portant that a precept, which so extensively operates on our feelings towards our heavenly Father, should, on the distressing event to which we have adverted, be happily illustrated, and powerfully enforced.

Art. 29.-The Sunday Lecturer; or Fifty-two Sermons

addressed to Youth; selected and abriilged from the Writings of approved Authors, and adapled to the Use of Fa. milies and Schools, with Questions for Examination. By ANNE LEE. London, Law and Whitaker, 1816. 12mo. pp. 410.

It is somewhat extraordinary to have a volume of sermons presented from the pen of a lady, but we have no reason to regret this innovation. She does not pretend to originality, and acknowledges tliat the discourses have been extracted from the works of pious divines, whom she names, but with some slight alterations to accommolate them to the youthful mind." This liberty, it is hoped,” says the compiler, “will not be considered unwarrantable by the authors from whose valuable writings she has quoted, as their discourses, by being thus adapted to another class of readers, may probably become still more extensively useful.”— There is one additional expedient, that to us is perfectly new, and is certainly of great urility in juvenile instruction : it consists of short questions, intended to be answered from memory by the pupil, after the perusal of each sermon, with the design of impressing on the mind the principal truths inculcated in the discourse. .


Literary Intelligensie, &c.

A Sequel to Strictures on Hare's of Schools, and for persons who Letters, and on the Methodistic wish to renew their study of the Schism, in answer to Hare's Se- French Language. cond Series of Letters. By the The first volume of a new and Author of the Strictures. very splendid Musical Work bas

Mons. Devisscher, public Tea- just been published in Edincher from the University of Paris, burgh, intituled, Albyn's Authoand a vative of that City, has in logy; or a Natural Repository the Press a new French Grammar, of Original Scotch Music and intituled, “ Grammaire de Lho- Vocal Poetry, principally commond ; or, The Principles of the piled by Alexander Campbell, French Language, grammatically | Esq., and who has been ably asexplained in twelve Lessons, ac- sisted by some of the most emicording to the rules of the French nent Poets of the present day, Academy;" adapted for the use \ particularly Scott, Wilson, Bos. well, Jamieson, Hogg, &c. who muel Johnson, LL. D. Printed have each contributed several | from the Original MS. in his own original and beautiful Songs, Hand-Writing, together with a adapted to those ancient and Fac-simile of a part of the Manu. truly interesting Melodies. script. Edited, with illustrative

A new and correct edition of Notes, by R. Duppa, LL.B. a Dissertation on the Epistles of Who's the Stranger? By Henry Phalaris; with an answer to the Donne, 2 vol. 12mo. objections of the Hon. Charles The Wife of Fitzalice and the Boyle. By Richard Bentley, DD. Caledonian Siren, a Romance, by To which will be added, Dr. Marianne Breton, 5 vol. Bentley's Dissertation on the | The Balance of Comfort, or the Epistles of Themistocles, Socrates, Old Maid and the Married WoEuripides, and others; with the man, by Mrs. Ross, 3 vol. Fables of Esop, as originally The Memoirs of Mr. Sheridan, printed, and with occasional re- from the pen of Dr. Watkins will marks on the whole.

certainly be ready for publicaMr. J.P. Neale's intended Pub- tion in the course of the present lication on the History and Anti-month.-When the various taquities of Westminster Abbey, lents of this celebrated Man are will be commenced on the 1st of considered; the distinguished part November. The first part will he took in the Political Affairs of be embellished with five elegant the Country; his long connexion Engravings from original Draw- with the Stage ; his intimacy with ings, by Mr. Neale.

the highest characters, and the Purity of Heart; or the an- greatest wits of the age, and those tient Costume, a Tale, in one vo- i embarrassmeuts which too frelume, addressed to the Author of quently accompany genius : it is Glenalvon. By an Old Wife of to be expected that a faithful and Twenty Years, will be published impartial History of his Life early in October.

should open a wider field of inIn a few days will be published, struction and amusement than has Remarks, by a Lover of Justice, been exbibited by any production on a recent Publication, intițuled, subsequent or even previous to “ Minutes of Evidence takral be- the Biography of Johnson. A fore a Select Committee appointed large portion of the life was long by the House of Commons to in- since prepared from most valuquire into the State of the Police able information communicated to of the Metropolis ;" with Notes, him by one of Mr. Sheridan's earObservations, and a Preface, by liest friends and nearest relatives; a Magistrate of the County of in addition to which, it will conMiddlesex.

