Book Society for Promoting Reli- 1836. Bounty office, Dean's.

gions Knowledge among the Poor yard, Westminster. by the distribution of Bibles, and President, Bishop of London. . other books of excellence. Inst. Scc. Rev. H. Bailey. 1750. 19, Paternoster-Row. Com- Treasurer, Christr. Hodgson, esq. mittee meet at 6 P. M. Monthly. Clerk and Collector, Mr. John HolTreasurer, *Thos. Challis, esq. ford. Sub Treas., James Palmer, esq. Honorary Secretaries, Rev. J. R. LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY,

Barber, D.D., Rev. 0. Clark. Í for the spread of Christianity Sec,, Rev. J. V. Mummery.

among the Heathen, and other Manager, Mr. Hen. J. Tresidder. unenlightened nations. Directors

meet 2nd and 4th Monday in every Naval and Military Bible Socie. month. No. 8, Blomfield-street,

Ty, for distributing Bibles to Finsbury. Estab. 1795. Sailors, Soldiers, Fishermen, Boat- Treasurer, Sir Culling Eardley men, Pensioners, 8c.-Committee Eardley, bt. meet 1st Thursday in every month. Foreign Sec. Rev. A. Tidman, D.D. 32, Sackville-street. Established, Home Sec. Rer. Ebenezer Prout. 1780.

Bankers, Messrs. Hankey, Fench.-st. President, Marq. of Cholmondeley. | Col., Mr. John Sard. Treasurer, Sir Walter Farqubar, bt. Sub. Treasurer, J. Murray, esq. RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY, to proHon. Secretary, Lt.-Col. F. S. mote the circulation of religious Sotheby.

publications at home and abroad, Secretary, Lt. W. D. Skinner. I conducted by a committee, comTravelling Sec., Lt. H. Coode, R.N. posed equally of members of the Collector, Mr. T. Pitts, 8, Melina-pl. Established church, and orthodox

protestant dissenters. Annual Society for the Support and En meeting in May. Estab. 1799.

couragement of SUNDAY-SCHOOLS 56, Paternoster-row, 65, St. Paul's throughout the British Dominions. / Church-yard, and 164, Piccadilly. Instituted in 1785.

Treasurer, J. Gurney Hoare, esq. President, Marq. of Cholmondeley. Hon. Secretaries, Rev. E. Henderson, Treasurer, Isaac Circuit, esq. D.D., Rev.W.W.Champneys, M.A. Hon. Secretaries, Mr. Joseph Eke, Secretary, Mr. G. H. Davis.

Mr. W. H. Bruce, No. 1, Trump- | Association Sec., Rev. P. J. Saffery. street, Cheapside.

Finance Sec., Mr. W. Tarn.

Collector, Mr. Edw. Marriott. BRITISH AND FOREIGN SAILORS'

Society, for promoting the re- British & Foreign BiBLE SOCIETY, ligious, intellectual, and social for the circulation of Bibles withelevation of seamen. Inst. 1818. out note or comment, both at home

2, Jeffery-square, St. Mary Axe. and abroad. Annual meeting 1st President, Earl of Ducie.

Wednesday in May. Estab. 1804, Treasurer, * Thomson Hankey, 10, Earl-street, Blackfriars.

| President, Earl of Shaftesbury. Secretary, Mr. Thomas A. Field- Treasurer, John Thornton, esq. wick.

Secretaries, Rev. Rob. Frost, M.A.

| Rev, S. B. Bergne. Society for advancing the Christian Superintendent of the Translating

Faith in the British West India Depart. Rev. T. W. Meller, M. A. Islands, &c. Incorp. 1795 and Asst. Foreign Sec. Mr. H. Knolleke.


Accountant and Assistant Secretary, Secretary, Rev. Cornwall Smalley, Mr. William Hitchin.

M.A. Hon. Solicitors, Messrs. Marten, Visiting Sec., Mr. Thos. Seaward. Thomas, and Hollams.

Depositary, Mr. John Cortield. Depositary, Mr. J. Franklin. Collector, Mr. A. W. Stone. Collector, Mr. W. H. Chaplin.

