THIS Edition contains a List of the past and present House of

Commons, with a Summary of the New Acts to amend the Representation, and the Registration of Electors; it also shews the Changes made since the General Election of 1852.

The unsuccessful Candidates are invariably marked in Italics.

kespecting the List of Changes in all the great Offices, the Rule laid down and pursued in this Book, is, to give, first, the Person or Persons who held this or that Department at the close of the last Century, and then the Changes, or Alterations, in the Administration, which have been since made, with their Dates.

No pains have been spared to render this work as accurate as possible; but Notice of any Errors will at all times be thankfully received by the Publisher, together with any hints for improvement.

[ The late Parliament was dissolved July 1, 1852; the Writs were returnable

on the 26th August, 1852 ; and it was summoned to meet on Thursday, 21st October, 1852, for the First Session of the Fourteenth Parliament of

the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.] The Houses meet for the dispatch of business, January 31, 1856.

N.B.-By Act 5 and 6 William IV., cap. 36, the time of taking the

Poll in Boroughs, at all contested Elections in England and Wales, is

limited to One Day. By Act 5 and 6 William IV., cap. 78, § 5, the time of taking the Poll at

all Borough Elections, in Scotland, is limited to One Day. By Act 10 and 11 Victoriæ, cap. 81, the time of taking the Poll at all

Borough Elections, in Ireland, is limited to One Day. By Act 16 and 17 Victoriæ, cap. 15, the time of taking the Poll at all

County Elections, in England and Wales, is limited to One Day. By Act 16 and 17 Victoriæ, cap. 28, the time of taking the Poll at all

County Elections in Scotland (except Orkney and Shetland), is limited

to One Day. By Act 16 and 17 Victoriæ, cap. 68, $ 3, all Elections in England to take

place within Six Days after receiving the Writ, giving Three Days' clear Notice. By Act 6 and 7 Victoriæ, cap. 18, Electors resident in one part of the

County, and claiming to vote for property in another, may now vote near their place of residence, on claiming according to the correct form. -[Vide p. 180.]

PARLIAMENTARY ELECTORS.-By the Act 11 and 12 Victoriæ, cap. 90, (1848,) it is declared that “after the 1st of January next no person shall be required, in order to be on the list of voters for members of Parliament, to have paid any poor-rates or assessed taxes, except such as shall have become payable from him previously to the 5th of January, in the same year; and that no person shall be entitled to be on any such list of voters unless the poor-rates and assessed taxes payable from him previously to the 5th of January shall be paid on or before the 20th July next following."

Reform Act, Registration of Voters.

Overseers’Notice ............ June 20. Lists made .................. July 18.
Notices of Claim before ..... July 20. Notices of Claim before ...... Aug. 25.
Lists made up ....... ... ... ... July 31.

Notices of Objection before · Aug. 25. Notices of Objection before.... Aug. 25. Courts of Revision between Sept. 15,

Courts of Revision between - Sept. 15. and Oct. 31.

and Oct. 31.

Session 1855–6.

MEMBERS FORMING THE CABINET. First Lord of the Treasury . . . Right Hon. Viscount Palmerston. Lord High Chancellor . . . . . Right Hon. Lord Cranworth. Chancellor of the Exchequer . . . Rt. Hon. Sir G.-Cornewall Lewis, bt. Lord President of the Council. Rigbt Hon. Earl Granville. Lord Privy Seal....... Right Hon. Earl of Harrowby. Secretary of State for the Home

Right Hon. Sir George Grey, bart.
Department . . . . . . .
Secretary of State for the Foreign

Right Hon. Earl of Clarendon.
Department . . . . . . .)
Secretary of State for the Colonies

" } Right Hon. Henry Labouchere.
Department . . . . . . .S
Secretary of State for the War Right Hon. Lord Panmure.

Department . . . . . . .S First Lord of the Admiralty : Right Hon. Sir Charles Wood, bart. President of the Board of Control . Right Hon. Robert-Vernon Smith. Post-Master General . . . . . Right Hon. the Duke of Argyll. President of the Board of Trade . Rt. Hon. Lord Stanley, of Alderley. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Right Hon. Matthew-Talbot Baines.

[The MARQUESS OF LANSDOWNE without office.]

(Right Hon. Field-Marshal Viscount General commanding-in-Chief ..

