Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Instruction: proceedings, constitution, list of active members, and addresses, 33. kötet

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American Institute of Instruction., 1863
List of members included in each volume, beginning with 1891.

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18. oldal - Alas! regardless of their doom The little victims play; No sense have they of ills to come Nor care beyond to-day: Yet see how all around 'em wait The ministers of human fate And black Misfortune's baleful train!
22. oldal - Who hath given me some helps, more hopes, all encouragements in my best studies; to whom I never came but I grew more religious ; from whom I never went, but I parted better instructed. Of him, therefore, my acquaintance, my friend, my instructor, if I speak much it were not to be marvelled; if I speak frankly, it is not to be blamed; and though I speak partially, it were to be pardoned.
xix. oldal - AM, and was called to order by the President. Prayer was offered by Rev . George Trask, of Fitchburg, Mass.
12. oldal - It shall be the duty of the president, professors, and tutors of the University at Cambridge and of the several colleges, of all preceptors and teachers of academies, and of all other instructors of youth, to exert their best endeavors to impress on the minds of children and youth committed to their care and instruction the principles of piety...
xliv. oldal - O ye, the wise who think, the wise who reign, From growing commerce loose her latest chain, And let the fair white-wing'd peacemaker fly To happy havens under all the sky, And mix the seasons and the golden hours ; Till each man find his own in all men's good, And all men work in noble brotherhood, Breaking their mailed fleets and armed towers, And ruling by obeying Nature's powers, And gathering all the fruits of earth and crown'd with all her flowers.
xxiii. oldal - Latin: textbooks informed them on title pages that grammar was the art of speaking and writing the English language correctly, and this was their laudable desire for their children; here is .a suitable setting in the vernacular program for grammar as the basic study. This conviction made its way into legal sanction for English and English grammar in the last decade of the eighteenth century.
4. oldal - ... introduction of multiplied books and studies.* No English grammar was generally taught in common schools when I was young, except that in Dilworth, and that to no good purpose. In short, the instruction in schools was very imperfect, in every branch ; and if I am not misinformed, it is so to this day, in many branches. Indeed there is danger of running from one extreme to another, and instead of having too few books in our schools, we shall have too many.
xvi. oldal - Island, were appointed a committee to nominate officers for the ensuing year. A committee on teachers and teachers' places was appointed, consisting of Messrs.
xxxix. oldal - ' It was when he was at the height of his reputation and influence in the cause of general education that he was chosen to the Presidency of Kenyon College. The condition of the College demanded just the qualities for which he was so distinguished — the talent for administration, a very sound judgment, a prompt and firm decision united with a special drawing of heart towards young men in the course of their education.
xlvi. oldal - ... kindest regards ; that we pledge ourselves to watch over and provide for their loved ones at home, and trust that the day may not be distant when they shall return to us, and in the bosom of their families again rejoice in the peace and prosperity of our beloved country.

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