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not be called love; it was nothing more than IIad Hippolytus retained his old humor,
the consequence of their peculiar propin- and as much love of fun as he once had, he
quity, their mutual relations to each other, would have made sport to Araxata of their,
and the honest tenderness with which Arasata flight. He would have said, “Was it not
attached herself to bim. Already her charm- ridiculous to run away, and thereby appear
ing figure, her simple grace, had compelled as if we had been stealing something from
him to meet her decided regard to him the baker or the mercer? l'here was nothing
a similar feeling. He would not have made wảnting but that you should have had i
his escape without her, and he intrusted her basket, and I a watering-pot. Escapes pre-
with all the plans which he had framed forvented are so much enjoyed in romances. Must
their liberation.

we go through what I have so often laughed
at?' But the time for illusions, for disbe-
lief, for folly, was over, and Hippolytus was

obliged, in the dark prison, to confess that
A long time elapsed before he could talk he was very unhappy.
to her about his plans, and still longer before Araxata appeared to have little thought
she could understand the possibility of car- for the future. Without being able to give
rying them out. Nothing was easier than to any reason for it, she felt something like
leave the house; but it was difficult to hide happiness, that her fate was, for the first
an absence of more than ten minutes. Both time, united with that of her friend. Her
saw that, above all, some occasion must simple trust and faith, finally, in some meas-
offer which fuvored their flight; and this ure, soothed her unhappy companion, and
came, after long waiting and watching. The the poor children were, at last, by a gentle
queen had discovered a conspiracy against sleep, delivered from all their anxieties, and
the life of her lover. She cared for him so all reckonings of an uncertain future were
tenderly, that her punishments of the crimi- lost in unconscious forgetfulness.
nals were as numerous as if the crime had After some hours, Hippolytus awoke from
put her own life in peril. She made, by the his dreams, which in their flight had carried
slaughter of the unfortunate martyrs to her him sometimes to Paris, and again set hiin
royal power and her amorous passion, a cruel down in St. Marie. All was doubt here, and
bloody bath, so that the lord chief headsman the stillness was only interrupted by the
began to want hands and axes. His whole light breathing of Araxata. She was asleep,
household saw him, from morning to night, and his mind reverted to the late events which
with naked arms, and the stream of blood had brought them here. He recalled one
flowed down so deep, from the headsman's circumstance, which he had forgotten. When
grounds to the neighboring river, that for they were some distance from the house of
some time all work in the garden was sus- the executioner, and, to his terror, he had
pended. The confusion of the house became seen no one in the streets, but had discovered
80 great, that persons whose business it was how everything was closed and deserted, he
to strike off the heads of others had lost had observed, behind a wooden pillar of the
their own; and Hippolytus, though he was thick projecting portal of the royal residence,
thrown almost into a state of fever by these a female figure, which he remembered to have
horrors, now collected his thoughts, chose seen before, but which he had no time to
his time and hour, and was on his way with think of, as at that moment he was taken by
the brave Araxata. But, if the two were his pursuers and carried back. The features
seen at only ten steps' distance from the house, of the unknown now came back to his mind,
they knew their plads must fail. They went and he did not, for a moment, doubt that it
out into a waste, a deserted city; no man was the native woman, so much dreaded at
in the streets; all the doors and windows St. Marie, who called herself his nurse, whom
closed ; fear and terror peering from the he had seen behind the pillar. Had she
chinks in the houses. After having been recognized bim? had she come there to dis-
missed a quarter of an hour, they might have cover some trace of him? If so, his rescue
been seen at the end of the street by their was as certain as before all hope seemed to
pursuers, because there was not a human be lost. He was about to awake Araxata
being abroad, behind whom they could hide and share with her his joyful expectations ;
themselves. But they were missed even but so broken was the strength of his spirits,
before a quarter of an hour had elapsed. so much had fear nestled itself in the most
The gardener they had left behind cried out secret corner of his mind, where formerly
to the whole household; the servants of the only thoughtlessness and confidence reigned,
headsman let their axes fall, and ran after that he doubted whether this woman was to
the fugitives, who were immediately taken be trusted, whether she might not have en-
and thrown into a dark prison, until the ticed him into this place, that she might
commands of the master, who was on duty at deliver over the last shoot of a hostile race
court, could be ascertained.

