(Assented to 28th March, 1891.)


An Act to consolidate and amend the Acts of this Island relating to Jurors.

E it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly of this Island, and by the authority of the same as follows;


Short title.

1. This Act may be cited as "The Jurors Act, 1891."


Qualification re

Provost Marshal

2. (1) Every person possessing the quali fication which would entitle him to be elect- quired for grand ed as a member to serve in the General As- and special jurors. sembly of this Island, not subject to any legal incapacity and not exempt from such service as hereinafter mentioned, shall be liable to serve as a grand and special juror and his name shall be placed on the grand and special jurors' list for this Island and the Provost-Marshal or his lawful deputy, shall, within ten days after the delivery of the jurors' book for the current year, take to prepare special from such book the names of all per- jury lists as herein sons who shall be so qualified, and shall prescribed. cause the names of all such persons to be fairly and truly copied out in alphabetical order, together with their respective places of abode and additions, in a separate list to be subjoined to the jurors' book, which list shall be called "The Grand special jurors' list," and shall prefix to every name in such list its proper number, beginning the num bers from the first name, and proceeding

are jointly and severally held and firmly bound to (the landlord) in the sum of of lawful money of this Island to be paid to the said (the landlord) or his certain attorney, executors, administrators, or assigns, for which payment, to be well and truly made, we bind ourselves and each and every of us in the whole sum, and each and every of our heirs, executors, and administrators, firmly by these presents sealed with our seals.

Dated this

day of

Whereas the above-named (the landlord) hath taken out a warrant against the abovenamed (the tenant) before esquire, Police Magistrate for the parish of


to recover possession of (state the premises) under an Act of this Island entitled, "The Landlord and Tenant Act 1891." And whereas execution of the said warrant hath been delayed at the instance of the said (the tenant.)

Now the condition of this obligation is such that if the above bounden (the tenant) do sue the above-named (the landlord) with effect and without delay in an action of trespass, and pay all the costs of the proceedings in such action in case judgment shall pass for the defendant or the plaintiff shall discontinue, or not prosecute his action or become nonsuit therein, then this obligation shall be void and of none effect or else to be and remain in full force and virtue. Sealed and delivered &c.

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An Act to regulate the hiring of servants, and to provide for the recovery and security of their wages.

An Act to facilitate the recovery of possession of tenements after due determination of the tenancy...

An Act for the more effectual securing the payment of rents, and preventing frauds by tenants.

An Act to extend the provisions of the Act, entitled, "An Act to facilitate the recovery of possession of tenements after due determination of the tenancy.'

Extent of Repeal.

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An Act for the apportionment of rents, an

nuities, and other periodical payments. The whole Act.

The whole Act.

The whole Act.

which expired (or was determined) by notice to quit from the said or otherwise (as the case may be) on the day of and which tenement is now held over and detained from the said be given to (the owner or agent) on or before the expiration clear days from the service of this notice, I shall lodge my complaint before the Police Magistrate of the parish of obtain his warrant directing any one or more police officers to enter and take possession of the said tenement and to eject any person therefrom Dated this day



To Mr.


Owner or Agent.

FORM No 2.

Complaint before a Police Magistrate.

The complaint of (owner or agent as the case may be) made before me Police Magistrate of the parish of who saith that the said

of did let to


a tenement consisting
under the rent of

for and that the

said tenancy expired (or was determined) by notice to quit given by the said (owner or agent) (as the case may be) on the day of and on the day


the said

did serve on (the tenant over holding) a notice of his intention to apply to recover possession of the said tenement (a duplicate of which notice is hereto annexed) by giving and (describing the mode by which the service was effected), and that notwithstanding the said notice the said refused (or

neglected to) deliver up possession of the said tenement and still retains the same.

day of

A duplicate of the notice of intention to apply is to be annexed to this complaint.

Taken the


Warrant to Police Officers to take and give possession.

before me

Whereas (set forth the complaint) I Police Magistrate for the parish of do authorise and command you, or each of you, on any day within days from the date hereof (except on Sunday, Christmas Day and Good Friday to be added if necessary) between the hours of eight in the forenoon and five in the afternoon to enter (by force if needful), and with or without the aid of the (owner or agent as the case may be), or any other person or persons whom you may think requisite to call to your assistance, into and upon the said tenement and to eject thereout any person, and of the said tenement full and peaceable possession to deliver to the said (the owner or agent as the case may be).

Given under my hand day of




and all other police

FORM No. 4.

Bond by Tenant and Sureties to Landlord Know all men by these presents, that we A.B. of and E.F. of


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