Lady, oh guard with most faithful care
The ring that gleams on thy hand so fair ;
That bright little circlet's the small gold sign
That the life of another is one with thine.


There's no trust,
No faith, no honesty, in man-all perjur'd,
All forsworn, all naught, all dissemblers.


(Hamlet). May 29.

A gentle form is near me now,

Ă small white hand is clasp'd in mine;
I gaze upon her placid brow,
And ask what joys can equal thine.

Alaric A. Watts. Truth is the strong thing-let man's life be true; And love's the truth of mine-time prove the rest!

Robert Browning, May 30.

Oh! had we but a little isle
On which the sun might always smile,
There to reside alone with thee-
How tired out we soon should be.

Love's a trifle, fleeting soon;
Vows are the froth, and man the spoon.


May 29.

May 30.

Love glistens in thy sunny e'e

And blushes on thy brow;
Earth's heaven is here, to thee and me,
For we are happy now.

R. Nicholl.

Grief melts away
Like snow in May.

George Herbert.


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