Himself that, the understanding thereof was reserved, till the accomplishment in the last days ; and that in part at least, even to Him they were " Sealed to the time of the end.”

It is indeed most grievous to behold the Antibiblical authority of representation by Figures ; and above all most lamentable to contemplate the pitiable, and most execrable attempt to explain thereby and to interpretate,—that critical, eventful, and consummatory Prophecy of the 7th of Daniel. At once as it should seem, outstepping and overwhelming the very Idea of the given explanation by the Prophet, that, The Four Beasts were four Kings and four Kingdoms; and that their concentration in One great Image of united Power should re-appear, and be recognised according to the exposition of his own Words ; and the interpretation thereof,—not be understood, or clearly ascertainable, till the appointed time, and in the latter days.

Admitting the Historical relation, in a great measure as given in the Chart, respecting the Reign of the Four Empires or Kingdoms; but moreover and especially estimating their Characters and Government as defined in the single Seventh Chapter of the Prophet ;—It is most lamentable to find the admixture of another and distinct Prophecy, even that of the Eighth, evidently, though perhaps inadvertently thrust in, and serving to distract and confound the very express, separate, and distinguishable Character of the Fourth Kingdom, as it is limited and confined in its every minute detail of description in the Seventh Chapter.

The two Visions which Daniel relates in the 7th and 8th chapters that He saw, and each of them in the time of Belshazzar's reign, are yet remaining to be fulfilled, although now of rapid Completion, but being so intermixed as above stated, and immediately so as to confuse and destroy, rather than to afford appropriate and respective Interpretation, of either of the Three first mentioned Empires or Kingdoms.—But when it comes next, and to its description of the Fourth Empire, “B.C. 158.Dan, vii. 7."—the egregious misconception becomes most palpable : both as it respects Dates and Seasons, and Times and Circumstances. Though Daniel saw at that period in Vision, the Fourth and Consummatory Kingdom ; but to assert that, it means the Papacy, and applicable to its gradations of conquest in “493 ”; “533”; and “ 538”: is utterly irrelevant and inconsistent; and by its Antedates, accursedly, Tending to render the Prophecy of God! and his Prophets, false !! and even God himself a Liar !!!

And forasmuch as all the Prophets of God! have testified of a short time for accomplishment, including the Apostles, “Matt. xxiv.” &c, and that the Characters and Signs of the Ill-fated Kingdom, shall “be seen to Commence and End in One Generation ;"— and even in that of the latter day Earthly Kingdom.

The frightful and disgusting Figures, and exhibition of the Beasts in the Chart; are at once, and beyond measure Contemptible and most execrable. And especially as they show an entire Misconception, and manifest a complete Dereliction from the principles, and views, and instructions of the Prophet-Who, in every instance when he speaks of Beasts in one Chapter, (the 7th,) And of Horns in the other, (the 8th,) always defines the application to Kings, Persons, or Men.

Therefore, if a Portraiture should at all be given, it ought at least to preserve and contain the Human Personality of Kingly power ; in some sort or other like as the Representative Image of Royalty, as drawn in the outset of the Chart. And moreover, not as the most outrageous and Fantastical misrepresentations, which are perceived, and which are so glaringly discoverable, under the Head of Prophetic Symbols. And which are reserved for further Commentary.

But however, I first return to a review of the extravagant, and as it were, unbounded Malversations respecting the developement of the Fourth Beast. The most prominent and immediate, and striking inadvertence, is that of stating, " The ten Horns signify, Ten Kingdoms:-directly in contradiction and Perversion of the Prophetic Authority; and in this very case, but just before specified and alluded to. And, notwithstanding the obstinate pertinacity of Protestant Doctors of Divinity, and of recent Publications of notoriety from M.A.'s of Cambridge University

Members of the University of Cambridge appear to be the latest of Modern Writers on the Prophecies, and their Promulgations of recent Publicity and Notoriety manifest their Vague Interpretations, especially by their Bigotted and reiterated Dogmas on Rome, ancient and modern ; and more especially by their adoption of the Traditionary Fallacies of their Predecessors, both of the Dead and of the Living, namely that, The ten Horns of the Beast, (which act in conjunction and co-operation with Him,) are Ten Kingdoms ! And for which Kingdoms, like as Sorcerers, they have groped and delved to find and to raise up! All which, most pitiable, fictitious, and vain Pretensions are nearly and chiefly in accordance with the Aberrations which are comprised and found in the Chart, and which are indeed great and manifold.

But above all of the University and estranged Commentators appears The Reverend Author of Horæ Apocalypticæ—The most bewildered, preposterous, and apostate from Scriptural text and testimony of any that have preceded. Having scarcely any thing of Christian and Gospel principle belonging to it from first to last. Shewing most conspicuously and most awfully the danger of complicated Bookish Authorities, and their Tendency to corrupt, and make void the Truths of God! and their leading to the daring presumption that—by The Spirit of Man, and by adoption of such Degenerate and Worldly means, they are enabled to interpret the dark things and Mysterys, as given by Inspiration of the Spirit of God, to His Holy Apostles and Prophets.


The criminality of Men and their rebellious Tergiversations is heightened to the full, as it were, in their presuming Interpolations, and by their dominant Expositions in fixing and assuming that, by their deep researches and calculations of HISTORICAL matters, relative merely, to Persons and Sects, to Dates and to Events, which then and heretofore happened. nevertheless claiming authority therefrom to interpret the Prophecies ! But, without a particle of Bible and Testamentary License or Authority. Moreover they are opposed to Scripture Texts, and are utterly irrelevant and inconsistent therewith. Yet they affirm that those Circumstantial Cases, simply of Human affairs, are the allowed means to unravel the preordained and future Gospel Prophecies !—Of which we read, God Himself has concealed and hidden from the understanding of Men, till his appointed time; and which by His DECREE are sealed to the


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