Dr. Bray's INSTITUTION, for foundCHURCH MissioNARY Society ing Parochial and Lending Li

for Africa and the East, for the braries in England and Wales, diffusion of religious knowledge by and Negro Schools in British AmeMissions to the Heathen. Annual rica. Associates meet every month Sermons and Meetings, lst Monday except Aug., Sept., and Oct., at 79, and Tuesday in May. Established Pall Mall, Estab. 1733.

1799. Salisbury-90., Fleet-st. President, Archbp. of Canterbury. Vice Patron, Archbp. of Canterbury. Treasurer, Rev.A.E.Sketchley, D.D. President, Earl of Chichester. I Secretary, Rev. Dr. Wesley. Treasurer, John Thornton, esq. Collector, Mr. Henry Stretton, 67, Secretaries, Rev. Henry Venn, B.D., Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Rev. Jno. Chapman, B.D., Major LONDON SOCIETY for promoting Hector Straith.

CHRISTIANITY amongst the Jews, dssist. Sec., J. M. Holl, esq.

by their Missionaries and the disHOME MISSIONARY SOCIETY, under tribution of the Holy Scriptures

the direction of the Board of Bri amongst them, both at home and tish Missions, for preaching the

abroad. No. 16, Lincoln's Inn Gospel,establishing Congregations,

Fields. Instituted in 1809. the distribution of Tracts, Sunday

Patron, Archbishop of Canterbury. Schools and Prayer Meetings, and President, Earl of Shaftesbury. diffusion of the Sacred Scriptures,

Treasurer, John Labouchere, esq. among the unenliyhtened inhabit- Secretaries, Rev. C. J. Goodhart, ants of Great Britain. Annual Capt. H. L. Layard. Meeting in May. Instituted 1819. Collector for the Metropolitan Dis

Office, 4, Blomfield-st., Finsbury. I trict, Mr. A. W. Stone, 20, Treasurer, Thos. Thompson, esq.

Elizabeth-street, Eaton-square. Secretary, Rev.Jas. W. Massie, D.D. Trustees with the Treasurer, B. Han-N

u:V: NATIONAL Society for the Educabury, Joshua Wilson, Eusebius

tion of the Poor in the Principles Smith, esqrs.


throughout England and Wales, PRAYER-BOOK AND HOMILY $o Instituted 1811; Incorp. 1817.

CIETY, for distributing gratis, and Office, and Central Schools, Sanccirculating at reduced prices both tuary, Westminster. at home and abroad, the autho- Patron, The QUEEN. rised formularies of the Church Pres. The Archbp. of Canterbury. of England, in the Vernacular Treas., Ven. Archd. Sinclair, M.A. tongue, and in foreign languages, Auditors, R. W. S. Lutwidge, esq., and to promote Divine Wo; ship J. C. Sharpe, esq. amongst Seamen and Emigrants, Secretary, Rev.J.G. Lonsdale, M.A. on Roard Ships at Sea. Es- Chief Clerk, Mr. F. W. Stretton. tablished 1812. 18, Salisbury-sq., Receiver, Mr. Henry Stretton, 67, Fleet-st.

| Lincoln's Inn Fields. Patron, Archbishop of Canterbury. Superintendent of the Depository, President, Marq. Cholmondeley. Sanctuary, Westminster, Mr Treasurer,

Elijah Simpson.

Principal of St. Mark's College, S. Eastern District, Rev. Alex. B.

Stanley Grove, Chelsea, Rev. | Burton, M. A.

Derwent Coleridge, M.A. s.Western District, Rev.J.G. Kelly, Principal of the Training Institution B.A. at Battersea, Rev. S. Clark.

Wales, Vice Principal, Rev. R. Graves. Lay Secretary, R. Laughton, esq. Chaplain of the Institution at White Collector, Mr. G. W. Harrison.

lands, Chelsea, Rev. Harry Baber, M.A.

Foreign Aid Society, to collect Superintendent, Mrs. Harris.

funds in aid of the Sociétés EvanInstitutions at Westminster. I géliques of France, Geneva, and Principal, Rev. A. Wilson, M.A. sich other Institutions as may be Master of the Practising Schools, formed on similar principles, within Mr. W. P. Richards.

the limits of the French Prosestant Matron of the Institution for School Churches, and to promote the relimistresses, Mrs. Barber

gious principles of the ReformMistresses of the Practising Schools ation beyond those limits on the

-Girls, Miss Heyes; Infants, continent of Europe. (late the EUMiss Clarke.


