The Army Book for the British Empire: A Record of the Development and Present Composition of the Military Forces and Their Duties in Peace and War

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H.M. Stationery Office, 1893 - 612 oldal
Oversigt over Det Britiske Imperiums hærstyrker omkring 1890'erne, deres udvikling, organisation, garnisonering og opgaver under fredsforhold og under krig

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14. oldal - WHEREAS the raising or keeping a standing army within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in time of peace, unless it be with the consent of Parliament, is against law...
317. oldal - Council may from time to time make in this behalf from among the sons of persons who have served in India in the military or civil services of her Majesty, or of the East India Company.
107. oldal - To place in the field immediately on the outbreak of war, in the highest state of efficiency, as large a force as is possible compatibly with the peace military expenditure ; "2nd — To maintain that force throughout the continuance of hostilities undiminished in numbers and efficiency...
50. oldal - Commissioners above referred to,8 in their report, after referring to the horrors of possible invasion, go on to say : — Under these circumstances we must look more to our army. We think its present strength is barely sufficient for a period of peace, and the question is how can we most readily and speedily increase it through the means of a reserve force, consisting of men who have already received their training in its ranks, but may have fallen back into the ordinary duties and callings of civil...
362. oldal - ... to other nations, or borne our share in the general exertions which have been made for the deliverance of Europe. Parliament ought always, therefore, to bear in recollection, that it is to the militia we owe the character we at present enjoy in military Europe ; and that without the militia we could not have shewn that face which we have done in the peninsula.
52. oldal - I believe there is a great disinclination on the part of the lower orders to enlist for General Service; they like to know that they are to be in a certain Regiment, connected, perhaps, with their own country, and their own friends, and with officers who have established a connection with that district.
183. oldal - Majesty authorising an officer to issue a requisition of emergency may authorise him to extend such requisition to the provision of carriages, animals, and vessels for the purpose of being purchased, as well as of being hired, on behalf of the Crown.
457. oldal - the native Indian Army should be composed of different nationalities and castes and as a general rule mixed promiscuously through each regiment.
469. oldal - And be it further enacted, that the said governor-general in council, shall have and be invested by virtue of this act with full power and authority to superintend and control the governors and governors in council of Fort William in Bengal. Fort Saint George, Bombay, and Agra, in...
57. oldal - ... important Act, which in effect is the basis of our present system, is the latitude of the contract entered into between the Sovereign and the soldier, the idea being to accommodate the terms of each engagement as far as possible to the special circumstances of that individual case. Under this contract " a recruit is not to engage for more than 12 years, and may engage to serve the whole time with the colours, or part of the time with the colours and part in the Army Reserve " ; again, " enlistment...

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