The Chinese Learner: Cultural, Psychological, and Contextual Influences

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David A. Watkins, John Burville Biggs
CERC, 1996 - 285 oldal
This is the first book to paint a clear, research based picture of how Chinese students and their teachers see the context and content of their learning both in Hong Kong and abroad. The focus of much of this research is the question 'How can Chinese learners be so successful academically (often out-performing their Western peers) when their teaching and learning seems to be so oriented to rote memorization?'. It is concluded that at the heart of this paradox are cross-cultural differences in the very processes of teaching and learning, particularly concerning the relationship between memorizing and understanding and the nature of motivation. Widely held Western stereotypes and misconceptions of Chinese learners are shown to be largely without foundation.

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a crosscultural perspective
conceptions of learning in
Western misperceptions of the Confucianheritage learning culture

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