(Established by 4 and 5 Wm. IV. c. 52.) Judges.

The Aldermen of the city of London. The Lord Mayor of the city of The Recorder, Common Serjeant, London.

and Judges of the Sheriff's The Lord Chancellor, or Lord! Court of the city of London.

Keeper of the Great Seal. | Persons who have been Lord ChanThe Judges of the Courts of Queen's cellor, or Lord Keeper, or Judges

Bench, Common Pleas, and Ex-l of the Superior Courts at Westchequer.

minster. The Judge in Bankruptcy.

Such others as may be appointed The Judge of the Admiralty. by any general Commission. The Dean of the Arches.

Clerk of the Court, Mr. J. Clark.

LORD MAYOR'S COURT. Office, 7, Old Jewry.

Hours of business from 10 to 4.
Judge, The Recorder of London, 1 Common Pleaders.

the *Rt. Hon. J. A. Stuart
Wortley, Twisden-building, Inner UB

" A. Ryland, esq., 36, Carey-street.

9, Inner H. Randall, esq., New-square, LinT'emple. Registrar, Henry A. Merewether, J. Locke, esq., Harcourt Buildings,

coln's-inn. esq., Serg.-at-law. Deputy Registrar, W. Brandon, esq. Temple.

BOROUGH COURT OF SOUTHWARK. High Bailiff, Will. Pritchard, esq. | Clerk, Mr. A. B. Smith. Steward, Will. Payne, esq.

Crier, John Keilor. Prothonotary, Geo. R. Corner, esq.

London POLICE OFFICE.- Principal Clerk, Mr. Samuel R.

Office hours 8 to 5.

Assist. Clerk, Mr. George C. Oke. Commissioner of Police, D. W. Har- | Summoning Clerk, Mr.H.W.Sewell. vey, esq.

Cashier and Account. Mr. Henry Superintendent, Mr. Hodgson.

Marshal, Mr. Neville Browne.

Under Marshal, Mr. Fred. Browne.
Justice Room.- Mansion-house.
Attendance from 12 until the busi GuiLDHALL JUSTIce Room.
ness of the day is finished.

Attendance from 12 to 2. Magistrate, Right Hon. David Magistrate, An Alderman. Salomons, Mayor.

Clerk, Mr. Geo. Martin.

MAGISTRATES, &c. of the POLICE COURTS. BOW-STREET, Covent-garden. William I. Broderip, esq. Magistrates.

1st Clerk, Mr. W. Taylor.

2nd Clerk, Mr. Somers Higgins. Thos. J. Hall, esq. Cf. Magistrate. Thos. Henry, esq.

David Jardine, esq.

Gilbert A'Beckett, esq.

Boyce Combe, esq.
Ist Clerk, Mr. William D. Burnaby, I 1st Clerk, Mr. Nicholas Edwin.
2nd Clerk, Mr. Henry O'Brien.

2nd Clerk, Mr. John F. Nokes. 3rd Clerk, Mr. Wilfred Tate. Editor of the Police Gazette, Mr.

Thames Police Court, Burnaby.


Edw. Yardley, esq.

James Taylor Ingham, esq.
Jobn Hardwick, esq.
Peregrine Bingham, esq.

Chief Clerk, Mr. Pyer.

2nd Clerk, Mr. B. L. Bowdler. 1st Clerk, Mr. Leadly. 2nd Clerk, Mr. William Bishop. Greenwich And Woolwich. CLERKENWELL.

James Traill, esq. Rob. P. Tyrwhitt, esq.

Isaac Onslow Secker, esq. William Corrie, esq.

1st Clerk, Mr. A. G. Boustred. 1st Clerk, Mr. R. Mould.

2nd Clerk, Mr. W. Nokes. 2nd Clerk, Mr. I. Alexander.

HAMMERSMITH AND WANDSWORTH. WORSHIP-STREET, Shoreditch. Thomas Paynter, esq. John Hammill, esq.

Will. F. Beadon, esq. Chas. L. Tenison D'Eyncourt, esq. 1st Clerk, Mr. Alfred Taylor. 1st Clerk, Mr. N. Vine.

2nd Clerk, Mr. J. W. Nicholls. 2nd Clerk, Mr. Hurlstone.


