A Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith, 2. kötet

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435. oldal - Or dairy, each rural sight, each rural sound; If chance, with nymph-like step, fair virgin pass What pleasing seem'd, for her now pleases more; She most, and in her look sums all delight...
501. oldal - I had eaten and drunk forty four-horse waggon-loads of meat and drink more than would have preserved me in life and health! The value of this mass of nourishment I considered to be worth seven thousand pounds sterling. It occurred to me that I must, by my voracity, have starved to death fully a hundred persons. This is a frightful calculation, but irresistibly true; and I think, dear Murray, your waggons would require an additional horse each!
434. oldal - As one who, long in populous city pent, Where houses thick and sewers annoy the air, Forth issuing on a summer's morn, to breathe Among the pleasant villages and farms...
545. oldal - From your ancient goodness to me, I am sure you will be glad to receive a bulletin from myself, informing you that I am making a good progress ; in fact, I am in a regular train of promotion : from gruel, vermicelli, and sago, I was promoted to panada, from thence to minced meat, and (such is the effect of good conduct) I was elevated to a mutton-chop. My breathlessness and giddiness are gone — chased away by the gout. If you hear of sixteen or eighteen pounds of human flesh, they belong to me....
53. oldal - If anything ever endangers the Church, it will be the strong propensity to shooting for which the clergy are remarkable. Ten thousand good shots dispersed over the country do more harm, to the cause of religion than the arguments of Voltaire and Rousseau.
236. oldal - ... raising fleets and armies to make all men good and happy? We have just done saving Europe, and I am afraid the consequence will be, that we shall cut each other's throats. No war, dear Lady Grey ! — no eloquence ; but apathy, selfishness, common sense, arithmetic ! I beseech you, secure Lord Grey's sword and pistols, as the housekeeper did Don Quixote's armour. If there is another war, life will not be worth having.
487. oldal - Albemarlc-street blocked up with carriages, and such an uproar as I never remember to have been excited by any other literary imposture. Every week I had a new theory about conception and perception ; and supported by a natural manner, a torrent of words, and an impudence scarcely credible in this prudent age. Still, in justice to myself, I must say there were some good things in them.
268. oldal - Pepper may philosophically be described as a dusty and highly pulverized seed of an oriental fruit ; an article rather of condiment than diet, which, dispersed lightly over the surface of food with no other rule than the caprice of the consumer, communicates pleasure, rather than affords nutrition ; and, by adding a tropical flavour to the gross and succulent viands of the North, approximates the different regions of the earth, explains the objects of commerce, and justifies the industry of man.
411. oldal - Nickleby is very good. I stood out against Mr. Dickens as long as I could, but he has conquered me.
11. oldal - s the use of truth? What's the use of honour? What's a guinea but ad — d yellow circle? The whole effort of your mind is to destroy. Because others build slightly and eagerly, you employ yourself in kicking down their houses, and contract a sort of aversion for the more...

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