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Bliss Carman; and “The Sea Gypsy,” by Richard Hovey, from Songs from Vagabondia, by Bliss Carman and Richard Hovey.

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To St. Nicholas Magazine and to Miss Howells personally for “Going too Far," by Mildred Howells.

Personal acknowledgment is also made to the following poets and individual owners of copyrights:

To Mr. Joseph Auslander for “Stamboul” (in manuscript). To Miss Katharine Lee Bates for “Grotto of the Nativity.”

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To Mr. John Hall Wheelock for “Return to New York,” from Love and Liberation, published by Messrs. Sherman, French & Company.

To Mr. George E. Woodberry for “Siena.”



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The Sea Gypsy. Richard Hovey
Night at Sea. Amelia Josephine Burr
Night of Stars. John Gould Fletcher
Dawn on Mid-Ocean. John Hall Wheelock
To the Ocean. Lord Byron
Sea-Fever. John Masefield
A Gull. Robert Hillyer
A Passer-by. Robert Bridges
After the Sea-Ship. Walt Whitman
The Deep-Sea Cables. Rudyard Kipling
Travels by the Fireside. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The Venture. Jean Kenyon Mackenzie
To the Not Impossible Him. Edna St. Vincent Millay .
The Travel Bureau. Ruth Comfort Mitchell
A Prayer. Marion Couthouy Smith
Merchantmen. C. Fox Smith
Cargoes. John Masefield
The Searchlight. Daniel Henderson
Chartless. Emily Dickinson
Travel. Edna St. Vincent Millay
In the Train. James Thomson .
The Ticket Agent. Edmund Leamy
In a Waiting-Room. Thomas Hardy



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Home-Thoughts, from Abroad. Robert Browning
Ye Mariners of England. Thomas Campbell
The Coastwise Lights. Rudyard Kipling


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For the stay-at-home traveller, too, the book should have an equal charm. Longfellow tells us in his poem “Travels by the Fireside":

“Let others traverse sea and land,

And toil through various climes,
I turn the world round with my hand

Reading these poets' rhymes.”

Laden with joyous memories, the book goes forth. May it take its friends across sunlit seas into happy harbors.


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