CLERKS OF RECORDS AND Writs,- Office, Chancery-lane. Fred. Bedwell, esq.(A. to F.) | Seth Chas. Ward, esq. (O. to Z.) Jas. Arch. Murray, esq. (G. to A.) |

Clerks. To Mr. Bedwell, Messrs. Hen. W., S. Pasquier, John Hodges, Fras.

Wright, John Bowyer, Fred. J. Burdett, John Miller. Wright, Fred. Bedwell, jun., Ed- To Mr. Ward, Messrs. Geo. S. Ash, win C. Wright.

Will.H. Lording, Rob. A. Packle, To Mr. Murray, Messrs. Thos. W. R. H. Rose, E. Oram.

Braithwaite, Ernest Sharpe, L.

CLERK OF THE ENROLMENTS,-Ofiae, Chancery-lane. Clerk of the Enrolments. Ist Clerk. 2nd Clerk. 3rd Clerk. William Wright, esq.... Mr. Woodall.. Mr. Leaver., Mr.Woodall, jn. Registrars-OFFICE. Sworn Clk. Mr. G. Anderson Croft. Chancery-lane.

Examiner, L to Z, Charles Otter, Registrars, Robt. 0. Walker, Hen. esq.

Ě. Bicknell, Cecil Monro, Fras. Sworn Clerk,Mr.Thos.H.Greenland.
H. Davis, Ricbard H. Lrach,
Henry Latham, Hugh Wood,
Edw. D. Colville, jun., Fred.

Metcalfe, Fr. Milne, John L.
Merivale, esqrs.

Clerk of the Petty Bag, Fras. Geo. Clerks, Fras. H. Rich, Ralph Dis- |

Abbott, esq.
raeli, T. J. Alderson, P. J. King, Clerk, Mr. H. W. Holden.
P. W. Rogers, George Farrer,
J. M. Holdship, Fred. Symes
Teesdale, Arthur Ellis, C. J. J.
Knight, Hall Plumer, Nelson

Patest OFFICE.
Ward, Loftus L. Pemberton, W. | Clerk of the Letters Patent, Leo-
Clowes, esqrs.

nard Edmunds, esq. Chief Clerk, Mr. T. Ruscoe.



Principal Secretary, Hon. W. C. Master, Jas. Thos. Fry, esq.

Spring Rice. Clerk of the Reports, Will. Law.

Registrar of Lunatics, C. N. Wilde,

esq. rence, esq. Clerks of Entries, Edward Ansell,

Secretary of Presentations, P. H.

Pepys, esq. George Lindley, esqrs.

Secretary of Commissions of the

Peace, N. J. Senior, esq.

Purse Bearer, W. Goodbody, esq. EXAMINER's Office,

Gentleman of the Chamber, W. N.

Nicholson, esq.

Train-bearer, Mr. Henry White. Examiner, A to K, K. J. Parker, Receiver of the Fines, J. G. Seton, esq.


Serg. at Arms, Lt. Col. Alex. Per- 1 To Sir Geo. Jas. Turner. ceval.

Secretary, Geo. W. Sanders, esq. Deputy, G. Goodbody, esq.

| Usher, Mr. Leadbeater. Messenger, or Pursuivant, George Train Bearer, Mr. Leadbeater, S. Ridgway, esq.

jun. Deputy, Mr. Henry Chouler. Usher of the Hall, Mr. Webster. I

Vice-CHANCELLORS' OFFICERS. Court-Keeper, John Nicholls.

To Sir Rich. T. Kindersley.
Tipstaff, Will. H. Allen.
Messenger, or Porter to the Great

In Court.
Seal, Thos. Coghlan.

Secretary, H. T. Erskine, esq.
Usher, Mr. Geo. Atcbison.

Train Bearer, Mr. J. W. Hare.
OFFICERS to the Master of the

At Chambers.

Chief Clerks, F. E. Edwards, Chas.
In Court.

Pugh, esqrs. Chief Secretary, W. G. Brett, esq. 2nd Clerks, Mr. G. W. Wood, Mr. Under Secretary and Sec. of Causes, 1 R. Logan. Algernon Cox, esq.

To Sir John Stuart. First Gentleman of the Chamber,

In Court.
John J. Knight, esq.

