Domestic Intelligence.

March, the arrest, as in itself illegal and oppreflive-and on the illegality and impropriety of cheir conordered the clerk to amend the rule which had duct ; but they were violentiy assaulted, and Mr. been made, by adding, “ That no oficer in fu- Jones received a dangerous wound on the head. ture should dare prelume to issue a fiat without Mr. Wilson having escaped to the barrack, the consent of a Baron."

brought the picquet guard, and justice Reilly Thus ended one of the most important cares attended with the Prutsia-street guaid, at whose that ever came before a court, and happy it is approach the rioters dispersed. for the subject, that the virtue, knowledge and 9.] In the morning ihree foldiers belonging to independent spirit of the Judges, inclined them the oil regiment, were committed to the New to decide without partiality, tear, or affection, Prilon, charged with the robbery and murder of in favour of the liberty or the people.

an bair-drefier on the preceding night ia OxmasN. B. We have already given in our January towo-green. Some articles belonging to the de. Magazine, p. 55. a short ikeich of the proceed ceased were found in their potention, to which, ing in Michaelinas Term, but the Judges hav- it is faid, the wife of the uniortunate man has ing decided this important caule in Hilary Term absolutely iworn. this month, we have laid the whole before our 10.) At an early hour, some villains broke Readers at one view.

into ihe house of Mr. Samuel Nelsfield, in 3] At the commission of Oyer and Terminer, James's-street, and cook from a desk therein a Rovert Jameson was found guilty of the murder ium of money in specie, a banke note for gol. of James Kelly, in the fields near Chapelizod. a few other papers of value, allo a watch, to

Same day, John Dignam was convicted of a gether with a number of thirts, sheets, and some rape on the body of Anne Hogan, to che satis- iable linen. faction of a crowded court, as the transaction Mr. Brownrigg has completed his survey of was attended with the most horrid circumilances, the head level line intended for the Grand Ca

4.] This morning, between the hours of le. nal, which contrms inco a fact the extraordinary veo and eight in the morning, a servant maid circumstances of a level being dilcovered of no belonging to the family of ni Grace the Duke less than 50 miles without a fingie fall, furof Rutland, togecher with a boy, were riding mounting of which in the county of Weltincath through the Phoenix Park on a lumpter cart, a is a lake for its fupply, whole alicude is 43 teet fooipad itopped them and prelenting a piltol to higher than the surface of the Canal, and conthe woman's brcail deinanred her money; the taining a body of water, sufficiently abundant to gave him a guiata which the deciared was all replenish the Canal, though cooliantly wrought The bad; the fellow then opened the cart to for thice year, without fink ng 12 inches, thos search vor booty, and the better to do it, he laid in all thai time not one drop of rain should fall. he pistol out of bis hand on the cart, which the 13.] His Grace the Duke of Rutland, attende s man intantly seiziog, fired it at the robber : ed by the Lord Chancellor, Judge, and King's the ball took place in his head, and stretched himn Council

, wenu in great Itate about three o'clock at on the ground, when in a tow moments he ex noon, from the Cattle to the King's-lons, where pired. Our gailant female however, unaccultom- amid a vast concourse of people he laid ihe first ed to such a scene, when the lo ked down at the tone of ihe new Four Courts. This building wietch in the convulsions of death, was lo ter- it is laid will be one of the most beautiful and rified that she fainted, but recovering shortly was commodious in Europe, and is expectcu to be brought farely home. The unhappy wretch who compleared in about six years. paid his life for his crimes, proved to be a poto. just as his Grace had laid the stone on Monsious utfender of the name of O'Donnell, and it day, a man who was nearly over him exclaimed, seems was the chief person concerned in the robo

There's the foundation bery of Mr. Rynd's house in Jervis-itreet, for

Oi much licigation. which robuery iwo of his accomplices are in gaoi.

This propbetic expreffion excited general laugh8.] The warrant for the execution of Robert ter, and was received with great applaule by the Jamelon, convicted at the last commiffion of the populace-how far it may prove true we leave murder of James Kelly, itone-culter, near Cha- polterity to determine. pel-izod, was received by the Sheriff of the 15.] This morning three villains stopped the county of Dublin. By order of Government be mail cart near Naas, and carried off the bag of is gibbetted as near as posible to the spot where letters directed to Dublin. he committed the murder.

