“On the Raised Beaches of the Frith of Clyde," by W. Ferguson, Esq. F.L.S., F.G.S., &c.

“On the Minor Poets of the Day,” by F. W. Bloxam, Esq.

“ On the Life and Writings of the Dutch Poet, Joost Van Vondel,” by the Rev. A. Fischel.

“ On Heraldry,” by the Rev Dr. Hume. “ On the Life and Philosophy of Hobbes,” by the Rev. A. Ramsay. “ On the Torbane Hill Mineral,” by the Rev. J. J. Moss, B.A.

* The Attraction of Ellipsoids considered Geometrically," by Matthew Collins, B.A.

Donations to the Library have been received from the Royal Astronomical Society, Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, Linnean Society, Royal Society of Edinburgh, Botanical Society of London, W. Stevenson, Esq., Rev. Dr. Hume, Rev. Dr. Thom, and Professor Edward Forbes.

The Council, in order to render the new volume of Proceedings as acceptable to the members as possible, have appended to it a very valuable Fauna of Liverpool,” by Isaac Byerley, Esq., F.L.S., &c., read before the Society in May, 1852. The printing of this Fauna was postponed for reasons stated in the last volume of Proceedings. In bringing this work before the Society they feel sure it will be received as a valuable addition to our knowledge of natural history, not only in this neighbourhood but throughout the country.

The Council having duly considered the subject of the subscriptions, are of opinion, that in order to maintain the efficiency of the Society the subscription of one guinea, voted at the last annual meeting, should be permanently continued.

The Council regret that the proposed union of the several Learned Societies of Liverpool with the Literary and Philosophical Society has proved to be impossible ; as the Architectural and Archäological, and the Polytechnic Societies declined to entertain the proposal, and the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire was unwilling to comply with the condition laid down by this Society, of adopting the old name of Literary and Philosophical Society, as the name of the proposed united Society.

The Council congratulate the Society upon the recent visit to Liverpool of the British Association for the Advancement of Science ; and they feel sure that this meeting will contribute to give an impulse to renewed and increased exertions on the part of the members of this Society.


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DR. The Literary and Philosophical Society in Account with EDWARD HEATH, Treasurer, to September 30, 1854. CR.
£ s. d. 1853.

£ s. d.
Nov. 24... To paid Achilles-Lithographing ... ... ... ... ... 13 10
» 29... Jones, Ditto

0 || Oct. 1 ...By Balance from last Account.......... ............ 37 4 10

1 18 0 1854. Dec. 22... , Mrs. Johnson--Tea, &c., and attend

April 27)
ance (Turner)
4 10 6 and į Interest on Dock Bond

...... 3

5 5

Sept. 15)
April 18... Baines- Printing .........

.. 5 7 6|
Proceeds of ditto

... 100 00 Ford and West-Lithographing ...... 8 0 6

125 Subscriptions at 21s....

.. 131 50
August ... Greenwood-Printing
.................. 76 4 6
20 Entrance Fees .........

10 10 0
Mrs. Johnson, Tea, &c................... 9 18 9

8 Arrears at 10s. 6d. ...
Brakell—Printing ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Sept. 14... Baines— Ditto ...............

7 10 6
Local Fund_British Association ...... 50 0 0
» 30...

M'Clure-Lithographing ... ... ... ... ... 5 14 0
Collector's Commission ... ... ... ...

...... 3 19 0
Mr. Sansom's Accounts-

Delivery of Circulars and
• Proceedings ............ £8 9 0
Postages and Parcels ... 6 6 7
Stationery ................. 0 14 0
Clerical Assistance......... 3 5 0

18 14 7
Balance carried down .......

78 16 5

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£286 9
September 30, 1854, Errors excepted,

Signed, EDW. HEATH.
Audited and found correct,


Balance brought down........

... £78 16 5 In Liverpool Bank ................... 0 14 10 Cash due to Society ................. £79 11 3


ROYAL INSTITUTION.-October 30, 1854.


The following resolution was carried, by 13 to 10:“ The Council having duly considered the subject of the subscription, are of opinion, that in order to maintain the efficiency of the Society, the subscription of One Guinea, voted at the last Annual Meeting (October, 1853), should be permanently continued.”

Before going to the vote, the following recommendation of the Council was read :

" That if the Annual Subscription be raised to One Guinea, it be optional with the present members to compound as Life Members, for Five Guineas; and for all future members, for Ten Guineas, including the entrance fee.”


ROYAL INSTITUTION.—October 30th, 1854.

JOSEPH DICKINSON, M.D., F.R.S., &c., President, in the Chair.