to the queen. This idea seemed to him, for



a few moments, probable ; but, as he remem-1 pain in her foot, which almost hindered her bered Colas, and the free, motherly care from going further. The blood oozed from a of the woman, these cruel thoughts were wound she had made in climbing the wall of 'silenced, and he fell back into new exhaus- the grounds of the executioner, and which tion and sadness.

she now, for the first time, perceived. After a dreamy twilight, during which The nurse would not hear of a longer delay. Flippolytus lost, for a few moments, his con- She urged Hippolytus to leave his friend besciousness, he was alarmed by a noise at the hind, and put his own life, on which everydoor of his prison. He heard some one at- thing depended, iu security. But Hippolytempting to open the door, and to do this tus was, I will not say too much in love, but without making a noise. It was secured on too noble, to save himself without Araxata. the outside only, by a wooden bolt, and He gathered some leaves from a tree, where opened without difficulty. Hippolytus started he found them the broadest, and endeavored in alarm from the floor, and was astonished to bind up the wound, notwithstanding the to see no one enter. He advanced with new rays of the sun were gilding the roof of the courage to the entrance, but at the same royal palace. time a figure came towards him, which the Araxata lay exhausted on the grass, and darkness prevented him from recognizing. the nurse tore her hair, for she swore that An agitated, broken voice, said in French, the watchmen from the queen's city bad al“ Verora, my son!” and thus explained, after ready cried out, and the whole population a few moments of painful silence, to the ex- was now alive. She seized Hippolytus by pectant prince, who bis deliverer was. He the arm, and strove to carry off the tender advanced nearer to her, and she, recognizing surgeon; but he tore himself froin her, and him, embraced him with the most visible declared he would not go a step farther till emotion, and with difficulty repressed her he knew whether Araxata would share his joy. She beckoned him to follow her ; but fate. The nurse, despairing of being able to Hippolytus hesitated at leaving Araxata move his strong will, fell upon his unsucto a doubtful fate. Although at this mo- cessful attempt at surgery, tore the leaf bandment he had great confidence in his deliver- age from the wound, and, telling the two ance — though his courage and the whole to wait a moment, she hastened into the aspect of his early relations had come back shrubhery, to look for the tree Sondisasat, the to him with the help of his nurse — though leaves of which the Madagascars put, with he saw himself in the streets of Paris, and much success, on fresh wounds. could not represent to himself what he should Meantime, the light, clear sunshine penedo there with his exotic companion - yet the trated between the trees, and the power of his attachment, and his gratitude was visible above their summits was filled to Araxata, were so strong, that he would with the blue of heaven. Hippolytus vennot have followed, without her, the urgent tured to go nearer to the border of the wooded signal of his conductor. He waked the com- territory, when he saw a zealous pursuit of panion of his sufferings, drew her forth with his flight, though clouds of dust effaced the him, and she, though unable immediately to footprints of the fugitives. understand the connection of things, without He ran back to Araxata, and informed her difficulty yielded to his will and example; and of this; he led her, in great alarm, to the thus the flight was accomplished without edge of their bulwarks. In a few moments bindrance.

their pursuers were visible, and both recogThe foresight of the nurse had prepared nized their master's followers, who were the way, and aster a short wandering over scarcely a thousand steps distant from the the bloody, sınoking, butchery court-- after a wood. The most pressing necessity forced bold leap over some low walls -- tho open them now to the most hasty continuance of country was reached, and the place of the their flight. There was no farther thought most cruel terrors lay in quiet, undisturbed of the return of their conductor. In hot peace behind them.

baste they made themselves a path through The morning had not entirely dawned, when the low bushes, and strove most vehemently the fugitives, with hasty steps, left the wooden to redouble their speed. city, with its inhabitants still fast asleep. Perhaps they were able to do this, for the

A victorious people does not surround itself cry of their pursuers fell fainter on their with palisades. I'he capital city of Hovas ears, and they already reckoned on having was open, without walls or gates, and Hip- gained a considerable distance between them. polytus reached, with his companions, in Their bodies were torn by the projecting safety, the next forest, whose shades might bushes: they breathed deeper; they thought do them the service of the now vanishing they might slacken their pace; and were the night. Here, for the first time, they gave more horror-struck, when suddenly a noise was some rest to their hurrying feet, which was heard in the shrubbery. They had decided the more necessary, as Araxata had a severe lon nothing, when, in great haste, a thick

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clump of shrubs opened, and the nurse, whomored to lighten erery difficulty. Hippolytus they thanked for everything, appeared and has appeared to us, heretofore, only amiable ; fell breathless upon them, pointed out to we shall soon be ready to find him worthy of, them the next tree, and forced them inme- respect. diately to climb it.