16.] This morning, about two o'clock, the The above atrocious offender could not have sop windows of Mr. James Ranstord, gunbeen convicted were it not for the laudable and maker of Giallon-dieci, were broke open by fpirited activity of Lieutenant Stevenson, of the two villains. The family being aiaimed, a Raphoe battalion of Volunteers, who, at the blunderbuis wa dilcharged from the house, and Special instance of the Bishop of that diocese, che walchman, whole tland was nearly opposite, went upwards of ewenty miles in pursuit of him, called upon, you the tellow. were fuffered 10 tl and was lucky enough io find the watch of the cape, though ihe watchinan might bave collected unfortunate deceased upon him.

his brethren and tecured them, as he had anIn the evening a number of disorderly fellows, swered the call, and knew his afbftance was chiefly penny-boys, armed with bludgeons, and required. some even with pistols and iwerd , allembled in 19.] This evening about fix o'clock, fourteen Smuhfield, and behaved in a molt riotous man- of the felons confined in Kilmainham gaol, bioke

- Justice Wilion and Mr. Jone', of through the wall beneath the giated window un. Mangor-ilicet, endeavoured to reason with ihem der the entrance of the prisun, and though there

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• a cencinel at tbe foot of the stone steps which


f. * up to the entrance, escaped.--At ihis win. Warden Flood, 3000 Wm. Sweetman, 3200 ** ibe friends of the prisoners generally attend Wm. Colvill,

Willian Norton to give them refretinents, &c. &c. and appa Wm. Smyth, 5000

Barry, !-7 for that purpose twn women were obierv. Col. M. Tucker, 2000 David M.Cance, 2000 oring the best part of the day there, but their John Folie,

Henry Ellis, ign it seems w22 to cover the work of those George Godfrey William Molerfracers. Among thole who escaped were two Hoffman,

4925 worth, cesvia. onder lenience of death; one of them John White, 4925 Win. Keating, de noted Ferrally, the street robber.

John Allen,

4000 William Digges The next evening th-ough the activity of Mr. obo Rivers, 3200

Latouche, MK.aley, the ganier of Kilmainhamn, iwo of Maj. J. Corneille, 7000 Rt. Hon. Lord he feloos were retaken and conducted to their Nathaniel Card, 2000 Lifford, Lord primer dwelling.

John Cumming, 3100

High Chan. The extensive woollen manufactory of Abbey. Jer. D'Olier,

4800 cellor,

5000 Flie in France, having been curforily mentioned George Palmer, 2000

Thos, Keightley, 5000 the papers fome time since, a correspondeni, Richard Hare, . 5000 | Arthur Wolfe, 4000 bo is always pleased with such communications Alex. Jaffray, 5000 | Mich. Cosgrave, 2000 a base a tendency to excite an imitative spirit Sir Nicholas Caleb Jenkin, * his countrymen towards chole great, objects Lawless, Bt. 57,000 | Luke White,

5100 which enrich and make a people respectable and

Val. Brown,



Geo. Maquay, Happy, has favoured us with an account thereof, Charles Walker, 10.000 Thady Grehan, 3750 shich is as follows:-" The broad cloch they Al. Armstrong,

William Skeys,

3000 make is transported to Rome and other parts of Joleph Hines, 10,000 John Dawson l'aly. They work chiefly Spanish wool. The whole Lord Lismore, 6800 Coates, 5000 bacinels is conducted by M. Vanrobuis and his ne Amos Strettell,

Matthew Ford, 3500 eber : his house is magnificent, and the patterre His Grace the Caflimer Dela. before it adorned with itatues, &c. The wings Archbishop of

hoyde, bebind the house, which are about so feet long, Cathell, 4000 Geo. Campbell, 4000 te employed in the manutacture. There are James Williams, 6500 John Donahoe, 3000 talleries in feveral fories; in one are men Thomas White, 2350 | Lawr. Johnston, 3000 hearing off the nap, in apother women, and Mich. Sweetman, 3900 | Richard Nun, Eris picking off the knots, &c. drich nippers ; in Abr. Wilkinson, 2800 H. Meredych, 9000 chers the looms, one hundred and one, in thore Jer. Vickers,

Patrick Bride, Frings, boude what are in the town, there were Rt. Hon. Theo.

Widow Francis 4 in one gallery : in another.the carders, men Clements, 8000 Plunkett, 4350 ta one side of the gallery, women on the other; Gen. E. Mafuy, 2000 | Patrick Oliver santher the finishers, laying the nap with James Potts, 300

Plunket, Ibrahes; the scowers below. Where the looms Arthur Stanley, 3000 Matthew James

are, the gallery is divided by a row of pillars, Thos. Walker, 11,200 Plunkei, ind in each of the intervals between the two John Dighy, 3000 Ow.M-Dermott, 3901 prar are placed ewo wheels and ewo reels for Francis Cahill,

Fran. M Deripott, 3000 ordering the wool and yarn. The spinning is all Mrs. Mary Dar Mrs. Ma y Westby,2000 done within he compass of the town.

