Secretary, Thomas Cope, esq., Governor, John Cattley, esq.
Old South Sea House.

Deputy Gov., Brice Pearse, esq.

Hudson's Bay COMPANY. Thos, Alexander, Valentine Knight,
384, Fenchurch Street. C. Pearse, Henry Hooper, Jas.
Incorporated in 1670.

Richardson, Edw. Clifford, John
Governor, Andrew Colvile, esq. Du Croz, Will. Lynes, John S.
Dep. Gov. John Shepherd, esy. Stanhope, esqrs.

Secretary, Henry Cattley, esq. Hen. H. Berens, esq., *Edw. Ellice,

esq., Earl of Selkirk, R. W. Pelly, CorpoRATION for smelting down esq., Alex. Matheson, esq., Edw. LEAD with Pit and SEA COAL.

Colville, esq., Kirkman D. Hodg- 9, Martin's Lane, Cannon-street. **son, esq.

Incorporated 1692. Secretary, W. G. Smith, esq.

Governor, #.John Masterman, esq.

Dep. Gov. Octavius Wigram, esq. CANADA COMPANY, for the sale of

Assistants, Henry F. Barclay, Isaac Lands purchased of Government in

Braithwaite, jun., Wm. GladWest Canada. Incorporated 1826.

stone, G. Grenfell Glyn, James Office, 13, St. Helen's-place.

Horne, Daniel Mildred, Chas. H. Governor, Charles Franks, esq.

Mills, Rich. Sanderson, Henry Dep. Gov., James Mackillop, esq. |

| Tritton, Simeon Warner, esqrs. Directors, Robert Biddulph, Capt./

Secretary, Charles Deane, esq. C. J. Bosanquet, R.N., Sir R. W./' Carden, Sir J. Easthope, bart., CORPORATION for working of Mines, Sir Walter M. T. Farquhar, bt., Minerals, and Metals, in Scot#J. W. Freshfield, W. T. Hib

LAND. Incorporated in 1730.bert, Francis H. Mitchell, A. Оffice holden at the Sun Fire

Stewart, Will. Wilson, esqrs. Office, in Threadneerile-street. Secretary, John Perry, esq. Governor, Brice Pearse, esq. Cashier, Mr. G. Molineux.

Deputy Gov., W. R. Hamilton, esq.

| And fifteen directors who are AUSTRALIAN AGRICULTURAL COMPANY, for the cultivation of waste

chosen annually.

Treas. & Sec. Chas. Bell Ford, esq lands, and the growth of fine wool in New South Wales. Estab

Clerk, Mr. Henry Pittet. lished 1824. 5, Cannon-st., City. GOVERNOR AND COMPANY OF CopGovernor, J, H. Ravenshaw, esq.

PER MINERS IN ENGLAND. InDep. Gor., C. D. Bruce, esq.

corporated in 1691. 10, New Directors, Hen. Buckle, Walter S.

Broad-street-mews. Davidson, T.D. Edwards, esqrs., Governor, Sir John H. Pelly, bt. Sir W. M. S. Farquhar, bt., John Hodgson, esq., *D. C. Marjori

arjori- Assists., Alfred Fowler, Lewis H. banks, Hon. J. T. L. Melville,

Haslewood, Jno. Harman, J. P. Henry Porcher, G. R. Smith,

Kennard, W. Ambrose Shaw, G. G. S. Thornton, Thos. Tooke,

H. Pownall, esqrs. Capt. C.J. BoWill. Wallace, esqrs.

sanquet, R.N. Secretary, Geo. Engström, esq. Manazing Assistant, W. Gilbertson,

esq. Van Diemen's LAND COMPANY, for Secretary, Chas. Frewer, esq.

bringing certain waste Lands into cultivation. Estab. 1825, by 6th NorTH AMERICAN COLONIAL AsGeo. 4, c. 39. Office, 6, Great Win- SOCIATION. Estab. 1831. 11, chester Street.