This nightly flight was repeated screral Nothing could be done, on both sides, with times. In the daytime the highest tree greater skill, but nothing could have hap-gare them shelter, and the night removed all pened in better time; for, almost on the same hindrances to their journey. Wild nutmegs, spot where the woman was convinced of the figs, nuts of the giant havama tree, the tako success of her advice, she had fallen into the vines, which grow without planting or culhands of the pursuers. She sprang forward ture, and, finally, the celebrated Mad:gascar and sunk, as from among the bushes the strawberries, were the nourishment with arined servants of the headsman fired, and which they stilled their hunger. Springs of she fell, mortally wounded by an arrow. water nowhere failed them in these midunThe faithful creature had sacrificed herself tainous regions. The sun pointed out their for her youthful friend. Hippolytus had just direction in the daytime, which they had climbed the branches of the first tree, when taken towards the sea, and at night they he saw her sink.

kept on, led by the morning and evening star. The dying woman had given a favorable They reckoned they had got so near the end turn to the pursuit of Ilippolytus and Arax- of their journey, that they began already to ata. Their followers took a wrong direction. meditate upon their line of action, when at They beat about on all sides. The alarm last actually, hehind a hill, the mirror of the decreased, and, at last, all was still, and the sea came in sight. dead woman under the bushes had ceased to One morning the two had climbed a gentle sigh. Araxata, nimble and bold, swung her- bill. The sun was already half way between self, like a monkey, from one branch to its rising and the zenith; the rushing and another. She trusted to the smallest branches, waring of the trees was heard in this solitary seized the most distant limbs of the tree on place. Hippolytus stood in wonder over the which Hippolytus was resting, and soon was luxurious abundance of this spot, and his sitting near her deadly-palo companion, eye fell intoxicated over the flowery plains whose tongue was silenced by these terrible which stretched out far into the distance at turns in his fate. After a while, the tender- the foot of the mountain on which they stood, ness and sympathy of Araxata gave him and he was not deceived, when he thought strength to utter a sigh, and to lift his hand, he saw, in the white silver point of the horiwhich was grasped convulsively about a dry zon, the first salutation of the sea. Round branch, and allow his dark friend to warm about him were crowded, in the free abunit in her own.

dance of nature, the unnumbered, wonderful As evening advanced, the two fugitives trees of this region, and vegetation of every ventured to leave their lijding-place. When kind. In the green leafy crown of the bothe setting sun gare them, for the last time, hansilan cooed the black wood-nigeons; the the important direction for their future jour- golden quince-apple winked through the darkney, they descended from the tree, went first green back-ground, where rose the schiràto the dead body, over which Araxata sung palm. From the mingled, heavy-loaded wild a soft, mournful lay, and then strewed over nutmeg tree, the blue raven pilfered the nuts. it a handful of earth. They set forward on The strange vegetation of this region cast their journey, under cover of night and of the upon the ground its many-colored shadows. forest darkness. Hippolytus took, as a me- Near the ground was crowded a mass of inorial of the dear woman who had purchased thousand-hued plants, flowers of all colors his life with her own, one of her gray locks and forms; the anduranga, with its butterflyof hair, and vowed to keep it sacred as a colored flowers ; gentians, with their violet guardian angel, in eternal remembrance of garb; pale, violet-blue tulips, all persuming her. The idolatry, which he had formerly the air and the senses. Hippolytus was overassociated with such things, did not disturb powered with these charms. He drew Araxthe deep feelings which moved his soul. The ata down by him on the dewy grass, and fearful reality of all he had seen, this fear they sat gazing in mute delight over the threw to the ground all his proud emotions; almost artistical paths and terraces of this the last events again rose up before him, and paradise. joined with them was the earnestness and But what met the eye of Hippolytus? the illusion of truth, which is no illusion. What cry of joy. fell upon his ear? What He thought, as they wandered on, only of is Hippolytus thinking of for a long time bethe danger, of the prospect before them, of fore he begins to laugh? It is no one else the next tree for he was so much in fear of it is himself - Professor Polyglott, who, with a human dwelling that they carefully kept naked head, under an umbrella of his own out of the way - and of Araxa ta, who endeav-l making, and with a long spy-glass, is roying

