EHOLD, my fair, where'er we rove, What dreary prospects round-us rise ; The naked hill, the leafless grove,

The hoary ground, the frowning lies!

Nor only thought the wasted plain,

Stern Winter in thy force.confess’d; Still wider spreads thy horrid reign,

I feel thy power usurp my breaft.

Enlivening hope, and fond defire,

Resign the heart to spleen and care ; Scarce frighted love maintains her fire,

And rapture faddens to despair.

In groundless hope, and caufeless fear,

Unhappy man! behold thy doom; Still changing with the changeful year,

The flave of funshine and of gloom.

Tird with vain joys, and falfe alarms,

With mental and corporeal ftrife, Snatch me, my

Stella, to thy arms, And screen me from the ills of life.


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Not the soft fighs of vernal gales,
The fragrance of the flowery vales,
The murmurs of the chryftal rill,
The vocal grove, the verdant hill ;
Not all their charms, tho' all unite,
Can touch my bosom with delight.

Not all the gems on India's shore,
Not all Peru's unbounded store,
Not all the power, nor all the fame,
That heroes, kings, or poets claim
Nor knowledge, which the learn'd approve,
To form one with my soul can move.

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Yet nature's charms allure my eyes,
And knowledge, wealth, and fame I prize;
Fame, wealth, and knowledge I obtain,
Nor seek I nature's charms in vain;
In lovely Stella all combine,
And, lovely Stella ! thou art mine.


Hafte-press the clusters, fill the bowl ;

Apollo ! shoot thy parting ray: This gives the sunshine of the soul,

This god of health, and verse, and day.
Still-ftill the jocund strain shall flow,

The pulse with vigorous rapture beat;
My Stella with new charms shall glow,

bliss in wine shall meet.

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No more the morn, with tepid rays,

o Unfolds the flower of various hue; Noon spreads no more the genial blaze,

Nor gentle eve distills the dew.

The lingering hours prolong the night,

Usurping darkness shares the day; Her mists reftrain the force of light, And Phæbus holds a doubtful fway.

:1 By gloomy twilight half reveal’d,

With fighs we view the hoary hill, The leafless wood, the naked field,

The snow-topt cot, the frozen rill.

No No music warbles thro' the

grove, No vivid colours paint the plain ; No more with devious steps I rove

Thro' verdant paths now fought in vain.

Aloud the driving tempest roars,

Congeald, impetuous showers descend ; Hafte, close the window, bat the doors,

Fate leaves me Stella, and a friend.

In nature's aid let art supply

With light and heat my little sphere; Rouze, rouze the fire, and pile it high,

Light up a constellation here.

Let music found the voice of joy !

Or mirth repeat the jocund tale ; Let love his wanton wiles employ,

And o'er the season wine prevail.

Yet time life's dreary winter brings,
When mirth's


tale shall please no more ; Nor music charm--tho' Stella fings;

Nor love, nor wine, the Spring restore.

Catch then, O! catch the transient hour,

Improve each moment as it flies ; ; Life's a short Summer-man a flower,

He dies-alas! How soon he dies !




To S T E L L A.


VENING now from purple wings
Sheds the grateful gifts she brings;
Brilliant drops bedeck the mead,
Cooling breezes shake the reed;
Shake the reed, and curl the stream
Silver'd o'er with Cynthia's beam;
Near the chequer'd, lonely grove,
Hears and keeps thy secrets, love.
Stella, thither let us stray !
Lightly o'er the dewy way.
Phæbus drives his burning car,
Hence, my lovely Stella, far;
In his stead, the queen of night
Round us pours a lambent light ;
Light that seems but just to show
Breasts that beat, and cheeks that glow ;
Let us now, in whisper'd joy,
Evening's silent hours employ,
Silence best, and conscious shades,
Please the hearts that love invades,
Other pleasures give them pain,
Lovers all but love disdain.


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