Whitehall-place. Hon. Geo. C. Norton.

Commissioners. Geo. P. Elliott, esq.

xSir Richard Mayne. 1st Clerk, Mr. J. Perry. 2nd Clerk, Mr. L. Gunn.

Chief Clerk, Mr. Charles Yardley. High-STREET, Mary-le-bone. 2nd Clerk, Mr. E. May. George Long, esq.

3rd Clerk, Mr. Richd. N. How. Rob. E. Broughton, esq.

4th Clerk, Mr. Austin Sampson. 1st Clerk, Mr. James Fell.

Receiver, John Wray, esq. 2nd Clerk, Mr. Henry Phillips. Receiver's Clerks, Mr. T. Golden, WESTMINSTER.

Mr. T. H. Golden, Mr. E.B. AshThos. Jas. Arnold, esq.

ford, Mr. G. Roe.

PUBLIC PRISONS. Surveyor General of Prisons, + Col. Office for the Management of

Jebb, R. E., 45, Parliament- the GOVERNMENT PRISONS AND street.

| Hulks, 45, Parliament-street.

Chairman, Col. Jebb, R. E. Inspectors of Prisons,Home Dis

18. | Directors, Donatus O'Brien, esq.; trict, Capt. Williams; Western, J. G. Perry, esq.; Northern, H.

Capt. Whitty. P. Voules, esq.; Scotland, Capt. Secretary and Accountant, R. CrosSir John Kincaid.

I bie Dawson, esq.

Queen's Prison.

Borough Road.

Governor, Capt. John R. Groves.

Chaplain, Rev. J. Penny.
Keeper, Capt. John Hudson, R.N. |
Chief Clk. to ditto, Mr. C. Davison.

| Medical Superintend. W. Baly, M.D.

| Deputy Gov., C. J. Lindham, esq. Dep. Keeper and Clerk of the Papers,

rs, Assist. Chaplain, Rev. Raymond Lt. John C. Evison, R.N.

Blathwayt. Chief Clk.to ditto, Mr.Chas.T.Lewis. 2nd Clerk, Mr, J. W. W. Evison.

Resident Surgeon, Jn. G. Paine, esq.

Steward, Mr. Thos. Rickford. Chaplain, Rev. W. H. Buck, M.A.

Governor's Clerk, Mr. Sam. McInSurgeon, J. W. Wakem, esq.

tire. Matron, Ann Lee.

Clerk to Manufactories, Mr. M. Day. Chief Turnkey, Mr. C. Colwell.


House of CORRECTION. Governor,

Tothill Fields. Ordinary, Rev. John Davis, B.A.

Governor, Col. James Fraser. Surgeon, Mr. G. W. Macmurdo.

Chaplain, Rev. G. H. Hine, M.A. City Prisox, Holloway.

Assist. Chap., Rev. F. A. Gace, M.A. Governor, Mr. George Wright.

Surgeon, John Lavies, esq. Chaplain, Rev. James Cohen, M.A. Surgeon, Mr. G. W. Macmurdo. House of DETENTION, CLERKEN.

WELL. DEBTORS'PRISON, Whitecross-street. I Governor, Mr. Fred. W. Hill. Governor. Mr. Thomas Burdon. Chaplain, Rev. Geo. Jepson., B.A. Chaplain, Rev, Jas. Carver, M.A. Surgeon, Mr. Henry Wakefield. Surgeon, Mr. Thos. M. Wadd. Clerk, William Beeby.

BRIDEWELL, see pa. 383.



Keeper, Mr. John Keene.

+ Lieut. Col. Joshua Jebb. Chaplain, Rev. W. S. Rowe, M.A. Capt. O'Brien, Capt. Whitty. Surgeon, Mr. Wintour Harris.

Superior Officers.

Governor, Rob. Hosking, esq. COLDBATH-Fields. Chaplain, Rev.Joseph Kingsmill. Governor, Capt. Thos. H. Colvill. Assist. Chap., Rev. A. Sherwin, M.A. Chaplains, Rev. E. A. Hlingworth, Medical Officer, C. Bradley, esq.

M.A., Rev. John Williams, M.A. Steward and Manufacturer, W. H. Surgeon, Mr. Henry Wakefield. Foster.