V. Geo. 1


Poole, A. Ridley, W. Wilson A. Boyson, Will. Chapman, J. J. Saunders, Geo. Whitmore, Geo.

Cummins, Rob. Gillespie, jun., F. Young, esqrs.
C. Stainbank, esqrs.

Chairman of the Comm. of Lloyd's,
Colonial Agents, Henry Bliss, Rob. #Thos. Baring, esq.
Gillespie, esqrs.

Chairman of Gen. Ship-Owners' Hon. Secretary, Robert Carter, esq. Society, Jos. B. Chapman, esq.

Secretary, G. B. Seyfang, esq. 2, British AMERICAN LAND COMPANY, White Lion-court, Cornhill.

for the sale of lands in the Eastern Townsips of Lower Canada. In- CITY OF LONDON TRADE PROTECcorporated 1834. Office, 35), Neu TiON SOCIETY. Estab. 1776. 2, Broad-street.

Charlotte-row', Mansion House, Directors.

| Pres. Chas. Farebrother, esq. Ald. Governor, J. J. Cummins, esq. Vice-Pres. the Lord Mavor, #Jos. Dep. Gov. Edw. W. Mills, esq. Brotherton, esq. J. H. Anderdon, esq. R. J. Bag- Secretary, E. F. Leeks, esq., Sol. shaw, esi. Sir J. P. Boileau, 5t., i T.Dervas, Alex.Gillespie, G.Pem- STANDING COMMITTEE of West berton, J. B. Elin, J. Bruce, R. INDIA PLANTERS and Mer

McCalmont, W.M.Christy, esqrs. CHANTS, for the promotion and Commissioner in Canada, A. T. protection of West India Interests. Galt, esq.

Established 1760. 37, Walbrook. Secretary, W. C. Prince, esq. Chairman, Earl of Harewood.

| Chairman of the Acting Committee, NEW ZEALAND COMPANY. Incorpo- | Audrew Colvile, esg.

rated 1841. 9, Broad-st. Bgs. Dep. Chairman of do., Stephen Governor,

Cave, esq. Dep. Gov.

Treasurer, George Hibbert, esq. Directors, Alexander Currie, The Clerk, Mr. A. Elborough.

Baron de Goldsmid, James R. Gowen, #Will. Hutt, Geo. Lyall, London EAST-INDIA AND CHINA #Ross D. Mangles, #Will. Mod- AssoCIATION, for the protection sell, Alex. Nairne, Jeremiah Pil of the general interests of the cher, John Abel Smith, Earl Trade with the East-Indies and

Talbot, Geo. F. Young, esqrs. China, for collecting information, Secretary, Thos. C. Harington. watching Bills in Parliament, ob

taining the removal of grievances, COMMITTEE for Managing the Af- | and communicating with the pub

fairs of Lloyd's Register of British lic authorities on all subjects affectand Foreign Shipping.

ing the common good. Established Chairman, Thomas Chapman, esq. 1836. 2, Cowper's-court, Cornhill. Dep. Chairm., Stephenson Ellerby, Chairman, *San. Gregson, esq. esq.

Dep.Chairman, B. D. Colvin, esq. Chairman of Sub-Com. of Classifica- And a Committee of 20 Members.

tion, Jn. Robinson, esq. — Geo. Secretary, Geo. Saintsbury, esq.
Allfrey, J. Anderson, G. Denny,
Duncan Dunbar, Geo. Fen- EAST AND WEST-INDIA Dock COM-
ning, Nat. Gould, Geo. Hankey, PANY, West-indin Instituted in
Geo. Hanson, C. R. Harford, 1799, East-Indin Instituted 1803,
W. C. Harnett, S. Harper, Edw. I united 1838. Billiter-square.
Hurry, Geo. Marshall, A. Nairne, Chairman. * Sam. Gregson, esq.
Rob. Page, Will. Phillips, J. Deputy, W. Routh, esq.