tain many new and original AnecSermons on interesting Subjects. dotes of Dr. Johnson, Dr. Parr, By the late Rev. Janes Scott, Garrick, Burke, Fox, &c. &c. DD. Rector of Simonburn, Nor- Claudine, or Pertinacity, by thumberland, and Fellow of Tri Bridget Bluemantel, 3 vol. nity College, Cambridge, 1 vol. | Gonsalvo de Baldivia, a ko. 8vo.

mance, by Anne of Swansea, A Diary of a Journey into 5 vol. North Wales, by the late Sa


Plain Scriptural Sermons. By the Hope, and St. Helena. Written at Rev. R. P. Beachcroft, M. A. Rec- those places, in February, March, and tor of Blunham, Bedfordshire. 2 April, 1815. vols. 8vo.

A new Edition of a Paraphrase on The late Session of the House of the Four Evangelists; wherein, for Commons, or the great Moral Les- the clearer understanding of the Sa. son; a Poetical Epistle to Lord cred History, the whole Text and C- gh. To which are added, I Paraphrase are printed in separate The Tears of Victory, in two Cantos, columns over against each other, and a Word to the Author of “The with critical Notes on the more diffi'Talents run Mad.” By an English cult Passages. Very useful for Fanan.

milies. By Sainuel Clarke, D. D. A new Edition of the History of Rector of St. James's, Westmin. the Rebellion and Civil Wars in Eng-ster. land; to which is now added, an Philosophic Etymology, or RaHistorical View of the Affairs of Ire- tional Grammar, by James Gilchrist. land. By Edward, Earl of Claren- Memoirs of Oliver Cromwell and don..

his Children, supposed to be written The Naiad's Wreath, a Collection by himself. 3 vols. These Memoirs of Poems, inscribed, by permission, are compiled from some curious pato her Royal Highness the Princess pers in the possession of Mr. Fairfax, Charlotte of Wales and of Saxe Co. and brought from America by Mr. bourg. By Mrs. M‘Mullan.

B , with curious explanatory A concise System of Arithmetic, Notes. Dedicated to his Majesty's adapted to the Use of Schools. By Al Ministers. Melrose, late Teacher in Edinburgh ; Sermons, translated from the revised, improved, and greatly en- French of Daniel de Super ville, for. larged, by A. Ingram, Mathemati- merly Pastor of the French Church cian; with Tables of Monies, Weights, at Rotterdam; with Memoirs of his and Measures, now used in Great Life, by John Allen. Britain and Ireland: including a Mineralogy and Geology.-A new comparative view of the proposed pewdescriptive Catalogue of Minerals, System, by Wm. Stenhouse, Account explaining their general characters ant, Edinburgh. 18mo.

and analysis, with Frontispiece, shewA Key to the above Work, by A. ing the new-invented hydraulic blow. Ingram; containing Solutions of all pipe, and apparatus for examining the questions in that work.

ores; also the Lapidary's Bench and Congratulatory Letter to the Rev. requisites for cutting and polishing Herbert Marsh, D. D. and other | hard stones, with explanation. By Controversial Works. By the Rev. J. Mawe, Author of the Mineralogy Peter Gandolphy.

of Derbyshire, Description of the Sixth Edition of A Visit to Flan Gold and Diamond Mines of Brazil, ders, in July, 1815 ; being chiefly an Treatise on precious Stones, &c. account of the Field of Waterloo, A French Delectus, or Sentences with a short sketch of Antwerp and and Passages collected from the most Brussels, at that time occupied by esteemed French Authors, designed the wounded of both parties. By to facilitate a Knowledge of the James Simpson, Esq. With an Ap French Tongue. Arranged under pendix containing the British, French, the several Heads of the Parts of Spanish, and Prussian official ac Speech, together with promiscuous counts of the Battle.

Passages and Idioms. By the Rev. Sketches of India; or, Observa Israel Worsley. Second Edition cortions descriptive of the Scenery, &c. rected and enlarged, in 12mo. in Bengal. " Written in India in the The History of Hartlepool by Sir years 1811, 12, 13, and 1814. Toge-Cuthbert Sharp, with numerous de. ther with Notes on the Cape of Good corations,

No. I. (containing 10 engravings, I thors; wherein are contained a De to be continued monthly) of Walks scription of Madrid, Granada, Sarathrough London, including Westinit - gossa, &c. By Mrs. Frederick Lay. ster and the Borough of Southwark, ton. 3 vols. 12mo. with the surrounding Suburbs; de. The second edition of The Female scribing every thing worthy of ob- Speaker, or Miscellaneous Pieces, in servation in the Public Buildings, Prose and Verse, selected from the Places of Entertainment, Exhibitions, best Writers, and adapted to the Use Commercial and Literary Institu- oi Young Women. By Anna Lætitia tions, &c. down to the present pe. | Barbauld. riod, and forming a complete Guide Emigration; or England and Pa. to the British Metropolis. By David ris : a Poem." Hughson, LL.D.

