come and see

Lo, he bows his sacred head; and dying, Thy Saviour in Gethsemane;

Life eternal gains for us. Here is a seene which with amaze

Lord, affordu's all thy Spirit's unction,

To consider this with heart's compunc Must strike thee; here astonish'd gaze Thy Maker prays

Might our words and actions prove T. 185.

That we know thy dying love. MY Redeemer, overwhelm'd with an

6 Our enraptur'd hearts shall ne'er be

On our dying Lord to gaze ; [weary Went to Olivet for me; [guish,

At his cross, in faith, we wish to tarry, There he kneels, his heart doth heave

There shall be our hiding-place. and languish In a bitter agony;

May his dying look remain engraven (senses,

On our hearts: for pardon, life&heaven Fear and horror seize his soul and

Our Redeemer then procur'd, For the hour of darkness now com. When he death for us endur’d.

mences : Ah, how doth he



7 Therefore all his agony and passion, For rebellious man t'atone!

And his sin-atoning death,


78. *

tion :


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Shall remain, through grace, our faith's 2 I'll go with thee, my Saviour, foundation,

Up to mount Calvary; While we draw our vital breath : And view with spirit's fervor Thus shall neither honor, wealth nor All thou hast done for me. pleasures,

Thus, with intense devotion, Rob our souls of everlasting treasures ; I follow thee each step, Jesus, both by day and night, While tender love's emotion Shall remain our sole delight.

Makes heart and eyes to weep. 8 Could we tune our hearts and 3 I see my Saviour languish voices higher

In sad Gethsemane, Than man's most exalted lays,

Till through his pores, in anguish, Yet, till join'd to the celestial choir, The blood ev'n forc'd its way;

Coldwould proveourwarmest praise: The load which him oppresses, Jesus' love exceeds all comprehension, I, I, deserv'd to feel ; But our love to him we scarce dare The bloody sweat of Jesus mention;

Doth soul and body heal. We may weep beneath his cross,

4 My Saviour, was betrayed, But he wept and bled for us.

Reproach and suffrings met; 90delightful theme pastall expression: My sins the Lord conveyed

'Fore Pilate's judgment seat ; Thy Redeemer dy'd for thee !" Ah, this prompts mydeepest adoration,

These, these did him deliver When I hear, "He dy'd for me."

Into the foe's dire hand;

I should have felt for ever Might my thoughts, my words and whole behaviour, [Saviour;

The pangs my God sustain'd. Prove that I believe in Christ my 5 Behold the man! he's bearing Yea, my love to Jesus show

Our curse, meek as a Lamb! His to me, in all I do.

And now, behold them rearing 10 Lamb of God! thou shalt remain There to complete his passion,

Him on the cross's stem!

His sorrows, pain and woe, Of our songs the only theme;

His blood for our salvation For thy boundless love, thy grace and

In copious streams doth flow, favor, We will praise thy saving name:

6 Thou for thy foes intreatest; That for our transgressions thou wast

Lord Jesus, who was I ? wounded,

Thy friends thou not forgettest; Shall byus in nobler strains hesounded,

Turn, Lord, to me thine eye! When we, perfected in love,

Thy mouth now grace declareth Once shall join the church above.

To the repenting thief;

My guilty soul this cheereth,
T. 151.

Of sinners I am chief.
THOU Source of my salvation,

7 Thou anxiously complainest, Thou Conqu’ror of my death, “ My God forsaketh me!” Who didst, as my oblation,

“ I thirst,” thou then exclaimest, In torrents yield thy breath ;

Yet none refresheth thee. Who bar'st the dreadful sentence Thy passion being ended, Due to our cursed race,

Thou cry'st, “Tis finished ! To screen my soul from vengeance;

“My spirit be commended Accept my thanks and praise. “ To God!"-'Twas finished.


for ever

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my spirit

My heart with love is glowing, Thus to the multitude displayed,
I see my Saviour die;

His back with scourges raw & torn, His head I see him bowing,

A reed he beareth, is arrayed This brought me endless joy! In purple, and then hail'd in scorn. He gave his soul an off'ring

4 Breathless and almost suffocated, For sin, that I might live;

He bears the cross's pond'rousweight, He sav'd me by his suff'ring, To him myself I give.

Already feels what him awaited,

The dismal scenes of torment great. 9 Thou God of my salvation, I see him now in sore affliction In whom I trust by faith,

Ascend the brow of Calvary ;
Who hast for my transgression, 'Tis here I view his crucifixion,
Lain in the dust of death;

Thereby it was he saved me.
I place upon thy merit,
While here, my confidence ;

5 I see his hands and feet extended And will commend

Upon the cross in keenest smart; To thee, when I go hence.