W. Dallas, H. Davidson, R. Haw- , GRAND SURREY DOCKS AND CANAL

thorn, G. Hibbert, R. Hoare, A. COMPANY, Rotherhithe, and
Latham, A. G. Roberts, J. H. St. Helen's House, St. Helen's
W. Schröder, T. Dent, Duncan Place.
Dunbar, Ben, Greene, *Archb.

Hastie, S.Hyde, H.M.Kemshead, Chairman, Isaac Solly, esq.
C. Neilson, #T. Baring, J. Blyth, Deputy, Josialt Wilson, esq.
Edward M. Dauiell, Alex. Hen- J. Bentley, Ambrose Boyson, Will.
ning, J. Kingston, Thos. Smith, Curling, G. Faith, F. Heisch, S.
T. C. Smith, N. S. Chauncy, R. Wilson, ald., C. Walton, esqrs.
Cotesworth, W. H. Göschen, Secretary, Godfrey W. Heisch.
D. C. Guthrie, J. A. Haukey, Superintendent, William McCan-
*A. Matheson, T. Somes, Alex. non.
Stewart, esqrs.
Treasurer, Geo. Rob. Smith, esq.

ST. KATHARINE Dock COMPANY, Secretary, George Collin, esq.

1828, Tower Hill, Superintendent, Simon Knight, esq. i Chat

Chairman, John W. Cater, esq. First Dock-Master, Capt. Worsell.

Deputy, Will. Gladstone, esq.

Directors, Anselmo de Arroyave, LONDON Dock COMPANY, 1800,

J. Brand, C. D. Bruce, Benjamin New Bank Buildings.

Cohen, J. Du Buisson, Jno. W. Chairman, John Cattley, esq.

Elles, Jno. G. Frith, J. G. Fry, Deputy, Charles Marryat, esq.

J. H. Gledstanes, W. G. GreenTreasurer, Henry Browning, esq.

hill, Jno. Hodgson, J. G. HubDirectors, Nathaniel Alexander,

bard, M. Perez, Will. Pye, Jno. Joshua Bates, W. C. Braddon,

R. Reeves, Anthony Ridley, M. R. Brooks, Edw. Burmester,

Sichel, T. Tooke, esqrs. Steph. Cave, J. Barker Chapinan,

Treasurer, *Geo. Carr Glyn, esq. Edw. Cohen, Juhn Entwisle, J.

Secretary, T. W. Collet, esq.
P. Gassiot, Ellis J. Gilman, G.
Hanson, James Malcolmson. C. REGENT'S CANAL COMPANY, 1812.
J. Manning, Geo. Marshall, Þan.' Office, City Road Basin.
Meinertzhagen, Sheffield Neave,

C. R. Pole, Geo. G. Sandeman, J. Chairman, Marq. of Salisbury.

S. Stopford, J. Torrance, esqrs. Deputy, William Parker, esq. Secretary, J. D. Powles, esq. Hn. Geo. Chas. Agar, Jos. Baxen

dale, esq., Capt. C. R. Drinkwater COMMERCIAL Dock COMPANY. Bethune, J. W. Newell Birch, J.

1807, Office, 106, Fenchurch-st. Walbanke Childers, H. Hughes, Chairman, Alex. Sim, esq.

Henry Malden, Cornelius Paine, Deputy, Edw. Brandt, esq.

Jeremiah Pilcher, G. S. Repton, Directors, J. W. Bosanquet, Rob. esyrs., Capt. James Vetch, R.E.,

Carter, Jos. Dowson, Nathaniel C. Lea Wilson, esq.; and Mr. Gould, Jn. Masterman, David Ald. Wilson. T. Morgan, Jno. Nix, H.J. Pres- | Trensurer, Fras. Sapte, esq. cott, P. Rolt, T. F. Wilson, Clerk& Sol., Jas. Wittit Lyon, esq. esqrs.