Secretary, Dugald Stuart, esq.
Second dit?o and Train-bearer, Mr. Usher, Mr. Will, Owen.
G. Fry.

Train Bearer, Mr. Chas. Funge. Tipstaff, Mr. Nath. Hamer.

At Chambers. Ush. of the Hall, Mr. Edwin Russell. Chief

Chief Clerks, Alfred Wall, Rob. W. Porter, J. Bradley.

Peake, esyrs.
At Chambers.

2nd Clerks, Mr. R. Mullens, Mr. Chief Clerks, Geo. Whiting, Geo.

Fred. Bennell. Hume, esqrs. 2nd Clerks, Mr. G. S. Burrows, Mr.

To Sir W. P. Wood,

In Court. G. Fox.

Secretary, Gordon Whitbread, esq. OFFICERS to the LORDS Justices

Usher, Mr. S. Smith.

Train Bearer, Mr. F.E. Spanswick. of APPEAL.

At Chambers. To Sir Jas. L. Knight-Bruce. Chief Clerks, Henry Leman, Rich. Secretary, Lewis Bruce, esq.

Bloxam, esqrs. Usher, Mr. Carmichael.

2nd Clerks, Mr. H. Ross, Mr. G. Train Bearer, Mr. Wildsmith. I Burmingham.


HEAD OFFICE, Rolls House, Chancery-lane. BRANCH OFFICES, Rolls Chapel-Tower-Chapter House, Poet's Corner

-Carlton Ride and State Paper Office. Keeper & Custos of the Records, The T. D. Hardy, esq. Tower. Master of the Rolls.

Jos. Hunter, esq., Carlton Ride. Deputy Keeper, Sir Frs. Palgrave, Fred. Devon, esq., Chapter House. Secretary, F. S. Thomas, esq. Chas. Roberts, esq., Carlton Ride. Assistant Keepers, 1st Class.

R. Lemon, esy., State Paper Office. C. Lechimere, esq., State Paper Assistant Keepers, 2nd Class. Office.

IH. G. Holden, esq., Rolls Chapel.

H. J. Sharpe, Rolls Chapel, | A. Kingston, esq., Tower.
J. Burtt, esq., Rolls Chapel. | G. Knight, esq., Rolls House.
W. Nelson, esq., Carlton Ride. J. Gairdner, esq., Carlton Ride.
W. Lascelles, esq., Rolls House. F. S. Haydon, esq., Tower.
J. Edwards, esq., Rolls House. W.M.Sainsbury,esq.State Paper Off.
J. J. Bond, esq., Carlton Ride. H. Yonge, esq., Rolls House.
H. C. Hamilton, esq., State Paper W. B. Kingston, esq., Rolls Chapel.

J. R. Atkins, esq., Chapter House.

F. M. Wilson, esq., State Paper T. M. Green, esq. } Carlton Ride.

Office. J. Redington, esq. Ş

E. J. Tabrum, esq. "Rolls House. J.T. Kentish, esq. } Rolls Chapel.

W. H. Hart, esq. C. A. Cole, esq. S

W. Impey, esq.

W. B. Sanders, esq., Tower. W. D. Hamilton, esq. '
M. Fenwick, esq.

F. H. Kohler, esq.

" (Paper Offic.

) Paper | P.S. L. Hunt, esq. Carlton Ride. Note.-The State Paper Office is P. Turner, esq. )

now consolidated with the Public Thos. Temple, esq., State Paper Off Record Office.

COURT of BANKRUPTCY, 82, Basinghall-street.

Official Assignees.
Joshua Evans, esq.(senior), J.S.M. Will. Bell, 3, Coleman-st.-buildings.

Fonblanque, esq., Robert G. Cecil H. H. Cannan, 18, Aldermanbury. Fane, esq., Edward Holroyd, esq. E. W. Edwards, 1, Sambrook Court. Edward Goulburn, esq.

Geo. J. Graham, 25, Coleman-st. Chief Regist., John Campbell, esq. P. Johnson, 20, Basinghall-street. Accountant in Bankruptcy, Richard C. Lee, 21, Aldermanbury. Clarke, esq.