COMMISSIONERS in LUNACY. Ap R. V. Smith, *H. Morgan Clif

pointed pursuant to Act 8 & 9 Vic. ford, Fras. Barlow, esq., John c. 100, for the Regulation of the R. Hume, M.D., Sam. Gaskell, care and treatment of Lunatics. esq., Bryan W. Procter, esq.,

Office, 19, Whitehall-place. Jas. w.' Mylne, esq., W. G. Earl of Shaftesbury (chairmun), Campbell, esq., Jas. Wilkes, esy.

Robt. Gordon, esq., *Rt. Hon. Secretary, R. W. S. Lutwidge, esq.

The LORD-LIEUTENANTS in ENGLAND and WALES. Bedford, Earl de Grey.

| Rutland, Marq, of Exeter. Berks, Earl of Abingdon.

Shropshire, Viscount Hill. Bucks, Lord Carington.

Somerset, Lord Portman. Cambridge, Earl of Hardwicke. Stafford, Lord Hatherton. Cheshire, Marq. of Westminster. Suffolk, Earl of Stradbroke. Cornwall, Sir Will. L. S. Trelaw Surrey, Earl of Lovelace. ney, bart.-Lord Warden, H.R.H. Sussex, Duke of Richmond. Prince Albert.

Tower-Hamlets, Visct. Combermere. Cumberland, Earl of Lonsdale. Warwick, Earl of Craven. Derby, Duke of Devonshire. Westmoreland, Earl of Lonsdale. Devon, Earl Fortescue.

Wilts, Marq. of Lansdowne. Dorset, Earl Digby.

Worcester, Lord Lyttelton. Durham, Earl of Durham.

Yorkshire. Essex, Viscount Maynard.

East Riding, Earl of Carlisle. Gloucester, Earl Fitzhardinge. West Riding, Earl of Harewood. Hants., Marq. of Winchester. North Riding, Earl of Zetland. Haverfordwest, County of the Town

WALES. of, Lord Milford.

Anglesey, Marquess of Anglesey. Hereford, Lord Bateman.

Brecnocksh., * J. Lloyd V. Watkins, Hertford, Earl of Verulam.

esq. Huntingdon, Earl of Sandwich. Cardiganshire, Thomas Lloyd, esq. Kent, Earl Cowper.

Carmarthenshire, Earl Cawdor. Lancashire, Earl of Ellesmere. Carnarvonshire, # Sir Richard B. Leicester, Duke of Rutland.

Williams Bulkeley, bt. Lincoln, * Marquess of Granby. Denbigh, * Rob. Myddelton BidMiddlesex, Marq. of Salisbury. 1 dulph, esq. Monmouth, Hanbury Leigh, esq. Flint, Sir Stephen Rich. Glynne, bart. Norfolk, Earl of Leicester. | Glamorgan, C.R.M. Talbot, esq. Northampton, Marq. of Exeter. Merionethshire, Lord Mostyn. Northumberland, Earl Grey. Montgomeryshire, Lord Sudeley. Nottingham, Earl of Scarbrough. Pembroke, Sir John Owen, bart. Oxford, Duke of Marlborough. Radnor, 6 Sir John Benn Walsh, bt.

SHERIFFS OF ENGLAND AND WALES. Bedfordshire ...... John Shaw Leigh, of Luton Hoo, esq. Berks ............ Henry Elwes, of Marcham Park, esq. Bucks ............ P. Duncombe P. Duncombe, of Gt. Brick Hill, esq. Camb, and Hunts... Sir Williamson Booth, of Gamlinghay, bart. Cheshire ..........

J.Chapman,of Hill End, Mottram, Longdendale, esq. Cornwall ........

William Henry Pole Carew, esq. Cumberland

Thos. Story Spedding, of Mirehouse, esq. Derbyshire........ Peter Arkwright, of Willersley Castle, esq. Devonshire........

Thomas Daniel, of Stoodleigh, esq. Dorsetshire ...... Robert Williams, of Bridehead, esq, Durham

Robert Surtees, of Redworth House, esq. Essex

John Watlington P. Watlington, of Moor Hall, esq. Gloucestershire. Corbett Holland Corbett, of Admington Hall, esq. Herefordshire R. F. Wegg Prosser, of Belmont, nr. Hereford, esq.

