having served as an escort, the double iron gates are thrown open, the avenue is penetrated, and these august visitors are admitted with due magnificence. But where resides this ceremonious family? The title page tells us that these splendid cognitæ inhabit the Terra Incognita of Lincolnshire. On looking to the narrative, we observe that the last set of horses was taken at Brigg, or Briggs, a name which we suppose was not sufficiently refined and delicate for the modest ears of the fair authoress, and therefore it being out of her power to designate the situation by its proximity to one of the most respectable provincial towns, she christens the retreat with a new name, and leaves her readers to discover their old acquaintance as they can. The whole of this production is, from the beginning to the end, an affectation of meanings never meant, and feelings never felt; and although the letters are professedly written for the improvement of youth, they can neither impart instruction nor entertainment to those of any period of life. We ought not to omit to observe that this work is embellished with a plate, which the lady calls a representation of “Julian Bower, Alkborough Hill, Lincolnshire.” From what romantic fancy she or any other person may have denominated it a bower we cannot devise, but the simple account we have of it in Russell is this : “ At Alkborough there is still a small square intrenchment or camp, now called Countess Close, from a Countess of Warwick who it is said lived there, or owned the estate." This lady should know that there are two requisites in an author above all other things important to be correct, and to be intelligible.


Literary Intelligence, &c.

A third edition of a Practical | tol; and late of the CustomAbridgement of the Custom and house, London.-The additions Excise Laws relative to the Im- to this third edition will comprise port, Export, and Coasting Trade between 80 and 90 new Acts of of Great Britain and her Depen. Parliament; all the treatises in dencies, including Tables of Du- anywise affecting British comties, Drawbacks, Bounties, and merce, recently concluded with Premiums : and an Index. By | foreign powers; many of the adCharles Pope, Controlling Sur- judged cases; opinions of Law veyor of the Warehouses in Bris- 1 Officers, and various other matters.

Miss Holcroft has in the press, miliar Correspondence, now first Fortitude and Frailty, a Novel, in printed from the original Manu4 vols.

| scripts, bequeathed to his GrandPurity of Heart, or the An- son, William Temple Franklin, cient Costume, a Tale, in 1 vol. Esq. are in a forward state for is about to appear, addressed to publication. the author of Glenarvon, by an We understand that a Series of old Wife of Twenty Years. Letters are preparing for publi

The Rev. C. Simeon, M. A. cation, written by the celebrated Fellow of King's College, Cam- Earl of Chesterfield to Mr. Arbridge, will soon publish An Ap.thur Stanhope, relative to the peal to Men of Wisdom and Can- education of his son Philip, the dour, in four discourses preached | late Earl. before the University of Cam. It is expected that the Histo bridge, in November, 1815. rical Account of the Batile of

It is proposed to publish early Waterloo, drawn up under the in November, a second edition of best authority by Mr. Mudford, Mr. Hume's Treatise of Human and embellished with numerous Nature; being an attempt to ap- coloured plates, plans, &c. will ply experimental reasoning to mo- be completed in the month of ral subjects.

December A new edition of the Student's Mr. John Mason Good has in Journal (for literary purposes) and the press a work to be intituled, the Private Diary (for general a Physiological System of Nosouse), formed on the plan recom.logy, with a simplified and cormended by Mr. Gibbon, and ar- rected Nomenclature, &c.; the ranged for containing an account whole will form an 8vo volume. of every day's employment for the A Treatise on Spherics, comspace of one year, with Iudexes, prising the Elements of Spherical &c. are about to be published by Geometry,and of Plane and SpheMessrs. Taylor and Hessey. Both rical Trigonometry; together with works will be ready for delivery a Series of Trigonometrical Tawith the pocket-books and alma-bles, will be published early in nacks for the new year.

November. By D.Cresswell, M.A. Mrs. Anne Plumtree is prepar- | Fellow of Trinity College, Caming for publication, a Narrative of bridge. her late Residence in Ireland. It To be published by subscripwill be embellished with a por- tion, Sermons on the 'Parables. trait of the author, and numerous By the Rev. W. M. Trinder. plates of remarkable scenery from Speedily will appear, in a original drawings taken on the neat portable volume, A New spot.

Grammar of the French LanThe Continuation of Miss Bur-guage, on a Plan perfectly originey's Tales of Fancy may be ex-nal, intended for the use of those pected in the course of a few who wish to acquire a speedy and weeks.

grammatical Knowledge of MoThe Memoirs of the Life and dern French ; interspersed with Writings of Dr. Benjamin Frank-ingenious Exercises and Examlin, comprising his private and fa-'ples, illustrative of the peculiar

Construction and Idiom of the the press, the Statesman's Manual, Language: the whole calculated or the Bible the best Guide to to facilitate the Acquirement of Political Skill and Foresight. Grammatical Knowledge, with Mr. D’Israeli is printing a third out the unnecessary Fatigue and volume of the Curiosities of LitePerplexity of the old System. rature. He has also nearly ready By Charles Peter Whitaker, for- for the press, a History of Men merly of the University of Got- of Genius, being his Essay ou the tingen, Professor of Languages. Literary Character considerably

W. H. Yate, Esq. has in the enlarged. press, Free Suggestions and Real Mr. Ryan has in the press, a flections submitted to the Le- | Treatise on Mining and Ventilagislature of the United King- tion, embracing the subject of dom.

the Coal Stratification of Great The Rev. R. Warner, of Bath, Britain and Ireland. will soon publish, Sermons for Poems by the late Edward every Sunday in the Year, includ-Rushton, of Liverpool, are preing Christmas Day and Good paring. Friday.

