Touch'd by the quill of goose ; But such a cord as oft


see On Hounslow's plain swung o'er a tree,

And ending in a noofe.

Thorone (like Twitcher) filch a purse,
With pirates or with thieves converse,

Nor cut a single throat;
To rob three millions at a time,
Or butcher thousands is no crime;

Hence are our fleets afloat.

With ev'ry brute of Noah's ark,
Legions of human brutes embark,

Vot'ries to sword and fire :
May half, like S-CKV-LLB prove alert,
Like Co-NWil t'other half defert!

From conscience-not for hire.

Young bees forsake their native hive,
By travel and by toils they thrive,

With ease and plenty dwell ;
Say, when the parent-fwarm hath flown,
Tho' rich in honey of their own,

To plunder ev'ry cell?

That this be juft-hear yon Sch gang;
Here Gibby's * and DUND-s's t twang,


Sir Gil B-.. ELL-.-T.
+ Jud. Adv. of Scot------d.

The genius of starvation! « The faulchion's edge-the cannon's thunder, Shall make America knock-under,

Or ruin either nation,"

Sawney I bring up your corps of blacks,
Set oliv'd Indians on their backs,

The Russ beat out their brains !
The Switzer too shall leave his Alps,
With Briton's deal for British scalps,

The only trade remains !

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Ell-s ģ come next-thou boar of boars,
The oldest boar within these doors ;

Yet In-Sll, 'tis agreed,
The boar fam'd Meleager flew.,
Was a poor harmless boar to you,

Of Caledonia's breed.

THURL-E * approach with rugged Dick t,
Both fly and faucy as Old Nick,

Avow your Bedford-creed :
So void of sense--so damn'd audacious,
Hotter than that of Athanasius :
A direful one indeed! -

I ALIX.-.-.-R WEDDER B --.-.-;
f Right Hon. W..-R----- EL L---8,
|| Late membo - for llc
* Attor.----- Gen.-do
+ 'Rich --p RiG-Y, Pay-- ---t Gen.

Next for a Nap-behind the clock,
While STANL-Y and the Sur-y. Cock *!

Upon their legs appear.
Then pause awhile, my dear Sir Grey +,
And ere you make me run away,

This for your Master's ear:

“ Boreas f, whose bloated bluft'ring jowl, 46 Can

urge the storm, or can controul,

Keep not so bold a fail ! “ There's scarce a man will stand the deck; “ The vessel lies a perfect wreck;

“ She'll founder in the gale!

[blocks in formation]

Quid bellicosus Cantaber, et Scythes
Herpine Quinti, Cogitet Adria
Divisus objecto, remittas


COURAGE, my Lord--tho’ Howe is filed,
Don't look fo pale--and hang your head


Like • Col. ONSL--+ Sir GR--- Coo---R, Lord No--u's Secretary. I Led N-.-H.

Like Nunc'mar at Hin-dos-tan:
Th’ Atlantic fea is no bad screen,
And that (you know) still flows between

Pall-Mall-and Rebel Boston.
For want of Rhode-isle hogs and beeves,
The troops stole off, like valiant thieves,

To look for better quarters ;
And spite of what your Gazette tells,
The Yankies fiih in ponds and wells

For cannon balls and mortars.
Your horses too'were left behind,

Starv'd-and unfound in limb and wind,

'Tis no great loss they're taken: Such fteeds at Minden had you got, Tho'GRANBY spurr’d-they cou'dn't trot,

This would have sav'd your bacon.
Chaunting of psalms the victors come,
Beating Te Deum on the drum,

And dancing to the fife':
The Yankey now no more afraid,
May + tarry with the timid maid,
Or kiss his faithful wife.

I hope * Lord MANSFIELD and Sawney WEDDERBURN E both. agree in opinion, that the fishery-bill was only designed to prevent their fishing in the open seas; any thing in the prohibitory bill to the contrary notwithstanding. + This word is thus explained by a traveller : " at their


I hope your army found some means
To save your fine I theatric scenes

From being maul'd--and pepper'd;
As Nova Scotia, in that case,
May see B-RG-Ne resume his place,

And act the gentle shepherd !

[ocr errors]

The General now his ware || unpacks,
Sir Grey and F-RDyce may go snacks,


usual time the old couple retire to bed, leaving the young ones to settle matters as they can, who having sat up as long as they think proper, get into bed together also, but without pulling off their under garment, in order to prevent scandal. -If the parties agree, it is all very well; the banns are pube lithed, and they are married without delay."

Banbury's Travels through N. America.
| The maid of the Oaks, and the siege of Boston (as Mr.
BBG-NE seemed dissatisfied with the real one) both done
by the same author, were frequently represented. This ce-
lebrated Atrolling company of Comedians have quitted Boston,
and intend exhibiting for the summer season at Halifax.
According to private letters received by Lord S-ND-CH
(of which the Gazette takes no notice) the roof of the meet-
ing-house (converted into a theatre by express orders of a
council of war) was destroyed by the thells, and the ward-
robe and curtain were considerably damaged.

Patie and ROGER.
Goods of all sorts have been consigned to the general,



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