He em-

Robert Lea, 2600 pops in his house and in one town 6500 per fons. Dr. Hen. Quin, 6000 Richard Mercer, 3000 Other oue wings there are emploved in dying and Lieut, General Randal M Donsher parts of the work. -Frames regularly Pomeroy,


*2300 ranged along the fues, which look like those Step. Wybrant, 3000 | Alderman James for espaliers are for drying the cloth, all placed Hugh Howard, 4000 Hamilton, So well and regular, that nothing of that great John Wetherall, 5000 | Mrs. Hellen Calbahness is offensive, but the structure of all the Christ Sherlock, 2000 len,

5000 offices tend to ordameat.

The fituation is very John Betagh, 2000 Godfrey Green, 2290 advantageous, just by the river side (the Somme) J. Thos. Foler, 3100 Michael Q'Flawhere vesels come up to the very gates," Maj. Jn. Glover, 2009 pagan,

4800 A Lift of such Perseus as appeared to be plesid

James Forde,

Mrs. Ann Jack-
Jame: Lawler, 3000

fon, of Bank Stock, of 20001. and upwards, on the

2 400 291b of March, 1786.

John johniton,

BIRTHS for March, 1786. Rt. Hon. D.

T Leinster-house; her Grace che Duchess of Latouche, 11,200. John Marden,

Leinster, of a daughter.--In Dawion. John Latouche, 11,800 Rev, Howard St. street, the Lady of Pooley Schuldham, Etq; of Peter Latouche, 20,400


4000 a daughter.-la Sackville-tree, the Lady of Rt. Hon. Wm.

Samuel Dick, gooo Robert Alexander, Efq; of a fon.-In St. AnBrownlow,

5000 J. Gasp. Batier, 4600 drew-Itreet, the Lady of the Hon. and Kev. Re. Hon. Joshua

Alex. Mangin, 2000 Dean Hewett, of a loa. Cooper, 11,000 H. Brown:igg,

DEATH for March, 1736. Theo.Thompton, 5300 T St. Stephen's green, Mrs. Firzgibbor,

10,000 | Travers Hartley, 2000 reliet of ihe late John Fitzgibbon, Eia; Rev.Dr. Heary

Joseph Hone, jun. 6000 and mother to the Right Hon. John Fitzgibbori, Datzac, 3000 Charles Ward, 2000 bis Majesty': Attorney Cencral.








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Lottery Prizes.


corre&t Lif (in Numerical Order) of all the sol. Prizes and upwards, for the la! Nineteen Days, drawn in the English State Lottery for the Year 1985.

(Taken from Walker's Numerical Book, No 79, Dame-street.)
(For tbe first twenty Day's Drawing, see our Mag: for Febrüary, page 112.)


Prize. 6.100



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50 50 sod




$0 20,000



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Prize. No.
£:50 46511
100 47278


50 251

50 494



50 2000 IОО soo Soo

50 2000

50 50 50 So 50 100 doo

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No. Prize. No. Prize: No. Prize. No.

£.50 1119 £11000 22165 £o.1000 34525 993 50

50 170 50 35040 1719 50 12335 50


50 300 760 SO 337 10000 743 50 745 2074 100 574

So 23338 50 36327 105 50


665 476

1000 | 24461

600 $74 50

100 625

734 777 50 911 50 757

50 3253 50 13355 30 | 25051 300 937 753 50


100 37091 4134 50


480 Šo 356

50 351 500 | 14087 1000 696 100

gos 566 100 504

100 26065 so 914 636 So 15041 100 27012

5038039 IOO

50 2go So 85 728

623 100 420 827 50


So 989 JOO joo 825 100

992 $446 296 50 28111

50 39243 471 50

549 50 274 SO 832 50 17164 100 368


487 6069 as lait



908 drawn 1000

707 100 29301 100 | 40089 295


100 432 50 425 580 50 972 50 554 50

702 100 | 18320 50 562 100 | 41236

500 479 soon 647 50 298 7384 1000 735 50 796 so 363 699

TOO 19002 5030400 50 925 500 188 100

575 100 967 5000 250 50 596 100 827 999 500 256 50

828 5042148 8153



385 226 50 243

50 450 765 50

100 31329


619 900 500 576 100 458

50 9024 100


100 43158 148 1000 2 1041 50


SO 201 361 so

352 100 32846 SC 44070 420 50 402 50 | 33223 50 45211 710 50 544 50 899 roo

501 765 50

500 | 34224 so 529 10758 50 | 2204% 100


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I:Mxrtin asc. Avariety of LADIESHEADDRESSES.for the Present Year.

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