The Rev. W. Ettrick has in Dr. Badham is preparing for the press, in an 8vo. volume, the the press, an Itinerary from Rome Season and Time, or an Explana. to Athens, by the route of Brun- tion of the Prophecies that relate dusium, the Ionian Islands, and to the two periods of Daniel, subAlbania, with classical Recollec- sequent to the 1260 years now tions of the various Sites that recently expired. occur in the Journey.

Lord Byron has completed a The Hon. and Rev. E. Turnour second part of Childe Harold, has in the press, Sermons on the which will appear with all conUnion of Truth, Reason, and venient speed. Revelation in the Doctrine of the Miss D. P. Campbell, a resi. Established Church.

dent in one of the northernmost · The Rev. Samuel Burdy, au- isles of Scotland, will speedily thor of the Life of Skelton, is publish (by subscription) an 8vo. preparing a Compendium of the volume of Poems, toward the History of Ireland.

support of a distressed mother, S. T. Coleridge, Esq. has in and a younger brother and sister.


Nautic Hours: being Poems by a which that doctrine was attacked); Naval Officer..

| with remarks on the personality of A Garland for the Grave of Ri- | the Holy Ghost. By Edward Law, chard Brinsley Sheridan, Esq. By A.M. Minister of the Church of the Charles Phillips, Esq. Barrister at Holy Trinity at Preston, and Chap.

| lain to the Lord Bishop of Chester. A Defence of the Divinity of our Medical, Geographical, and Agri. Blessed Saviour (in answer to some cultural Report of a Committee apLetters by Mr. T. C. Holland, in 'pointed by the Madras Government

to inquire into the Causes of the , servations, Chemical and Explana. Epidemic Fever, which prevailed in tory, essential to the proper and the Provinces of Coimbatore, Ma- scientific Knowledge of the Art, 30dura, Dindigul, and Tinnivelly, dur-cording to the modern practice. By ing the years 1809, 1810, and 1811, Thomas Packer, Dyer. of which Dr W. Ainslie was Presial Numbers 1 and 2, each containing dent, Mr. A. Smith, Second Member, 10 engravings, to be contined and Dr. M. Christy, Third Meinber. Monthly, of Walks through London, Illustrated with a map where the including Westminster and the Bo Fever prevailed.

rough of Southwark, with the sorJoannis Scapulæ Lexicon Græco-rounding Suburbs, describing every Latinum; ex Probatis Auctoribus thing worthy of observation n the Locupletatum, cum Indicibus, et Public Buildings, Places of EnterGræco et Latino, auctis et correctis. tainment, Exhibitions, Commercial Additum auctarium D alectorum, in and Literary Institutions, &c. dovu Tabulas compendiose redactarum. to the present period, and forming Accedunt Lexicon Etymologicum, a complete Guide to the British cum Thematibus Investigatu Diffici. | Metropolis. By David Hughison, lioribus et Anomalis. Et Joannis LL. D. Meursii Glossarium contractum, A System of Geography, for the hactenus desideratum. Editio nova, Use of Schools, on a new and perin qua, nunc primum, Vocabula ex fectly easy plan; in which the EaroAppendice Askeviana secundum lite- pean Boundaries are stated, as set rarum seriem inseruntur.

tled by the Peace of Paris, Nor. Christianity Liberal, according to 1815. By John Bigland, author of the genuine and full import of the Letters on Ancient and Modern His term; a Sermon preached at the Victory, History of England, Geogra sitation of the Rev, the Archdeacon | phical and Historical View of the of Wilts, holden at Marlborough, World, &c. &c. July 23, 1816. By Walter Birch, B. . With a Map of Scotland, the Third D. Vicar of Stanton St. Bernard's, | Edition, corrected and much im and Fellow of Magdalen College, proved, of Duncan's Itinerary of Oxford. Published at the request of Scotland. Containing the Roads the Clergy present.

through Scotland, and the principal Villasantelle; or, the Curious Im- | Roads to London ; with the Gentle pertinent, a Romance. By Catha- men's Seats and other remarkable rine Selden.