Nathaniel Hibbert, of Munden, Watford, esq. Kent .........

Sir Wal. C. James, of Betshanger, Sandwich esq. Lancashire ...... John Pemberton Heywood, of Norris Green, esq.


Leicestershire .... William Ward Tailby, of Humberstone, esq.
Lincolnshire ...... George Skipworth, of Moortown House, esq.
Monmouthshire.... John Russell, of the Wyelands, Chepstow, esq.
Norfolk ..........

Brampton Gurdon, of Letton, esq.
Northamptonshire.. Fred. Urban Sartoris, of Rusden Hall, esq.
Northumberland .. Rowland Errington, of Sandhoe, esq.
Nottinghamshire .. H. Bridgeman Simpson, of Babworth, esq.
Oxfordshire ...... Benj. John Whippy, of Lee-place, Charlbury, esq.
Rutlandshire ...... Arthur Heathcoate, of Pilton, esq.
Shropshire........ Willoughby Hurt Sitwell, of Bucknell, esq.
Somersetshire .... George Barons Northcote, of Somerset Court, esq.
Staffordshire ...... Samuel Pole Shawe, of Maple Hayes, esq.
Southampton, Co. of Hon. Sir Edward Butler, of Harefield.
Suffolk .......... John Josselyn, of St. Edmund's Hill, esq.
Surrey .......... James Gaddesden, of Ewell Castle, esq.
Sussex .......... Geo. Carew Gibson, of Sandgate Lodge, esq.
Warwickshire .... Chandos Wren Hoskyns, of Wroxall Abbey, esq.
Westmoreland .... John Hill, of Castle Bank, Appleby, esq.
Wiltshire ........ Simon Watson Taylor, of Urchford, esq.
Worcestershire .... W. Dowdeswell, of Pull Court, nr. Tewkesbury, esq.
Yorkshire ........ Jas. Brown, of Copgrove, near Knaresborough, esq.

WALES. Anglesey ....... Hugh Rob. Hughes, of Bodrwyn, esq. Breconshire ...... John Williams Valighan, of Velinnewydd, esq. Carmarthenshire .. Samuel Dukinfield Darbyshire, of Pendyffryn, esq. Carnarvonshire .... Edward Ab Adam, of Meddle

Edward Ab Adam, of Meddleton Hall, esq. Cardiganshire .... John Battersby Harford, of Petterwell, esq. Denbighshire...... H. Robertson Sanbach,of Havodunos, Lbergele, esq. Flintshire ........ Viscount Dungannon, of Brynkinalt. Glamorganshire .. Wyndham Will. Lewis, of the Heath, nr. Cardiff, esq. Montgomeryshire.. Edmund Ethelstone Peel, of Llandrinio, esq. Meriuncthshire.... C. J. Tottenham, of Berwyn House, Llangollen, esq. Pembrokeshire .... Jolin Leach, of Ivy Tower, esq. Radnorshire ...... John Abraham Whittaker, of Newcastle Court, esq.

TEMPLE. 1185.

Baines, # Rt. Hon. J. A. S. Master, Ven. Archdeacon Robin

Wortley, *John Arth. Roebuck, son, D.D.

#Rob. C. Hildyard, Will. Lee, Reader, Rev. J. G. Lonsdale.

Russell Gurney, George M. Organist, Mr. E. J. Hopkins.

Butt, John Rolt, Francis TurINNER TEMPLE.

ner, Frederick Calvert, • H. S.

Keating, James R. Hope-Scott, Benchers.

Rob. Ingham, Hen. Bliss, Barnes John Wyatt, esq., Sir George Peacock, Kenneth Macaulay, R. Rose, knight, * Sir Frederick H. Harrison, J. L. Adolphus, Thesiger, John Evans, esq., Rt. John Mellor, Sam. Warren, Rob. Hon. Š. Lushington, D.C.L., R. B. Pashley, Geo. W. Bramwell, Wil. Armstrong, esq. Rt. Hon. Sir D. | Atherton, Chas. J. Hargreave, Dundas, Hy. Hallam, esq. Will. Thos. E. Headlam, Sir John D. Whateley, esq. #Rt. Hon. M.T.! Harding, H. A. Merewether, esqs.

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