Date of Act,

23rd June 1884.

16th April 1885. 26th April 1890..

SCHEDULE 2.-Continued.

Title of Act

An Act to declare what proofs and authen-
tications to deeds, wills and other writ-
ings, declarations and affidavits execu-
ted and authenticated, declared and
deposed to in the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Ireland, or in any of
Her Majesty's possessions or colonies,
or in
y foreign country or state, shall
be sufficient evidence in the courts of
this Island of their due execution and


Extent of Repeal

The whole Act.
The whole Act,

An Act to amend the law of evidence. An Act to facilitate the taking of evidence in actions or suits in which any person

residing in the United Kindom is a party. The whole Act.


(Assented to 6th March 1891.)


An Act to consolidate and amend the Acts of this Island relating to Emigration.

E it enacted by the Governor, Council,

of and by

the authority of the same, as follows;
Short Title.

1. This Act may be cited as The Emigration Act, 1891."

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Emigration Agents,

Emigration agent 2. (1) It shall not be lawful for any per to be sanctioned by son, unless under the license of the GoverGovernment. Pen- nor to act as an emigration agent in this alty on acting with- Island and every person acting without such out license or inducing labourers &c., license and also every person who shall, for to emigrate by false- hire or other emolument, be employed to inhood or fraud. duce any labourer or artificer to emigrate from this Island, and shall promote his object by falsehood or fraud, and also every person who shall aid and abet such offender, shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding fifty pounds, nor less than ten pounds for the first offence; and for every subsequent offence, every such person shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof before the Court of Grand Sessions, be subject to fine and imprisonment, or both, at the discretion of the Court, such fine not to exceed one hundred pounds, nor such imprisonment the space of six months.

Labourers, &c. so

(2.) Every labourer or artificer, who shall imposed on may re- by falsehood or fraud be induced to imicover damages.

grate from this Island, shall on his return

thereto, have an action against the person who shall have practised such falsehood or fraud upon him to recover his damages thereby sustained, with costs of suits.

(3) All penalties under this Act, where not otherwise provided for, may be recov- alties. ered in a summary manner before a Police Magistrate on the complaint of any person; and half of any such penalty shall be paid to the complainant, and the other half into the treasury to the uses of the public.

Recovery of pen

Assisted emigration of natives.



3. (1) Subject to the provisoes in this section contained, the Governor in-Execu- ecutive Committee tive Committee is hereby authorised to ex- may expend £300 pend a sum not exceeding three hundred per annum in sisting persons of pounds per annum in assisting persons of the poorer class to the poorer classes, who, in the opinion of emigrate to neighthe Governor-in-Executive Committee would bouring Colonies. be likely to better their condition by so doing, to emigrate from this Island to any of the neighbouring colonies, either British or Foreign, provided as follows;

a. No person shall be so assisted who is
not proved to the satisfaction of the
Governor-in-Executive Committee to
stand in need of such assistance.
b. No person shall be so assisted who
may be able to obtain a free passage to
a neighbouring colony from any emi-
gration agent in this Island.

c. No person shall be so asssisted more
than once.

(2.) The assistance so granted to any per- Assistance may son shall include, if the Governor-in-Execu- also be granted to tive Committee shall think fit, assistance family of person asfor the members of his family dependent on sisted, &c. him, and also a sum of money to be paid to

such person on his arrival at the port of destination.

Assisted emigration of other than natives. Governor may ex- 4 (1.) Subject to the provisoes in this pend £150 per an- section hereinafter contained, the Governornum in assisting in-Executive Committee is hereby authorised indigent persons to leave this Island, to expend a sum not exceeding one hundred and fifty pounds per annum in assisting indigent persons to leave this Island; provided as follows;

Conditions under which assistance may be granted.

(a) No native of this Island shall be so assisted.

(b.) No seaman shall be so assisted except on the certificate of the Shipping Master that such seaman is unable to procure employment, and has not refused employment as a seaman; and that as Shipping Master he is not authorised to assist him under the Board of Trade regulations.

(c.) No person whose native country is represented by a consular officer in this Island shall be so assisted except on an undertaking under the hand and seal of such consular officer that the sum advanced for such person's assistance as aforesaid shall be repaid to the public treasury.

(d.) No person shall be so assisted who is not certified by the Chairman of the local Poor Law Board of the parish in which he or she resides to be in such circumstances as would entitle him or her, (were he or she a native of the Island,) to be supported or relieved from the funds devoted to the relief of the poor.

Local Poor Law Board may grant relief pending

(2) On requisition from the Central Poor Law Board it shall be lawful for the local Poor Law Board of the parish in which any departure from the person who may legally be assisted under Island. the last preceding sub-section shall be found to grant out of the funds at their disposal for the relief of the poor either indoor or outdoor relief to such person, pending the making of arrangements for his or her emigration; provided that any sum_which shall be certified by the Poor Law Inspector to have been legally expended by a local Poor Law Board under this section, shall be refunded from the treasury to such local Poor Law Board out of the sum of money granted by this Act, by warrant of the Governor-inExecutive Committee in the usual manner. Rules and regulations.

5. (1) The Governor-in-Executive Committee may from time to time make, and when made amend or annul, regulations for the guidance of emigration agents and for the guidance of masters of ships taking emigrants and for the carrying into effect the intention of this Act, and such regulations shall be laid before both branches of the Legislature and on being sanctioned by the Legislature shall have the force of law provided that all such regulations shall be duly published in the Official Gazette.


(2) any person violating any such regulation shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding ten pounds to be recovered in a summary manner before any police magistrate on the complaint of any person whatsoever.


6. It shall be the duty of the Harbour Harbour master Master, when called upon to do so by the to make arrange

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