The Naturalist's Library, I. Mammalia

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225. oldal - SIR EDWARD SEAWARD'S NARRATIVE OF HIS SHIPWRECK, and consequent Discovery of certain Islands in the Caribbean Sea: with a detail of many extraordinary and highly interesting Events in his Life, from 1733 to 1749. as written in his own Diary. Edited by Miss JANE PORTER.
35. oldal - Two of far nobler shape, erect and tall, Godlike erect, with native honour clad, In naked majesty seem'd lords of all, And worthy seem'd ; for in their looks divine The image of their glorious Maker shone, Truth, wisdom, sanctitude severe and pure (Severe, but in true filial freedom...
224. oldal - THE SUNDAY LIBRARY ; a Selection of Sermons from eminent Divines of the Church of England, chiefly within the last Half Century. With Notes, &c. by the Rev. TF DIBDIN, DD Complete in 6 vols. small 8vo. with 6 Portraits of distinguished Prelates, 30s. cloth. " A little library for a churchman, and a treasure for the pious among the laity.
222. oldal - Being representations of new, rare, or otherwise remarkable subjects of the ANIMAL KINGDOM, Drawn and Coloured after Nature, with historical and descriptive details ; By JAMES WILSON, ESQUIRE, FRSE, MWS, &c.
81. oldal - The mouth projects considerably in a mammillary form, and its opening is very large ; when closed the lips appear narrow, but are in reality half an inch in thickness. The hair of the head is of a reddish-brown, grows from behind forwards, and is five inches in length. The beard is handsome, and appears to have been curly in the animal's lifetime, and approaches to a chestnut colour ; it is about three inches long, springing very gracefully from the upper lip near the angles of the mouth in the form...
79. oldal - ... quantity of blood. The ammunition of the hunters being by this time expended, they were obliged to fell the tree in order to obtain him, and did this in full confidence that his power was so far gone that they could secure him without trouble, but were astonished as the tree was falling to see him effect his retreat to another with apparently undiminished vigour. In fact, they were obliged to cut down all the trees before they could drive him to combat his enemies on the ground, against whom...
37. oldal - ... indeed, is it for him to keep the upright position for a few seconds, under the direction of his keeper, that he is obliged, in the performance of his task, to raise his arms above his head, and throw them behind him, to keep his balance. His progressive motion on a flat surface is accomplished by placing his bent fists upon the ground, and drawing his body between his arms : moving in this manner, he strongly resembles a person decrepit in the legs, supported on stilts.
41. oldal - The elongated and narrow jaws, with their muscles, with their sharp cutting teeth, or strong pointed and formidable fangs, principally compose the face of the animal ; the chin, lips, cheeks, eyebrows, and forehead, are either removed, or reduced to a size and form simply necessary for animal purposes. The nose is confounded with the upper jaw and lip; or, if more developed, is still applied to offices connected with procuring food.
129. oldal - ... slate colour, -which is continued on the limbs and tail. The latter organ is considerably longer than the body, and has, on each side of its base, a very remarkable white spot. The under surface of the body, and the inside of the limbs, are of a pure and delicate white, separated from the neighbouring colours by an abrupt line of demarcation. " The naked upper part of the face, comprehending the orbits...
80. oldal - It seems probable that this orang had travelled from some distance to the place where he was found, as his legs were covered with mud up to the knees, and he was considered as great a prodigy by the natives as by the Europeans. They had never before met with an animal like him, although they lived within two days' journey of the vast and almost impenetrable forests of Sumatra.

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