I see him as his life he ended,

I see the spear transfix his heart: 10 Lord, grant me thy salvation

Thus closed he his bitter passion, And peace divine, I pray,

Expiring on th' accursed tree, While here 'midst tribulation

Then horror seiz'd the whole creation, On earth below I stay ;

But streams of grace came over me. Till I shall stand before thee, And for redeeming grace,

6 The thoughtof blood&water bursting With all the saints in glory,

From God, my rock, o'ercomes my My Hallelujah raise.


I for that living flood am thirsting, T. 594

O may it stream through ev'ry part!

(tressed, Lord, for thy love, with adoration, WITH painful penance thoughts dis- I'll thank and laud thee all my days;

In spirit I my Saviour view; Long as I live, shall each pulsation, I see him mourning and oppressed, And ev'ry breath declare thy praise. While floods oftearshischeeksbedew: To change my sorrow into gladness, 17 This awful, blessed meditation

Oft fills my soul with conscious His sweat was mix'd with blood; Fill'dwith unutterable sadness, (and he,

shame, Trembled and agoniz'd for me.

Since Jesus dy'd for my salvation,

Who to his mercy had no claim : 2 O'erwhelm’d with grief and rack'd How poor I am, how void of glory, with torment,

Thou, Lord, know'st best; but yet He's pain'd in ev'ry weary limb; when I, They who should watch with him lie With all my ailments come before thee, dormant,

My suit is granted presently. An angel comes to comfort him: O how heart-piercingly he prayed, 8 Thou, Jesus,art my God and Saviour,

When he his Father did accost, Thee will I serve with all my pow'r,
To have the bitter cup delayed : On thee I'll meditate for ever,
Here is

soul in wonder lost!

And for thy goodness thee adore : 3 I see his countenance defiled, Thy dying love hath captivated

His forehead spit on I behold; My heart, and now my chief delight, I see him laugh'd at and reviled, Until to heav'n I am translated, : Sharp-pointed thorns his head infold: Is to enjoy thee day and night,


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82. T. 167

5 When to the cross nailed (stooping,

He hung on the mountain,

That we might be healed; GREAT High-priest, we view thee

Blood, as from a fountain, With our names upon thy breast,

Flow'd from his wounds.- There In the garden, groaning, drooping,

health abounds. To the ground with horrors prest. Angels saw, struck with amazement,

6 Our meek suff'ring Saviour Their Creator suffer thus;

Pray'd for his oppressors, We are fill'd with deep abasement,

And gained God's favor, Since we know 'twas done for us.

For us vile transgressors; 2 On the cross thy body broken

He thus displays-his boundless grace. Cancels ev'ry legal charge;

7 When he had prevailed, Pleading this authentic token,

And all was accomplish'd, Guilty souls are set at large; By prophets revealed; All is finish’d, truth hath said it, He cried : “ It is finish'd !" (dead.

Doubt no more, believe your Lord; Then bow'd his head and join'd the To frail reason give no credit, 8 Accept for thy passion,

You have his unerring word. Most merciful Saviour, 3 Lord, we sain would trust thee solely, Our deep adoration : 'Twas for us thy blood was spilt;

Remain thou for ever Suffring Saviour, take us wholly, Our highest good,

-Lamb of God! Take and form us as thou wilt; Thou hast borne the dreadful sentence


T. 243 Pass’d on man's devoted race :

BLOOD worthy of praises !
Grant us faith, and true repentance, Come streaming from Jesus
They're thy gifts, thou God of grace. O'er us, and all classes

Of sinners, and bless us;
T. 243

We humbly flee,-and call on thee. Go, follow the Saviour,

2 In Olivet's garden Consider his travail,

Before the Jews bound him, Adore him for ever,

Most heavily laden Ye sinners, and marvel;

I kneeling have found him, [ground, It is for you-he suffers so.

Blood-sweat around bedews the 2 With tears interceding

3 Thy blood-sweat, dear Saviour, Your load he sustaineth,

Rain on me like water ; And sweating and bleeding

For all the world over Your pardon he gaineth;

Nought can bless me better : All who believe-he'll freely save, O precious flood !-O holy blood ! 3 He's mock'd and defamed,

4 So sore was he smitten, 'Midst scourging and torture; So cruelly used, By sinners is blamed,

With scourges so beaten, And led to the slaughter ;

All over so bruised : While thorns disgrace-his royal face. That in amaze-on him I gaze. 4 Behold the Lord Jesus,

5. Thy blood-streams and bruises, For you he is wounded,

Thy agonies, Saviour ! He bleeds to release us ;

Thy wounds' healing juices His love is unbounded !

Have sav'd us for ever [sighs. For evermore his name adore. From tears and cries--from grief and

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