and they that were vexed with uncle they were healed. And the whole m to touch him : for there went virtue healed them all.

THANKSGIVING Bless the Lord, O my soul, and not all his benefits : Who forgiveth al iniquities; Who healeth all thy dit Who redeemneth thy life from destru Who crowneth thee with loving-kindne tendermercies.

0 Almighty God, who hast buil Church upon the foundation of the Aj and Prophets, Jesus Christ himself bei head corner-stone; grant us so to be join gether in unity of spirit by their doctrine we may be made an holy temple, acce unto thee, through Jesus Christ our

Questions on Section V. Why did the Pharisees accuse Christ of

what he said to the paralytic whom he he Relate the call of St. Matthew. Why did the Jews persecute Jesus? Why do we believe that Christ shall come to

at the Last Day? Prove that there will be a resurrection bo

and of the unjust. To what greater witness than that of Joh

appeal ? Where does he command us to search for

specting Him? What works are lawful on the sabbath day? How did Christ spend the whole night befoi

the twelve Apostles ?

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Amignty God, who she rest to the to ben error the fight of the truth to the test that they may return to the US

; grant unto all then that ar amitteremte the fellowship of Christ's iter gon, that they may eschew those things tha are contrary to their profession, and toitu: ai sare things 3 are agreeable to the same. tarego out Land desus Christ. Amer.

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And seeing the multitudes, he went up into taountan : 210 when he was set, his disciples can Into 1. And be lifted up his eyes on his disciples and te opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,

Os blasphemy for Fum de bezed!

szal come to be ou Judge

in both of the just

Bilesed er the poor in spirit: for their's as the kingdom of heaven. Bieses are they that mourn: for tầey shall be comforted. Biessed are dhe meek: for they shall inberit the earth. Besed are ye that hunger now: Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness : for they shall be filled.

of John does Christ

to search for testimony re

Besed are the merciful: for the shall obtain mercy.

sabbath day? ole might before he ordained

Blessed or the pure in heart :

for ther shall see God.

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