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through these tropical wonders. He had “But, your royal highness, do not defer stepped out with Colas from a bosk in the longer to announce your marriage to the valley, and had no sooner remarked the pair most faithful of your servants. I burn with sitting on the hill, than he bad recognized desire to pay to my high mistress the respect Hippolytus, uttered a cry of joy, and, in all that is due to her.” haste, had ascended the hill. Now stood the "No," said Hippolytus, taking the bony droll man before his half-naked, and now hand of the professor, “not a word more of unquestionable Madagascar-born friend; his that folly. My companion is my friend, breath stopped, and, as usual, when an in- whom I could not leave behind me. voluntary emotion seized his feeble blood, he most deeply indebted to Arasata. She was turned deadly pale.

my consolation in slavery ; she raised me up “(), this stitch in my side!” groaned he; by her love, and, what will astonish you, " but it will soon be better. But, in Ileav- professor, from her I have learned to speak en's name, my prince, where have you been Madagascar. hidden so long? I have, with this glass, which “ Heavens !” cried Polyglott, “ you know is intended to search out the stars

Madagascar, and the lieutenant is indebted The arrival of Colas hindered him from to you for it! Madame, I hope that I, also, finishing his flattering speech. The meeting shall soon understand this language. I will again of the old servant and Ilippolytus speak Arabic with you, and you will answer was in silent emotion. They embraced cach me in your mother tongue.' other with the most heartfelt joy, and it was Thereupon he put painsully a few words long before they found words to express their from the Koran together, which meant somedelight. Hippolytus, whose emotion was vis- thing like, “ How do you do?" Araxata felt ibly greater than that of his friends, could that the old man was talking to her.. She not so soon recover himself sufliciently to looked at him with her great eyes, then answer the questions of the professor and looked smilingly up to Hippolytus, to ask Colas. But, as they looked inquiringly at his him what the man wanted, for she did not female companion, he said to them :- understand him. But Polyglott, in the strong

0, my good friends, my heart is so full conviction that she comprehended his quesof joy, and at the same time of sweet sorrow, tion, sprung up a foot high, crying, “ What that I cannot express to you my feelings! 1 a fine answer ! Madame is fond of Hippoam, now that I see you again, so rich, so lytus, and how can she be anything but happy, that I cannot find words to utter my well when with him?" Then he asked her joy. I have repented of everything - my fol- again, with jumbled-up Arabic words, lies, my unkindness to you, my indolence, you fond of beautiful scenery?”' And when the coldness of my feelings – all has been Araxata look down from the bill, he swore atoned for in the most painful manner. I that he had spoken Madagascar, and only lawas stolen on the sea, have been in bondage, mented that he had left his Arabian dictionsold by cruel negroes, was the slave of a ary in Tamatave, so that he could not give tyrant, obliged to humble myself under the some more striking examples of it. whip of an overseer, forced to carry water, “ Is Tamatave in the neighborhood ?" asked to suffer hunger, daily to witness the most Hippolytus, who was amused at the folly of fearful executions. My nurse, whom I had the professor. before driven froin me with scorn, saved my On the way to Tamatave, a European setlife, and gave her body to protect mine. I tlement, the recent adventures of the friends huried her in the solitude of the forest, and were related. The joy of the people of St. have wandered now for three days and three Marie, who had come over here to seek for nights, with flying feet, to escape my pursuers. Hippolytus, was great. They only regretted But now that I see you again, it seeins to me to return back so soon to their barren island. that I have made good use of my trials, as They begged Polyglott to take the direction though I no longer need to blush before good f St. Marie with his spy-glass, because some and noble men; and I promise you that in of them were willing to swear that they had future I will rightly employ my youth, my seen a sail there in the early morning: strength, and


“I will immediately do so," said the latThis confession was somewhat pathetic. ter, and put up his glass. “ In fact, unless Colag was so much moved by it that he could some one has pasted a piece of paper on this not overpower his master with questions, glass, what I see is a strip of white linen.” But Polyglott's curiosity was not restrained As the others came up, the opinion was by such delicate tact, though he wiped the found to be altogether correct. A ship was tears from his eyes inore than once while cruising in the bay of St. Marie, and hope Hippolytus was speaking. Throwing his in- induced the men immediately to put to sea. quiring eyes towards Araxata, who was wait- They could, perhaps, reach the island by ing in the back-ground with visiblo signs of sunset. anxiety, he asked, without further delay – A civil conference was soon held



