corroding Liquor, is very likely to hold the Virus in San lution. With the above, as it is fully capable of dissolving the Saliva, the wounded Parts should first be freely washed, and Injections with a Syringe be forcibly made into the Wound; which should be persevered in, for a considerable Duration : after this, warm Water may be used, in place of the Solution, in order to promote a flow of Blood, by which means, any Portion that might possibly remain, will be washed out. By ABLUTIONS assiduously employed, (and by the Aid of a Syringe, the Fluids, may be directed with great Force, into the Wound,) it is to be hoped the Patient will be completely freed, from the cenine VIRUS, and consequently from the Danger, which usually follows, when such Precautions are neglected.

“Perhaps among the most popular Remedies, none can be more appropriate, than that recommended, by the late celebrated Dr. PERCIVAL. He advised all Persons, the Moment they received the Bite of a rabid Animal, to apply to the first SPRING, BROOK, Pool, or Ditch; and as Water is generally within our Reach, the Wound may be easily cleansed. This he urged, to be diligently persevered in, till a SURGEON arrived, to excise the Parts.

“ It has been observed, that there is always a peculiar SENSATION in the Parts which have been bitten, PRECEDING the Accession of the Disease; therefore there is every Reason to hope, that the Removal of the Part, may be of Use even after a considerable Interval, and consequently, it always, if possible, should be done. In the Determination of the Question, as to the precise Time, when EXTIRPATION of the Parts infected by the Bite, may be performed; it is of great Importance to consider, whether the Poison does not always remain in the Substance, where it is first diffused, until by Inflammation, or by some other Cause, a sufficient Dose is generated, to infect the Whole System. Indeed the notorious Connexion, between a painful or inflamed State of the original Wound immediately preceding the constitutional Symptoms, warrants this Supposition, and points out the Expediency, of removing or destroying the Parts to the last, although the Symptoms of HYDROPHOBIA should have commenced. That different Substances, do remain insoluble in the cellular Substance, for a considerable length of Time, even during the Life of an Individual, is sufficiently exemplified, in different Persons that have been tattowed, in Consequence of which, the colouring Matter, as Charcoal, Vermilion, or Indian Ink, which has been employed, always remains conspicuous under the Skin, and as the canine Virus may be considered as a Fluid, or nearly so,-if it lodges in the cellular Substance of the PART wounded, until it accumulates in sufficient Quantity, to poison the WHOLE Frame, it may be expected to diffuse itself gradually, to a greater Extent, in Proportion to the Distance of Time from the Bite; and hence every Excision should embrace, a large Portion of the surrounding PARTS, when the PeRIOD, from the Infliction of the Wound, is much protracted." most judiciously directed, but the Cure of Rabies, has been left, as they found it, Hopeless, and perhaps the Recovery of Mrs. LACASE, under the Management of Dr. Mosely, in 1807, is the only Case, on Record, of COMPLETE HYDROPHOBIA, from the Bite of a Mad Dog, having been succESSFULLY treated. Under these Circumstances the COMPILER, repeats his anxious Wish, that the Practice of, Worming Dogs, may become UNIVERSAL with the SPORTSMAN, and with all who choose to have Dogs, in or about, their Dwellings. He acknowledges, that Medical Gentlemen, have argued very learnedly, against the PoSSIBILITY of its having any InAuence, in Preventing the Disorder, or upon the Subsequent Actions of a Rabid Dog, and also, whether it is properly a WoRM, a Nerve, or a GLAND; Dr. HAMILTON, in particular, from the Narrative of a Man, who wormed Dogs, was convinced the Operation, only put the Animal to Extreme Pain, and was useless, as to its intended Effect. Against these Arguments, He has to oppose Fact. Upon this Topic, He has previously mentioned, various Evidences of its Mode of Acting, and where the Worn has been all extracted (for, to save themselves Trouble, FARRIERS, &c. if they get out a Part, suppose the Remainder will rot away,) He never knew it fail to produce STUPOR, and SOMNOLENCY, and that ENLARGEMent of the Tongue, which effectually hinders the Teeth, from being closed together. Those, who have been most Sceptical upon this Point, and have for Years laughed at the Idea, have been compelled from Ocular Demonstration, to confess, that the Animal was rendered, from the Causes above-mentioned, TOTALLY HARMLESS.

The Whole of this DISSERTATION, and the annexed Case from Mr. CARLYLE, exhibit strong, and curious, Discrimination, and is a most valuable Addition towards the Prevention, and for the Treatment of this terrific, and at Present, almost universally, FATAL DISEASE.

An Incident similar to that which befel the Compiler's



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