Enquiry under this Act by Govern

or in Executive Committee how made


46. Every inquiry which by this Act the Governor-in-Executive Committee is em powered to make or direct shall be made in accordance with the following provision:

(1) the enquiry shall be held in public
before an officer to be appointed in
that behalf by the Governor-in-Execu-
tive Committee (hereinafter called the
referee,) and whose appointment shall
be in writing which shall specify all
the matters referred to him;
(2) ten days notice at the least shall be
given by the referee to the parties upon
whose representation the Governor-in-
Executive Committee shall have direct-
ed the enquiry and also to all other
parties affected by such enquiry, of the
time and place at which the enquiry is
to be commenced;

(3) the enquiry shall be commenced at the time and place so appointed, and the referee may adjourn the enquiry from time to time, as may be necessary to such time and place as he may think fit:

(4) the referee by summons shall on the application of any party interested in the enquiry require the attendance before himself at a place and time to be mentioned in the summons of any person to be examined as a witness before him, and every person summoned shall attend the referee and answer all questions touching the matter to be enq uired into and any person who wilfully disobeys any such summons or refuses to answer any question put to him by such referee for the purpose of the said enquiry shall be liable to a penalty not

exceeding five pounds; provided always
that no person shall be required to at-
tend in obedience to any such summons
unless the reasonable charges of his
attendance shall have been paid or ten-
dered to him;

(5) the referee may and shall administer an oath or an affirmation where an affirmation in lieu of an oath would be admitted in a Court of Justice to any person tendered or summoned as a wit ness on the enquiry;

(6) any person who upon oath or affirmation wilfully gives false evidence before the referee shall be deemed guilty of perjury;

(7) the referee shall make his report to the Governor-in-Executive Committee in writing, and shall deliver copies of the report upon request to all or any of the parties to the enquiry;

47. The Company shall not be allowed to run any of their carriages on the tramway hereby authorised to be laid along Broad Street on Fridays later in the morning than 10 o'clock nor earlier in the evening than 4 o'clock. If the Company shall run any of their carriages on such tramway line contrary to the hours aforesaid they shall for every such offence incur a penalty of not exceeding one hundred pounds to be recovered on the complaint of any person in a summary manner before any police magistrate-such penalty to be paid into the public treasury for the uses of the Island; provided also that any tram car driven along Broad Street from the Trafalgar Square end to that part of the said street which is crossed by Shepherds Street shall not proceed at a greater

Company not to run carriages along Broad Street on Fridays between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.


Car to be stopped by police officer and made to return.

Governor-in-Executive Committee

to make rescind annul or add to rules

in certain matters.

speed than at a walking pace, and if any tram car shall proced at a greater speed the driver thereof shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding ten shillings for each offence, to be recovered as in the case of servants' wages on the complaint of any person whomsoever.

48. In the event of a tram car being run within the prohibited hours mentioned in the last preceding section of this Act, any police officer is authorised and required to stop the tram car and cause the driver thereof to immediately remove the same by returning on his route to the spot beyond which he was forbidden by law to go at that time.

49. The Governor-in-Executive Committee may from time to time make, and when made may rescind, annul, or add to, rules with respect to the following matters;

(1) the proceedings to be had before the

Governor in Executive Committee under this Act;

(2) the plans and sections of any work to be furnished or deposited by the Company under this Act;

(3) as to any other matter or thing in respect of which it may be expedient to make rules for the purpose of carrying this Act into execution.

Rules made under

Any rules made in pursuance of this secthis] section to be tion shall be deemed to be within the powers judicially noticed. conferred by this Act, and shall be of the same force as if enacted in this Act and shall be judicially noticed.

50. Any bye laws or regulations in the Bye-laws made under this Act and nature of bye laws made under the authorirules made under ty of this Act, and any rules made in purlast preceding sec- suance of the last preceding section shall

be laid before the Legislative Council and tion to be laid beHouse of Assembly, and shall lie on the fore Legislature. table of the two Houses for a period of one month; such bye-laws and regulations when they shall have received the sanction of both houses of the Legislature and shall have been published in the Official Gazette shall have the force and effect of law and shall be binding on all persons.

51. If the Company shall at any time fail to comply with any of the provisions of If company fail to comply with prothis Act for the violation of which no pen- visions of this Act alty is herein expressly provided, they shall where no penalty be liable to a penalty not exceeding five provided still liable pounds for every day on which such non- to penalty but withcompliance continues; but without preju- out prejudice. dice to the enforcement of specific performance of the requirements of this Act not complied with by them, or to any other remedy against them.


52. The Acts mentioned in the schedule to

this Act annexed are hereby repealed; pro- Repeal and savings vided that such repeal shall not affect; (1.) the past operation of the enactments hereby repealed nor anything done or suffered under the enactments hereby repealed; or

(2.) any right, privilege, obiligation, or li ability acquired, accrued, or incurred under the enactments hereby repealed;


(3.) any penalty, forfeiture, or punishment incurred in respect of any offence commited against the enactments hereby repealed; or

(4.) any investigation, legal proceeding or remedy in respect of such right, privilege, obligation, liability, penalty

Date of Act.

2nd January 1884 An Act authorizing the construction of certain tram-
ways in and about the City of Bridgetown by a
Company to be registered under" The Joint Stock
Companies Act, 1866," under the name or style
of "The Bridgetown Tramways Company, Lím
ited," and to make certain provisions for the
working of the said Tramways.....
Act to amend "The Birdgetown Tramways Com-
pany Limited, Act 1884"..

24th June 1884.... An

Act to amend "The Bridgetown Tramways Com-
pany Limited, Act, 1884," and "The Bridge
town Tramways Company, Limited Act, 1884.
Amendment Act, 1884.'

16th August 1886 An

Title of Act.

18th June 1887.

An Act to alter and amend "The Bridgetown Tramways Company Limited, Act 1884, Amendment Act 1886.

force until otherwise provided for. pealed by this Act or not, shall continue in force whether made under any enactment re53. Any bye-laws or regulations now in on as if this Act had not passed; ceeding and remedy may be carried and any such investigation, legal proforfeiture, or punishment as aforesaid

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