Secretary, Edmund L. Snee, esq. Treasurer, #John Masterman, esq. Resident Engineer, Mr. E. Thomas. Secretary, H. K. Smithers, jun., | esq.


POOL, AND MANCHESTER. EusSuperintendent, W. White, esq. 1 ton-square.


LONDON, BRIGHTON, AND SOUTH Chairman, Marg. of Chandos. 1 Coast RAILWAY COMPANY. OfDep. Chair, Rob. Benson, esq. i fice, Terminus, London Bridge. Rich. Barrow, H. Wollaston Blake,

Directors T. Booth, J. Brook Geo. R. Chairman, Chappell, Rich. Creed, Edw. Dep. Chair. Leo Schuster, esq. Cropper, esqrs., SirC.E.Douglas, E. Crowley, Beaumont Hankey, Hardman Earle, John Ellis, Jos. esqrs. Capt. J. M. Laws, Charles C. Ewart, Geo. Carr Glyn, i Lushington, John Nix, J. Scott, Geo. Grant, #James Heywood, J. Whishaw, esqrs. Geo. H. Lawrence, Jos. É. Led-Secretary, Frederick Slight, esq. sam, Matt. Lyon, Ross D. Resident Engineer, R. J. Hood, esq. Mangles, Rich. Moon, esqrs., R. Traffic Manager, G. Hawkins, esq. Adm. C. R. Moorsom, Hon. Phi- Loc motive and Carriage Superinlip S. Pierrepont, Theo. W. Rath- tendent, J. C. Craven, esq, bone, Will. Rawson, J. L. Ricardo, Thos. Smith, Marq. of EASTERN COUNTIES RAILWAY COMStafford, J. A. Tinne, Edw. Too-1 PANY. Office, Station, Shoreditch. tal, esqrs.

Directors. Secretaries, H. Booth, C. E. Stewart, Chairman, David Waddington, esqrs.

esq. Engineers, Robert Stephenson, J. San. Anderson, John Bagshaw, Locke, esqrs

Thos. Broadbent, Henry Bruce, General Manager, Capt. Huish. I Cecil Fane, R. W. Kennard, T. Superintendents, H. P. Bruyeres, J. Margrave, James Packe,esqrs.,

R.S. Norris, C. Cooper, esqrs. *Lord Alfred Paget, Geo. PalGoods Managers, T. Ĉ. Mills, B. / mer, Richard Paterson, J. A. T.

Poole, Sadı. Salt, M. Broughton, Smyth, Lightly Simpson, H. L. esqrs.

Smale, esqrs.

Secretary, J. B. Owen, esq.


WAY COMPANY. Office, 10, ColeChairman, Rich. Creed, esq.

man-street, Robt. Benson, Marq. of Chan

Directors. dos, Sir C. E. Douglas, George Chairman, Josiah Wilson, esq. Carr Glyn.

Dep. Chairman, Thos. Corney, esq. Secretary, F. Harley, esq.

Jeremiah Pilcher, esq. Capt. W.R. Engineer, Geo. Berkley, esq.

B. Sellon, R.N., J. Vallance, esq. Solicitur, Sam. Carter, esq.

Secretary, Henry Adron, esq.

Solicitor, J. Fox, esq. LONDON AND BLACKWALL RailWAY COMPANY. Office, London South EASTERN RAILWAY COMTerminus, Fenchurch-street. PANY, Terminus, London Bridge. Directors.

Directors. Chairman, J. N. Daniell, esq. Chairman, Dep. Chair., Will. Haigh, esq. Dep. Chairman, Hon. Jas. Byng. Josiah Wilson, Joseph Bishop, *Henry Rich, Coles Child, esqrs.,

G. Lee, C. E. Mangles, Francis Captain Warren, Seymour TeuMacnaghten, esqrs.

lon, Alexander Beattie, c. Architect, Will. Tite, esq.