Isaac Nicholson, 24, Basinghall-st. Master of the Court of Bankruptcy, Wm. Pennell, Guildhall Chambers. John Lucas, esq.

| H. H. Stansfeld, 76 Basinghall-st. Registrars, T. B. Abrahall, Will. W. Whitmore, 2, Basinghall-st.

Hazlitt, W. H. Whitehead, J. F. Messengers, J. D. Austin, James Miller, T. E. Winslow, esqrs. Cooper, Thos. Hamber, James Registrar of Meetings, J. F. Buc- Johnstone, jun., T. E. Stubbs. cleugh, esq.


Commissioner, J. Balguy,

Commissioner, M. B. Bere, esq. Registrars, Rob. E. Wilson, esq., | Registrar, John Carew, esq. Chas. Waterford, esq.

Toffieial Assignee, Mr. Hirtzel. Official Assignees, Messrs. Bittles. Messenger, Mr. Bulterant.

ton, Christie, Whitmore, Harris. Messengers,Messrs. Bodell and Bad

LEEDS. ham.

Commissioners, Martin J. West, BRISTOL.

Will. S. Ayrton, esqs. Commissioner, Mathew D. Hill, esq. Registrars, Sam. Payne, Henry S. Registrar, Charles Orme, esq. Wilde, esqrs. Official Assignees, Messrs. Acraman, Official Assignecs, Messrs. Hope, Hutton, Miller.

"Young, Carrick, Brewin. Messengers, Messrs. Crocker and Alessengers, Messrs. Needell and Turner.



Registrars, Hon. T. M. C. Wilde, Commissioners, H. J. Perry, esq., Nicholas Simons, esq. R. Stevenson, esą.

Official Assignees, Messrs. Fraser, Registrars, John Y. Lee, James R. Pott, Hernaman. Brougham, esq.

| Messengers, Messrs. Harding and Official Assignees, Messrs. Bird, 1 Millar. Turner, Cazenove, Morgan.

NewcASTLE-ON-TYNE. Messengers, Messrs. Day & Gaskill.

Commissioner, Nath. Ellison, esq. MANCHESTER.

Registrar, Will. Syndey Gibson, esq. Commissioners, Walker Skirrow, W. Official Assignee, Mr. Thos. Baker. T. Jemmett, esqrs.

| Messenger, Mr. Farmer.

Lord Chief Justice.

Lord Campbell.

Queen's Coroner and Atlorney, #C. Judges, Sir John Taylor Coleridge,

F. Robinson, esq. knt. Sir W. Wightman, kt. Sir W. | Master, W. S. Jones, esq. Erle, kt. Sir Chas. Crompton, kt. Assist. Master, A. B. Corner, esq. Clerks.

Clerks, Mr. Will. Nicholsou, Mr. J.

Winning, Mr. F. C. Lillyman, To the Lord Chief Justice, Mr. W. Mr. F. Holmes.

G. Cooper, Mr. H. Thornton,
Mr. C. Cooper.

Pleas Side.
To Sir J. T. Coleridge, Mr. Clark, Masters, Sir Fortunatus Dwarris,
Mr. Brassey.

Sir Archer Denman Croft, bt., To Sir W. Wightman, Mr. Morris, Rich. Goodrich, James Bunce, Mr. Nicholls.

C. R. Turner, esqrs. To Sir W. Erle, Mr. Saker, Mr. Associatc to the Chief Justice, Hon.

Geo. Campbell. To Sir Charles Crompton, Mr. Phil Crier at Nisi Prius, Mr. Cooper. pot, Mr. Salmon.

Body Clerk, Mr. Chas, Cooper. Commissioner for taking Special Dep. Ushers, Mr.Ching & Mr.White.

Bail, Mr. Henry Thornton, Deputy Crier, Mr. Ching, jun. Judges Chambers, and 2, Albert- Tipstaff to the Lord Chief Justice, road, Regent's-pk.

Mr. Ching, jun. Commissioners for taking Affidavits, To the other Judges, Messrs. Lewis Mr. H. Thornton at the three Chiefs Chambers; Mr. Clark, Mr. Train-bearer, Mr. Reed. Saker, Mr. Jefferys, Mr. Morris, Keeper of the Queen's Prison, Capt. Mr.Salmon, at Queen's Bench-hall.John Hudson, R.N.