Mr. Isaac Byerley was elected Treasurer, vice Mr. J. P. G. Smith.

The Council communicated that the following resolution had been by them unanimously adopted :-" That in order to carry out more efficiently the objects of the society, there be constituted from the Council three committees, viz. :-one for Literature and the Fine Arts; one for Natural Philosophy and Science; and one for Natural History, including Geology and Ethnology: and that the following

* This was not subsequently confirmed ; and the recommendation of the Council not being a substantive motion was not put.

members, together with the President, Treasurer and Secretary, who are ex officio members of all committees, be placed upon these committees, with power to add to their number* :

"A.Literature and the Fine Arts : J. B. Yates, Esq., Dr. Ihne, Rev. Mr. Robberds, and J. Brewer, Esq.

“B.—Natural Philosophy and Science : Mr. Towson, Mr. J. P. G. Smith, Mr. Hartnup, and Dr. Edwards.

"C.—Natural History, including Geology and Ethnology: Mr. McAndrew, F.R.S., Dr. Inman, Rev. Mr. Higgins, and Mr. T. C. Archer."

The Council also communicated that the following resolution had been unanimously adopted,—"That the compass guidance of iron ships having been brought prominently forward, it is very desirable to appoint a committee to further the investigation and report, as suggested by the British Association for the advancement of Science, at their late meeting; and that the following gentlemen, members of this Society, be appointed members of such committee, with power to add to their number, and to solicit the co-operation of the Polytechnic Society,t the Underwriters' Association and others, viz. :-Joseph Brooks Yates, Esq., F.S.A., David P. Thomson, M.D., John T. Towson, Esq., John Hartnup, Esq., F.R.A.S., J. B. Edwards, Ph.D., James Newlands, Esq., John Jones, Esq., Swinton Boult, Esq., George Hamilton, Esq., and Norman McLeod, Esq.

Mr. W. Jevons resigned his membership.

Mr. Sansom received the thanks of the Society for having edited the eighth volume of Proceedings.

The preliminary business being closed with the communication of thanks from the various Societies which had been invited to this meeting, the President vacated the Chair and the members adjourned to the large lecture room.

* As filled up by the Council, and with the officers elected in committee, these committees are as follows.

A.-J. B. Yates, Esq., Chairman; Dr. Dickinson, Mr. Byerley, Dr. Thomson, Dr. Ihne, Rev. Mr. Robberds, Rev. Mr. Ramsay, Mr. Henry Behrend; and Mr. Brewer, Secretary.

B.-Mr. Swinton Boult, Chairman; Dr, Dickinson, Mr. Byerley, Dr. Thomson, Mr. Towson, Mr. J. P. G. Smith, Mr. Harntup, Dr. Duncan, Mr. Salt, Mr. G. Hamilton ; and Dr. Edwards, Secretary.

C.-Rov. H. H. Higgins, M.A., Chairman ; Dr. Dickinson, Mr. McAndrew, F.R.S., Dr. Inman, Mr. Byerley, Dr. Thomson, Mr. F. Archer, Mr. A. Higginson, Mr. E. Bretherton, Mr. Marratt; and Mr. T. C. Archer, Secretary.

+ The Polytechnic Society cordially responded to this resolution, as also did the Under

was formed the influential coinmittee which is presently engaged in the enquiry.

William Rathbone, Esq., was asked to preside, but he declined in favour of Thomas Stewart Traill, Esq., M.D., F.R.S.E., who took the Chair.

The Rev. W. Scoresby, D.D., F.R.SS.L. & E., &c., &c., adressed the meeting, “ On Magnetism and the Compass-guidance of Iron Ships."


ROYAL INSTITUTION.—November 13th, 1854.

JOSEPH DICKINSON, M.D., F.R.S., &c., PRESIDENT, in the Chair.

It was moved that the resolution of the Extraordinary Meeting of the 30th October, relative to the permanent increase of the annual subscription, be confirmed.

An Amendment to the following effect was moved by the Rev. ABRAHAM HUME, LL.D., seconded by Mr. BURKE,—

“ That the annual subscription of all future members of the Society, and of as many of the existing members as think proper, be one guinea; and that any member may compound for life membership by paying ten such subscriptions in one sum, which sum (in the case of new members) shall include the entrance fee.” It was lost by 14 to 10.

The original motion was not confirmed.


ROYAL INSTITUTION.-November 13, 1854.


Dr. Macrorie resigned his membership.

Charles Holland, Esq., John Hunter, Esq., and Edward Bretherton, Esq., were balloted for, and duly elected members of the Society.

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