Gilpin, J. Anderson, Jonathan Secretary, John F. Kennell, esq. Miller, J. Cross, W. G. ThomSuperintendent, A. Wightman, esq. 1 son, Alex. Kay, esqrs.

Secretary, Samuel Smiles, esq. | Faber, Graham Hutchison, esqrs., Engineer, Peter Ashcroft, esq. Mr. Alderman Meek, Cnas. A.

Monck, Fras. Parker, Fras. Pym, LONDON AND SOUTH WESTERN Geo. Walker, Thos. Wetherell,

RAILWAY COMPANY. Office, Wa-esqrs. terloo Station, Lambeth.

Engineers, Sir W. Cubitt, Joseph Directors.

Cubitt, esq. Chairman, *W.J. Chaplin, esq.

General Manager, Seymour Clarke, Charles Castleneau, esq. Hon. R.

esy. H. Dutton, Count Eyre, S. Gase

Secretary, Jas. R. Mowatt. esq. lee, esq., Col. Henderson, #Edw.

Accountant, T. Reynolds, esq. J. Hutchins, esq., Capt. John

Locomotive Engineer, Arch. Sturston, H. C. Lacy, Lt-Col. Luard,

rock, esq. Capt. Chas. E. Mangles, C. S.

New River COMPANY. Incorp. Mortimer, W. P. Snell, M. Uzi.

1619. Office, New River Hearl. elli, esqrs. Sec., Lewis Crombie, esq.

Governor, R. B. Berens, esq. Resident Eng., John Strapp, esq.

Dep. Gov. *Thos. Mills, esq. Traffic Manager, Archb. Scott, esq.

Treasurer, C. H. Pilgrim, esq. Locomotire and Carriage Superin

| Auditor, H. H. Berens, esq. tendent, Joseph Beattie, esq.

Chief Clerk, Mr. Frederic Inglis.
Engineer, Mr. Will.Chadwell Mylne.

Solicitors, Thompson, Debenham GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY COM

Land Brown, Salters' Hall,
PANY. Office, London Terminus,


Incorp. 1807. Old Ford, Bow, Chairman, Rt Hon. S. H. Wal. Middleser. pole.

Chairman, C. Johnston, esq.
Dep.-Chair., Visct. Barrington Deputy, W. Curling, esq.
T. J. Badger, A. K. Baker, Sam. Directors, Geo. Thos. Nicholson,

Baker, F. P. Barlow, Lord Bate M. Whiting, Ald. Wilson, M.
man, Harold Littledale, J. W. Gilbertson, Octs. Coope, Edward
Miles, Edward W. Mills, Rich. Burmester, T. Helme, S. P.Child,
Potter, Chas. Russell, Henry Josiah Wilson, Geo. Marten,
Simonds, Rich. P. Smith, R. J./ esqrs.
Venables, Thos. Williams, J. Secretary, Joseph Cecil, esq., at the
Williams, esqrs. *Sir Watkin Office, 16, St. Helen's-place.
Williams Wynn, bt.

Engineer, Chas. Greaves, esq.
Engineer, I. K. Brunel, esq. Solicitor, Joseph Blunt, esq., 13,
Secretary and Superintendent of the Austin Friars.
line, C. A. Saunders, esq.



Office, Sumner-street, Southwark.
PANY, Offices, King's-cross.


Chairman, #Sir Will. Clay, bt. Chairman, #Edm. Denison, esq. J. T. Bawdoiu, Benj. Birkhead, J. Dep. Chairman, Geo. H. Packe, Geo. Ramsden, Jas. Clay, Hen. esq.

M. Kemshead, Jobo Smith, Fras. Major Amsinck, Jas. Arbouin, Jno. Whiting, John Stewart, George

H. Astell, John Barff, Isaac Tyrrell, Henry Sterry, Edward Burkill, Chas. Chaplin, c. W. Marshall, esqrs.

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