Soliloquies, 111.

Thou, 91, 120, 153. Some notice of the people, how I Thunder-stone, 105. had mov'd them, 136.

Tiber banks, 93. Sooth, 120.

Tide in the affairs of men, there is a, Sort or limitation, 116.

144. Spake, 117.

of times, 130. Speed, 96.

Tinctures, stains, relics, and cogni. Spoke, 113.

zance, 119. Spurn at, 110.

To friend, 127. Stale, 96 ; stal’d, 139.

Toils, 114 Stare, 146.

Took, 111. State of man, 111.

Toward, 96. unto some monstrous, 105. Trade, what, art thou, 91. —, untrod, 127.

a, which is, a mender of bad soles, Statuë, 119, 135.

91. Stays me at home, 119.

Traitors, 134. Steads, 150.

Triumph, to see Cæsar and rejoice Stirr’d, are you, 119.

in his, 93. Stole, 115.

True-fix'd, 126. Stoop, Romans, stoop, and let us 'Twere best, 133.

bathe, 127. Strain, 149. Strength of malice, 128.

UNBRACED, 105. Stricken, 114.

Undergo, 106. Strings, the, my lord, are false, 146. Underlings, 97. Strucken, 120, 129.

Unfirm, 103. submitting, me, 105.

Unicorns may be betray'd with trees,

114. Buccess, good, 151. Sufferance, 112.

Unkindest, most, 135. Suit to Cæsar, 121.

Unluckily, 137. Superlatives, double ; see under Ad- Unmeritable man, 139. jectives.

Unshak'd of motion, 126. Sway of earth, 103.

Unto some monstrous state, 105. Swore thee, 151.

Untrod state, 127.
Syntax, unusual, 95, 99, 103, 126, Upon a wish, he comes, 136.

Upmost, 110. 133, 134, 142, 151.

the right hand I, 148. TAG-RAG, 101.

Us ourself, 124. Taper, how ill this, burns, 145.

Use to do, 101.
Temper, 97.

Uttermost, 115.
Tending to the great opinion, 103.
Testy, 142.

VERBS : adjectives as, 96; the auxilThasos, 152.

iary Be, 123, 132, 136, 151 ; inThat “Cæsar,” 97.

transitive as transitive, 119, 140, 151; - craves wary walking, 110.

nouns as, 96, 145 ; omitted after - day he overcame the Nervii, 135. Will and Shall, 94, 118, 127, 129, I shall be sorry for, 142.

130, 145 ; plural with singular sub- Tiber trembled, 93.

ject, 141, 148 ; preterite tense, 117, tidings, 143.

142, 150, 151, 152; singular with The which, 131.

plural subject, 106, 107, 124, 133, Therefore, 129.

142. These and these extremities, 110. VERSE : melody, 153; resemblances - are their reasons, 104.

between that of Hamlet and of Julius - many, 139.

Cæsar, 109 ; scansion; see under This paper, thus seal’d up, 110. Scansion. – shall make our purpose necessary, Void, a place more, 121.

Vouchsafe, 117. Thorough, 127.

Vulgar, thé, 94.


Walk, you ought not, 91.
Walls, her wide, 97.
Warn, 148.
Wear a kerchief, 117.
Weighing, 112.
We'll hear the will, 134.
Wenches, 102.
Went sickly forth, 120.
Were best, 133, 137.
What a fearful night is this, 106.
- mean you, Cæsar, 118.
- need we any spur, 113.

- night is this, 105.
Where, 95.
Wherein, 141.
Whether (monosyllable), 93, 114,

152 ; (dissyllable), 151.
Which, the, 131.

of you shall not, 133.
Whiles, 100.
Whilst, 128.
Whit, 113.
Who for which, 104, 143; for whoever,


Whose, 97.
Why old men fool, 105.
Wind, 139.
Wit, for I have neither, 135.
With: uses of, 96, 97, 105, 125, 135.

a spot I damn him, 139.
- a thought, 151.
With holds, 134.
Woe the while, 105.
Wont, 94.
Words before blows, 148.
Worthless, 149.
Writ, 144.
YOND, 100, 151.
You and thou; see under Thou.
– are Brutus that speaks, 142.

the first that rears your hand,
- ought not walk, 91.
shall not in your funeral speech

blame us, 130.
Your brother Cassius, 111.
- voice shall be as strong, 128.

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