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subject of clothing the new comers. Even Pepper and Heloise were celebrating their Polyglott was so rich in clothing and gener- marriage. Hippolytus was soon informed of osity, that he offered his friend his only shirt, it, and stammered out some good wishes for which he had on. A dress for Araxata was his pale friend, who had walked with him by prepared, which might make her first appear- moonlight, and prayed her thereupon to introance less striking

duce him to the captain of the ship now in The white point in the distance became the harbor. Hippolytus had gone to speak a more and more distinct, and stood out from few words alone with this person, when all the the swimming, trembling mass of colors. It company rushed to Heloise, who had fallen, was the reefed sails of a ship, which they pale and fainting, into the arms of Pepsoon perceived was a government vessel. The per. Our young friend soon agreed with the inhabitants of the colony rejoiced, because captain. The departure was fixed at a certhey supposed it a vessel from the Isle of tain hour, and the strictest silence enjoined France, with provisions, or opportunity to towards the present company. Hippolytus return to France. Hippolytus wished that took advantage of the confusion, to leave the the ship might be destined for Europe; and house unobserved. The ansiety to return to in this case would prefer to embark in it im- his friends soon filled the void which Hemediately, rather than return first into the loise's faithlessness had, for a few moments, desert of St. Marie. The boat passed near given him. the large ship, and he called out to the The next morning, when Hippolytus saw watch on deck, to know their destination. Araxata, she asked him where he was going To Brest,” replied he, and the heart of to carry her. Hippolytus beat high with joy.

" To the land,” said he, “which has beWhen do you raise anchor?"

come a second home to me, and which I will Early to-morrow morning."

never see again without you. You shall be Colas, who understood his master, es- the sharer of iny fate, the only conquest that pressed his assent. Polyglott could not give I carry back. All my friends shall honor his, because he was asleep.

you as my sister. You shall make the soft Hippolytus, after he had reached the language of France familiar to your tongue, shore, took a grateful leave of the colonists, and become acquainted with the habits of its who had taken so much interest in him. He excellent inhabitants. I will never forsake took a short path to reach the house of the you.” commandant. It was already dark, but no Polyglott headed the procession of travellight was burning in Culotte's house; and lers, swinging his hat in triumphı. He carMatois explained at the door that on this ried all his property in the telescope, which particular feast-day the commandant gener- he took from the commandant, because it had ally stayed at home, but that a half an hour enabled him to discover his patron. A boat before he had gone over to planter Cochon's. was waiting near the rocks; they confided

“And the captain of the ship in port ?" themselves to the unstable element, and soon asked Hippolytus.

mounted, by the rope ladder, the sides of the All, all," replied he ; and Hippolytus national ship. saw that he also inust make his


there. Hippolytus entered the service again in He brought Araxata and his companions France. He wears now the epaulets of to the house, and ordered them to be all Louis Philippe. Colas is still his faithful ready in the morning, to take passage in the friend and servant. Polyglott has the exship for France. Colas gladly dressed his pectation of a seat in the Academy. His master in his second uniform, which he bad illustrated work, on the relation of the Arakept as a reserve, and fully assented to his bic and Madagascar languages, is now in the proposition, begging him soon to return to press. them. Polyglott was too sleepy to answer, There still hangs a veil of melancholy over and Araxata was already fast asleep on the the young man, who is known throughout soft bed at the commandant's.

Paris as the Prince of Madagascar. He It was in order that on the way the has now more qualifications for making his thoughts of Hippolytus should be busy with conquests than formerly - for he knows his the fair sister of the planter Cochon. mother tongue ; but he smiles when any one

“ Have you risen from the dead?” cried advises him to attempt it. His greatest the planter. “ Mr. Verora, how alarmed we pleasure is to pass an hour with Colas and have been about you! We were sure that Polyglott in confidential talk, and to give his you must have been wrecked on the coast, words and tears to the memory of Araxata. and lamented nothing so much as that you The poor girl never recovered from the fashould miss to-day's fête at our house. Do tigues of her journey, and found a cool grave you know what is going on here?”

in the depths of the ocean.

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