Estab. 1818. Foreign Aid, 1840. SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING THE DUE

Comm. meet once a month, erOBSERVANCE OF THE LORD's

cept in August and September. Day, by all methods consistent

10, Exeter Hall. with scriptural principles. Institu.

President, Marq. of Cholmondeley. 1831. No. 48, Salisbury-sq., Treasurer, Sir W. R. Farquhar, bt. Fleet-street.

Hon. Sec. Rev. Rich. Burgess, B.D. Treasurer, Thomas Hankey, esq. Ass. Sec. and Coll., Mr.J. Watts. Hon. Secrelary, Jos. Wilson, esq. Clerical Sec. Rev. Jn. T. Baylee, Protestant Society for promoting B.A.

the religious principles of the ReCollector, Mr. John Tucker.

formation, and for special Missions

to Roman Catholics in Great BriCHURCH PastoRAL-AID SOCIETY ; tain. Estab. 1827. 17, Berners-st.

providing Incumbents with the Treasurers, Messrs. Williams, Deameans of supporting additional con & Co. Clergymen and Lay Assistants, Hon. Sec. for Liverpool, Rev.W.F. to promote the religious influence Taylor, LL.D. of the United Church, by such Hon. Sec. for the Eastern District, methods only as it may be compe- Rev. M. W. Foye, M.A. tent to a voluntary society to em- Hon. Secretary for Midland District, ploy in entire consistency with her Rev. R.P. Blakeney, LL.D. discipline and order. Committee Hon. Sec. for Scotland, Rev.J.Cummeet first Thursday in every ming, D.D. month. Instituted 1836. Temple Superintendent of Special Afissions,

Chambers, Falcon-court, Fleet-st. Rev. W. Clementson, M.A. President, Earl of Shaftesbury. Secretary, Mr. Jas. Miller. Sec., Rev. Edw. J. Speck, M.A.

Association Secretaries. PROTESTANT ASSOCIATION, for the North Dist. Rev. A. P. Irwine, M.A. defence of the Protestant InstituNorth Midland Dist. Rev. W. tions of the Empire in Church and Kendall.

State, for printing Standard ProSouth Midland District, Rev. Jos. testant Works by popular Writers N. G. Armytage, M.A.

in a cheap and attractive form, and

to uphold the Supremacy of the D.D., LL.D., Rev. J. E. White, Bible as a National Standard, and M.A. Protestantism as being essentially Chief Clerk, Mr. Thos. Hankins. the Religion of the Biblc, Estab./ 1835. Office, 6, Serjeants' Inn,

COLONIAL CHURCH AND School Fleet-street.

SOCIETY, for sending Clergymen,

Catechists and Schoolmasters to Treasurer, Chairman, James Lord, esq.

the Colonies of Great Britain, and Hon. Sec., Rev.A.S. Thelwall, M.A.

to British residents in other parts Assistant Secretary, Mr.W. Sanders.

of the world. Comm. meet on the Collector, Mr. Arthur W. Stone.

1st & 3rd Tuesday in every month. (formerly the Colonial Church

and Newfoundland School SoCHURCH OF ENGLAND EDUCATION cieties), 9, Serjeants' Inn, Fleet-st.

SOCIETY, for the support of Schools | Patron, the QUEEN. conductedonProtestant and Church President, Marq. of Cholmondeley. of England principles, by grants in Treasurer, R. C. L. Bevan, esq. muney, made annually, and for Secretaries, Rev. Mesac Thomas, the supply of school requisites, by M.A., Lt.-Col. J. B. Bonham. grant, or at reduced prices. 11, Assoc. Secs., Rev. Dr. Helmuth, Adan-street, Adelphi.

Rev. Jas. Hamilton, M.A., Rev. Chairman, J. C. Colquhoun, esq. W. Wickes, M.A. Treasurer, R. C. L. Bevan, esq. Hon. Assoc. Sec., Rev.E.B.Chalmer, Hon. Secretaries, Rev. G. E. Tate, B.A.

M.A., Wilbraham Taylor, esq. Clerical Sec., Rev. Reginald Gun

Society for promoting the Emnery, M.A.

ployment of ADDITIONAL CURATES Assoc. Sec., Rev. S. B. Craig, B.A. in populous places, 7, Whitehall.