. 'n Hardinge. Chief Commissioner of Public Works Right Hon. Sir Benjamin Hall, bart. President of the Board of Health, Rt. Hon. William-Francis Cowper. President of the Poor Law Board. Rt. Hon. Edward-Pleydell Bouverie. Vice-President of the Board of Right Hon. Robert Lowe. Trade, and Paymaster-General :S

(Viscount Monck. Junior Lords of the Treasury Viscount Duncan.

(Hon. Henry-Bouverie-Wm. Brand.
(R.-Admiral Hon. Sir M.F.F.Berkeley.

Rear-Admiral Henry Eden.
Junior Lords of the Admiralty . Captain Peter Richards.

Captain Alexander Milne. (Sir Robert Peel, bart.

(Right Hon. W. Goodenough Hayter. Joint Secretaries of the Treasury eartes y the reasury • James Wilson, esq.

:} Under Secretaries for the Home 1 William-Nathaniel Massey, esq.

Department . . . . . . . Horatio Waddington, esq. Under Secretaries for the Foreign Lord Wodehouse.

Department . . . . . . . | Edmund Hammond, esq. Under Secretaries for the Colonies ) :

(John Ball, esq. Department

{Herman Merivale, esq. · · · · · · ·|T. F. Elliot, esq. Under Secretaries for the War Colonel G. C. Mundy.

Department . . . . . . . (Frederick Peel, esq.
Deputy Secretary at War. ... Benjamin Hawes, esq.
Clerk of the Ordnance ..... Right Hon. William Monsell.

Joint Secretaries to the Board of Henry-Danby Seymour, esq.

Control . . . . . . . . . Sir Thomas N. Redington. Secretaries to the Admiralty · · : 1 Thomas Phinn, esq.

Ralph Osborne, esq. Judge- Advocate-General .... Right Hon. Charles-Pelham Villiers. Attorney-General . . ... . Sir Alexander J. E. Cockburn. Solicitor-General . . . . . . Sir Richard Bethell. Lord Steward .

Right Hon. Earl Spencer. Treasurer of the Household . Right Hon. the Earl of Mulgrave. Comptroller of the Household Right Hon. Viscount Drumlanrig. Lord Chamberlain ...... Rt. Hon. Marquess of Breadalbane. Vice-Chamberlain .. .. .. Rt. Hon. Lord Ernest A.C.B. Bruce. Master of the Horse ..... Right Hon. Duke of Wellington. Captain of the Gentlemen-at-Arms. Right Hon. Lord Foley. Captain of the Yeomen Guard .. Right Hon. Viscount Sydney. Master of the Buck-Hounds . . . Right Hon. Earl of Bessborough. Chief Clerk and Clerk Marshal. . Lord Alfred Paget.

Lord-Advocate of Scotland ... James Moncreiff, esq.
Solicitor-General . . . . . . Edward-Francis Maitand, esq.

Ireland. Lord Lieutenant . . . . . . Right Hon. the Earl of Carlisle. Lord High Chancellor . . . . . Right Hon. Maziere Brady. Chief Secretary for Ireland ... Right Hon. Edward Horsman. Under-Secretary . . . . . . . Major The

... Major Thomas-Aiskew Larcom. Attorney-General ... • Right Hon. William Keogh. Solicitor-General ... .. John-David Fitzgerald, esq.

Note.—The Personages holding the above Offices, as also the Lords

of the Bed Chamber, invariably retire on a change of the Administration, with the exception of “ The Commander of the Forces;" the Three permanent Under-Secretaries of State, and the additional one for the Colonies; one of the joint Secretaries of the Board of Control; the permanent Under-Secretary for the War Department; the permanent Secretary to the Admiralty; and the DeputySecretary at War.




ENGLAND returns ........ 467 Members.

... .... 29
SCOTLAND , . .. . 53
IRELAND , .. .... .. 105 ,

Total ... 654 Members.

Those Members to whose Names an Asterisk is prefixed thus (*), were not in

the late Parliament at the dissolution. Those with a (t) do not sit for the same places as in the late Parliament.


Acland, Sir Thomas-Dyke, bart. .. Devonshire, Northern Division. • Acton, Joseph ................ Wigan, Lancashire.

Adair, Hugh-Edward............ Ipswich, Suffolk.
Adair, Robert-Alexander-Shafto.. Cambridge Town.
Adderley, Charles-Bowyer ...... Staffordshire, Northern Division.
Alcock, Thomas.....

Surrey, Eastern Division. • Alexander, John ...........

Borough of Carlow. • Anderson, Sir James...... Stirling. • Annesley, Earl of

Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

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