The Complete Time Tables ; exhi· Historical Memoirs of Barbary, biting at one view the Number of and its Maritime Power, as connected Days from any particular Date exwith the Plunder of the Seas ; in clusively to every subsequent Date cluding a Sketch of Algiers, Tripoli, inclusively, throughout the Year, and Tunis; an Account of the vari upon a Plan, New, Simple, and Acous Attacks made upon them by se curate, designed to save Time and veral States of Europe; Considera-1 Labour. By J. G. Pohlınan, Esq. of tions on their present Means of De- the Audit Office. fence; and the Original Treaties en- A new edition of Exercises in Latered into with them by K.Charles II. tin Prosody and Versification; or an

A Key to the second edition of Ex- Introduction to Scanning and Writercises in Latin Prosody and Versifi. ing Latin Verse. By the Rev. C. cation; or Introduction to the Scan. Bradley. The 2d edit., considerably ning and Writing Latin Verse. By improved and enlarged, with an Apthe Rev. C. Bradley.

pendix on Lyric Measures. The Vernal Season, a Poem, by Petite Encyclopedie des Jeunes Ewald Von Kleist. Translated from Gens; ou Definition Abregée des the German, with a Sketch of the Notions relatives aux Arts et aux Author's Life, by G. H. Kgestorf. Sciences, à l'Astronomie, au Blason,

A Letter to the Right Hon. Lord à la Chronologie, à la Geographie, à Binning, M. P. &c. &c.; containing Iconologie, à la Mythologie, à la some Remarks on the State of Luna- Physique, &c. le tout rangé suivant tic asylums, and on the Number and l'ordre Alphabétique, avee Figures. Condition of the Insane Poor in Par N. Wanoştrocht, LL.D. Tho Scotland. By Dr. Andrew Halliday. 5th edit ,revised and augmented, with · A Descriptive Catalogue of the numerous illustrative plates. Antique Statues, Paintings, and other A New View of Society; or Essays Productions of the Fine Arts, that on the Formation of the Human Cha. existed in the Louvre at the time the racter, preparatory to the Develop. Allies took possession of Paris in ment of a Plan for gradually MelioJuly, 1815 ; to which are added, some rating the Condition of Mankind. By useful Hints to those wlio intend to Robert Owen, of New Lanark. 20 visit the memorable Field of Water-edit. 8vo. loo.

Part I. of Surgical Observations; • Spanish Tales, translated from Le being a Quarterly Report of Cases in Sage, and selected from other Au-'Surgery. By Charles Bell.

TO CORRESPONDENTS. : The communication of A. R. W. among others, is under consideration.

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Ant. I.-- A Diary of a Journey into North Wales, in the

Year 1774, by Samuel Johnson, L. L. D. Edited with illustrative notes, by R. DUPPA, L. L. B. Barrister at

Law. London, Jennings, 1816. 8vo. pp. 286. This posthumous work of Dr. Johnson brings to our recol. lection the sentiment of Shenstone. .

“ Though weeping virgins haunt his favoured urn,
Renew their chaplets and repeat their sighs, ·
Though near his tomb Sabæan odours burn,
The loitering fragrance will it reach the skies ?.
: : ..

Elegy on Posthumous Reputation. Whatever may be the care with which an author may preserve his own repute by seasonable publication, if a scrap or a fragment be left unedited after his death to which his name can give currency, there will ever be an attentive friend at hand, who from some motive or other will disappoint his solicitude, and expose him in all his nakedness and infirmity to the compassion or contempt of mankind.

It is not our disposition to adopt the sickly cant of 6. De mortuis nil nisi bonum,we would rather resort to the ancient Egyptian policy of submitting the actions of the dead to the tribunal of the living; but we would not have every recess of learned privacy emptied of its contents to render a man the medium of his own degradation, when he is no longer able to defend 'himself from the venom of the shafts of those who have long yielded to the vigour of his bow. We have however no anxiety on this occasion for the reputation of the 'venerable tourist; it is neither to be injured by malicious criticism or officious friendship, and to employ his own metaphor, its blaze will neither be blown out or die in the socket, and he will be among the very few “ perpetual lamps that shine unconsumed.” CRIT. Rev. Vol. IV. Oct. 1816.

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