Patron, the QUEEN.

President, Archbp. of Canterbury. Society FOR English Church | Trea., J. Gillibrand Hubbard, esq.

MissioNS TO THE ROMAN CA- Secretary, Rev. J. M. Rodwell, M.A.

THOLICS, 32, Sackville-street. Collector, Mr. Henry Stretton, 67, Hon. Secs, Rev. J. E. Armstrong, Lincoln's Inn Fields.


UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD. CHANCELLOR, Earl of Derby, D.C.L. .............. Elected in 1852. HIGH STEWARD, Earl of Devon, D.C.L. ........... Appointed in 1838. Vice-Chan. Rich. Lynch Cotton, D.D., Provost of Worcester Coll. 1852.

( Benjamin P. Symons, D.D., Warden of Wadham. Pro-Vice- Fred. Chas. Plumptre, D.))., Master of University. Chancellors.) David Williams, D.C.L., Warden of New.

(James Norris, D.D., President of Corpus Christi. Deputy-Steward, Roundell Palmer, esq., M.A., late Fellow of

Magdalen College ........................ 1852. Coll. & Halls. Founded Heads of Colleges.

Elected. University...... 872 Pred. Chas. Plumptre, D.D. Master...... 1836 Balliol ......... 1263 Robert Scott, D.D. Master ............ 1854 Merto

1274 Robert Bullock Marsham, D.C.L. Warden 1826 Exeter ......... 1314 John Prideaux Lightfoot, D.D. Rector .. 1854 Oriel ..... 1326 Edward Hawkins, D.D. F.A.S. Provost .. 1828 Queen's ........ 1340 William Thomson, M.A. Provost ........ 1855 New College ... 1386 David Williams, D.C.L. Warden ........ 1840 Lincoln ........ 1427 James Thompson, D.D. Rector ........ 1851 All Souls ...... 1437 Lewis Sneyd, M. A. Warden ......... 1827 Magdalen ...... 1456 Frederick Bulley, D.D. President........ 1855

1509 Edw. Hartopp Cradock, D.D. Principal.. 1853 Corpus Christi.. 1516 James Norris, D.D. President

1843 Christ-Church .. 1532 Henry G. Liddell, M.A. Dean .... 1855 Trinity ........ 1554 John Wilson, D.D. President .... 1850 St. John's...... 1555 Philip Wynter, D.D. President ...... 1828 Jesus .......... 1571 Henry Foulkes, D.D. Principal. ...... 1817 Wadham ....... 1613 Benjamin Parsons Symons, D.D. Warden 1831 Pembroke...... 1624 Francis Jeune, D.C.L. Master .......... 1843 Worcester...... 1714 Richard Lynch Cotton, D.D. Provost .... 1839 St. Mary Hall .. 1333 Philip Bliss, D.C.L. Principal .......... 1848 Magdalen Hall.. 1487 John David Macbride, D.C.L. Principal.. 1813 New-Inn Hall .. 1438 Henry Wellesley, D.D. Principal........ 1847 St. Alban Hall .. 1547 Edward Cardwell, D.D. Principal........ 1831 St. Edmund Hall 1559 John Barrow, D.D. Principal .......... 1854

S John Murray Holland, M.A., Fellow of New College. PROCTORS.

RS. Geo. Ferriman, M.A., Chaplain and Tutor of All Souls.

(W. E. Crawford Austin, M.A., Fellow of New College. PRO. Henry Edw. Moberly, M.A., Fellow of New College. PROCTORS. Thomas Shadforth, M.A., University College.

(Henry Octavius Coxe, M.A., Corpus Christi College.
Bishop of Oxford, D.D., Oriel College.
George Andrew Jacob, D.D., Worcester College.
Thomas D. Bernard, M.A., Exeter College.

William Charles Lake, M.A., Balliol College.
SELECT | Charles R. Conybeare, M.A., Christ Church.
PREACHERS William Edward Jelf, B.1)., Christ Church.

William Andrew, M.A., Worcester College.

Frederick Meyrick, M.A., Trinity College.
| John George Sheppard, M.A., Wadham College.

(John Leigh Hoskyns, M.A., Magdalen College. (1778.) Bampton's Lecture, for 1856, Edward Arthur Litton, M.A.,

late Fellow of Oriel College.

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