Objects on each Road. With an The Lives of Dr. Edward Pocock, Appendix, containing some Account the celebrated Orientalist, by Dr. of the Canals, Lakes, Mountains, Twells ;-of Dr. Zachary Pearce, Harbours, and Romantic Scenery, Bishop of Rochester, and of Dr. deserving the Traveller's Notice. Newton, Bishop of Bristol, by them- The Third Edition, with consider. selves; and of the Rev. Philip able additions and improvements, of Skelton, by Mr. Burdy.

| Rules for English Composition, and The Biblical Cyclopædia ; or, Dic- particularly for Themes : designed tionary of the Holy Scriptures : in- for the Use of Schools, and in Aid of tended to facilitate an acquaintance Self-Instruction. By John Ripping. with the Inspired Writings. By

ham. William Jones, author of the History The Second Edition, corrected and of the Waldenses.

enlarged, of a French Delectus; or, Sermons on Various Subjects. By | Sentences and Passages collected the late Richard Price, D. D. F.R.S. | from the most esteemed French Au

The Dyer's Guide; being an In- | thors; designed to facilitate a troduction to the Art of Dying Knowledge of the French Tongue. Linen, Cotton, Silk, Wool, Silk and Arranged under the several Heads of Muslin Dresses, Furniture, &c. &c. | the Parts of Speech, together with With Directions for Calendering, I promiscuous Passages and Idioms, Glazing, and Framing the various By the Rev. Israel-Worsley. Species; with an Appendix of Ob-!


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The Practice of the Exchequer of the Duke of Cambridge; in Support
Pleas; with an Appendix of Forms of the Subscription Schools of that
in General Use. By James Manning, | Parish on the Madras System.
Esq. of Lincoln's Inn. a

Strathallan; a Novel, in 3 vols. By An Introduction to the Knowledge | Alicia Lefano, Grand-daughter of of the Christian Religion, in Two the late Thomas Sheridan, Esq.

Claudine, or Pertinacity; a Novel. 1. An explanation of the most ma. | By Mrs. Bridget Bluemantle. terial words and things in the Church Practical Hints to Young Females Catechism.

on the Duties of a Wife, a Mother, 2. An explanation of the two Co- and a Mistress of a Family. By Mrs. venants ; the great Feasts and Fasts / Taylor. 6th edit. of the Church, and some religious! Practical and Familiar Sermons, terms designed to prepare people designed for Parochial and Domestic for understanding Sermons, the Holy | Instruction. By the Rev. Edward Scriptures, and other good Books; Cooper, Rector of Hamstall. Ridware, to which are added forms of Prayer ) and of Yoxall, in the Connty of Staffor several occasions. By H. Cross ford; and late Fellow of All Souls man, M. A. Rector of Little Brom College, Oxford. ley, Essex.

A Chemical Chart or Table; exhi. The History of Lincoln, contain-biting an Elementary View of Cheing an account of the Antiquities, | mistry, intended for the Use of StuEdifices, Trade, and Customs of that dents and Young Practitioners in ancient City, an introductory sketch Physic; also to revive the memory of the County, &c. &c. with plates of more experienced Persons, adapt

Souter's Complete Set of Arith-ed for hanging up in Public or Pri. metical Tables; containing, besides vate Libraries. Dedicated, by perthose usually given, three New Ta- mission, to George Pearson, Esq. bles, viz, one of Addition, one of M.D. F.R. S. Senior Physician to Subtraction, and one of Division. St. George's Hospital, of the College

Further Observations on the State of Physicians, London, &c. By Roof the Nation.

bert Crowe, M. D, Surgeon in the 1. The means of employing labour. Royal Navy. 2. The Sinking Fund, and its appli. The Remedy; or Thoughts on the cation. 3. Pauperism. 4. Protec- Present Distresses : in a Letter to a tion requisite to the Landed and | Public Editor, July 3, 1816. 9d edit. Agricultural Interests. By Richard with additions. Preston, Esq. M. P.

Defence of the Colonies; with An Inquiry into the Present State Remarks on the French District of of the British Navy, its Rise and St. Domingo, and other Political ReProgress; together with Reflections ferences. By Amicus Mundi.

on the late War with America, its French and English Dialogues, & probable consequences, &c. &c. &c. written for the Use of the Countess By a Post Captain.

| of Sefton's Children. By Miss Dic. Remarks occasioned by the “Notes kinson, of Twickenham. and Observations of a Magistrate of Practical Instructions for Suing. the County of Middlesex, upon the out and Prosecuting a Commission of Minutes of Evidence taken before a Bankrupt, with the best Modern PreSelect Committee, appointed by the cedents, and a Digest of SupplemenHouse of Commons, to Inquire into | tal Cases. By Edward Christian, Esq. the State of the Police of the Me- Barrister, Professor of Law, and tropolis." By a Real Lover of Jus- | Chief Justice of the Isle of Ely. tice.

Second edition of Conformity to A Sermon, preached at the Parish the World inconsistent with the ProChurch of St. Mary, East-Bourne, 1 tession of Christianity, illustrated on Sunday, the 15th of September, in Three Dialogues between Mrs. 1816. By the Rev. Peter Fraser, Dormer and Miss Newman. By ThoA.M, Fellow of Christ's College, mas T. Biddulph, A.M. Minister of Cambridge, and Chaplain to H.R. H. 'St. James's, Bristol ; and of Durston

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