(c) any penalty, forfeiture, or punishment incurred in respect of any offence committed against any enactments hereby repealed; or

(d) any investigation, legal proceeding or remedy in respect of any such right, privilege, obligation, liability, penalty forfeiture or punishment as aforesaid; and any such investigation, legal proceeding and remedy may be carried on as if this Act had not passed; or (e) any Act in which the enactments hereby repealed have been applied, incorporated or referred to.

(5.) This repeal shall not revive any enactment, right, office, privilege, matter or thing not in force or existing at the passing of this Act.

Date of Act.

21st May 1883.


13th April 1888...... 8th February 1889..

Title of Act.

8th January 1840...
19th February 1851
17th February 1853.

An Act to alter, amend and continue in force the
Public Health Act of this Island, 1851.

26th March 1856... An Act to revive and amend The Public Health

Acts, 1851-1853, and to make better provision
for the establishment of a General Board of


An Act to prevent the dissemination of small-p
in this Island by inoculation...
An Act for promoting the public health of this

An Act to require the vestries and other parochial boards of the Island to publish annually in the Official Gazette of the Island for information of the taxpayers, accounts of the moneys received and expended by them.. An Act to promote the public health of this Island

An Act to amend The Public Health Act, 1851,
Amendment Act, 1853..

Extent of Repeal.

The whole Act.

The whole Act.

The whole Act.

The whole Act.

Section two and schedule B.

The whole Act.

The whole Act.


(Assented to 28th March, 1891.)


An Act to consolidate and amend the Acts of this Island relating to Landlord and Tenant.

and Assembly of this Island, and by the authority of the same, as follows; Short Title.

1. This Act may be cited as ord and Tenant Act 1891."

"The Land


2. In this Act the following words shall have the meanings hereinafter assigned to them namely "Premises" shall be taken to siguify lands, houses or other corporeal hereditaments, "Person" shall be taken to comprehend a body politic, corporate or collegiate as well as an individual, "Landlord" shall be understood as signifying the person entitled to the immediate reversion of the premises, or if the property be held in joint tenancy, coparceny, tenancy in common, shall be understood as signifying any one of the persons entitled to such reversion,


"Agent" shall be taken to signify any attorney lawfully constituted, or any person usually employed by the landlord or his attorney in the letting of the premises, or in the collection of the rents thereof, or specially authorized to act in the particular matter by writing under the hand of such landlord.

Meaning of words.

All grants and 3. Any grant or conveyance of rents or of conveyances to be the reversion or remainder of any land shall good, without at- be good and effectual to all intents and tornment of tenants. purposes without any attornment of the tenant of the land out of which such rent shall be issuing, or of the particular tenant upon whose particular estate any such reversion or remainder shall and may be expectant or depending as if his attornment had been had and made.

to him.

Tenant, not preju- 4. No such tenant shall be prejudiced diced, before notice or damaged by payment of any rent to any grantor or by breach of any condition for nonpayment of rent before notice shall be given to him of such grant by any grantee.

5. If any tenant shall make any attornment of any land to any stranger, the same shall be void, and the landlord's possession shall not be thereby affected.

Attornment when

"shall include every person the
renter from any occupier not being the
owner of a dwelling house or part of such
dwelling house for the purposes of residence
only but shall not include an undertenant
of premises used for business purposes.



Restriction on effect of license to a lien.


6. Where any license to do any act which without such license would create a forfeiture or give a right to re-enter under a condition or power reserved in any lease heretofore granted, or to be hereafter granted shall at any time be given to any lessee or his assigns, every such license shall unless otherwise expressed, extend only to the permission actually given, or to any specific breach of any proviso or covenant made or to be made or to the actual assignment, un

der lease or other matter thereby specifically authorised to be done, but not so as to prevent any proceeding for any subsequent breach (unless otherwise specified in such license) and all rights under covenants and powers of forfeiture and re-entry in the lease contained shall remain in full force and virtue and shall be available as against any subsequent breach of covenant or condition assignment underlease or other matter not specifically authorized or made dispunishable by such license in the same manner as if no such license had been given, and the condition or right of re-entry shall be and remain in all respects as if such license had not been given, except in respect of the particular matter authorised to be done.

7. Where in any lease heretofore granted Restricted operaor to be hereafter granted there is or shall tion of partial be a power or condition of re-entry on assign- licenses. ing or underletting or doing any other specified act without license and a license at any time shall be given to one of several lessees or co-owners to assign or underlet his share or interest, or to do any other act prohibited to be done without license or shall be given to any lessee or owner, or any one of several lessees or owners, to assign or underlet part only of the property, or to do any other such act as aforesaid in respect of part only of such property, such license shall not operate to destroy or extinguish the right of re-entry in case of any breach of the covenant or condition by the co-lessee or co-lessees or owner or owners of the other shares or interests in the property, or by the lessee or owner of the rest of the property (as the case may be) over or in respect of such shares or interests or remaining proper

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