Conert of COMMON PLEAS, (1215.)
Chief Justice,

1 Mr. Chas. Harden, Mr. Chas.
Rt. hon. Sir John Jervis, knt. I Barues.
Judges, Sir Cresswell Cresswell, kt., To Sir Cressuell Cresswell, Mr.
Sir Edw. Vaughan Williams, kt., 1

" Jos. F. Coleman, Mr. Geo. T. Sir Richard Budden Crowder, kt., Sir James Shaw Willes. Clerks.

| To Sir E. V. Williams, Mr. John Tothe Chief Justice,Mr.W.Browne,l Parker, Mr. H. Simpson.


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To Sir R. B. Crowder, kt., Mr. (now H. B. Ray, esq.)

J. Dickinson, Mr. Jos. Sansom. Registrar of Certificates and AffidaTo Sir J. S. Willes, Mr. J. J. vits of Acknowledgments, John

Barnes, Mr. Stephen Minot. Bankes, esq. Commissioners for taking Affidavits Associate to the Chief Justice, Jolin

in the absence of Ale Judges, Jervis, esq. Messrs. Browne, Harden, Cole- Crier, Mr. Barnes.

man, Martin, Simpson, Sansom. Trainbearer, Mr. Rob. Urquhart. Masters, Henry B. Ray, Alex. A. Hereditary Chief Proclamator, G.

Park, John H. Cancellor, Edw. H. W. Heneage, esq.
Griffith, Henry Methold, esqrs. Deputy, Mr. J. A. Walmisley.
Registrar of Judgments, The Se- Tipstaf, Mr. Millward.

nior Master for the time being !


Crier, Mr. Coleman. #Rt. Hon. Sir George Cornewall

Tipstaff, Nat. Hamer.

all Court Keeper, Mr. Davis. Lewis, bart.

Messengers, Edw. S. Stephenson, Lord Chief Baron,

Rob Walmisley, J. A. Walmisley. Rt. Hon. Sir Fred. Pollock, knt.


Stone-buildings, Lincol's-inen. Rt. hon. Sir James Parke, knt. Masters, W. H. Walton, W. F.

Sir Edw. Hall Alderson, knt. Sir Pollock, George Pollock, Rob. Thos. Joshua Platt, kt., Sir C. Johnson, J. C. Templer, esqrs. Sam. Martin, knt.


FICE, 22, Duke-st., Westminster. To the Lord Chief Baron, Mr. Queen's Remembrancer, Henry W.

Coleman, Mr. John Boucher, Vincent, esq.
Mr. Stephen Coleman,

Chief Clerk, To Baron Parke, Mr. Jas. E. Saun- Estreats and Sheriffs' Accounts ders, Mr. G. H. Parkinson.

To Baron Alderson, Mr. John Clerks,Chas.Panton,esq.,Mr.Coates,

Meacher, Mr. Chas. M. Broad. 1 Mr. Hankins, Mr. Radcliffe.
To Baron Platt, Mr. Gideon Hunt, Registry and account Department,
Mr. F. Waters.

Clerks, Thos. Fenner, esq., Mr. To Baron Martin, Mr. Geo. Love. Kittrick.

joy, Mr. W. W.Jiggins. | Revenue Prosecutions Department. Cursitor Baron, ## Rt. Hon. Geo. Clerks, Fras. Allin, esq., Mr. Raven,

Mr. Ansell, Mr. Plowman, Mr. Commissioner for taking Special Winstanley. Bail, Mr. J. Boucher.

Court Clerk and Record Keeper, Mr. Commissioners for taking Affidavits Trickey.

in absence of the Barons, Messrs. Commissrs. of Property Tar, H. W. Boucher, Saunders, Meacher, Vincent,

, esqrs. Waters, Jiggins.

Assessor, Mr. Panton. Ushers of the Court, Messrs. Mor- Messengers, G. Phillips, J. Huggios.

gan, Day, Hale, Cox, Davis. Housekeeper, Mrs. Barnes. Associate to the Lord Chief Baron, N.B. The Great Seal of the ErRob. Pollock, esq.

| chequer is now kept in this Office,


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