COMMISSARIAT BRANCH. Principal Clerk, SamuelPetrie, esg! Byron, Ralph Buchan, H. Clark, Chief Clerk, Philip Hughes, esq. I esqrs. Senior Clerks, Thos. J. Crafer, Jas. | Junior Clerks, H. B. Jackson, J. S.

Rorauer, Frederick Crafer, esqrs. Slade, R. Glover, Benj. P. Viret, Assist. Clerks, F. W. Dickens, Frs. I P. Hughes, jun., esqrs.

MENT, Horse-Guards.

16, Duke-street, Westminster. Commander-in-Chief, Field Mar- Military Superintendent, Col. T. E. shal Visct. Hardinge.

Kelly. Prirate Sec.,

Chief Clerk, Will. J. Bruce, esg. Mil. Sec., M.-Gen. C. Yorke.

| Senior Clerks, Chas. Bruce, Conran Aides - de - Camp, Maj. Duke of A. Kirk, esqrs. Beaufort, Maj. H. Hardinge, Clerks, Messrs. John A. Girling, Col R. B. Wood, (extra).

Thos. B. Strong, Geo. R. Cook. Assistants, W.Kiddle,J.Drake, esqrs. Messenger, Rob. Hayes. Clerks-First Class, Geo. Gibbes, Housekeeper, Mrs. Mary Cowell.

John Fagan, John Galland, esqrs. Second Class, W. Freeth, L. Cole-' QUARTER MAster General's man, E. White, esqrs.

| DEPARTMENT, Horse-Guards. Third Class, W. F. Kiddle, w Quarter Master Gen., M. Gen. Jas

Sandby, F. Hare, R. Birnie, A. Freeth. Forster, G. Humphreys, s, Ro. Dep. Quar. Mast. Gen., Col. Hon. A. berts, J. Little, esqrs.

Extra Clerks, K. King, H. Boys, Assist. Q. M. G., Col. T. O'Brien,

G. Cleather, W. Moorhead, Al Maj. J. E. Addison.
Mackeson, esqrs.

Dep. Assist. Quar. Mast. Gen., Capt. Officekeeper, John Farquhar.

T. J. Kearney. Storekeeper, Mrs. Fergusson. Confidential Clerk, John O'Neil, esq. Messengers, J. Manderson, sen., Clerks, G. Mather, Jn. Sewell, G. W. Price, W. Grant.

Strong, A. Houlton, C. Mather,

G. King, esqrs. ADJUTANT GENERAL'S DEPART-Prin. Draftsman, Mr. Kelly.

MENT, Horse-Guards. Assistant, Mr. W. Kelly. A. G., 4M.-Gen. G. A. Wetherall. Lithographic Draftsman, Berk.King. Dep. A. G., Col. W. F. Forster. I Officekeeper, D. McArter. Assists. A. G. Col. R. P. Douglas, Housekeeper, Mrs. Buckley. Lt.-Col. J. K. Pipon.

Messengers, J, Benbow, J. Evans, Dep. A. A. G., Maj, J. W. Rey- D. Worsfold.

nolds, Capt. F. Sayer. Chief Clerk, Edw. Houndle, esq. PAYMASTER GENERAL'S DEPART1st. Class Clerks, G. F. Howes, El

MENT. G. Syms, T. Carter, esqrs. Including Exchequer Bill and Civil 2nd Class Clerks, W. c. Randall, Service Pay Offices. C. J. Stevens, H, L. Laidman,

Whitehall. H. Howes, J. M. Jopling, esqrs. Paymaster - General, Rt. Hon. 3rd Class Clerks, F. G. Wetherall, Rob. Lowe.

W. H. Torode, H. S. Gore, L. | Assistant Paymaster-General, Er$. Griffiths, esqrs.

nest A. Hoffay, esq. Messengers, s, Welshman, Thos. Chief Clerks (at l'hitehall), Thos. Tatlow, Thos. Barber.

Morris, Jas. Perrior, Hen. A. Officekeeper, Mrs. Sarah Howes. I Harrison, Lacy Rumsey, esqrs.

Principal Clerks.

Judge ADVOCATE GENERAL'S DEChatham, Will. Ruddick, esq. PARTMENT, 35, Gl. Geurge-sl. Portsmouth, J. H. Scott, esq. Judge Marshall, and Advocate GenePlymouth, W. G. Rickman, esq. ' ral, Rt. Elon. Chas. P. Villiers.

Hanover, A. J. Mortimer, esq. Deputy, Stephen C. Denison, esq. Book-keeper, D. Paterson, esq. Chief Clerk, Jon. Scollick, esg. Senior Clerks, H. S. Daller, P. Second Clerk, Will. T. Rogers, esq. Godfrey, W.L. Coles, C. Miller, Third Clerk, Chas. Greenland, esg. F. Lewis, W. B. Whitnall, w. Office-keeper, James Boyer. J. Williams (Plymouth), W. Messenger, John Marchant. Reid (Portsmouth), A. Earn- | Housekeeper, Mary Berry. shaw, J. Clarke, J. T. Powell, W. Croft (Chatham), Geo. Hat-| ARMY AND ORDNANCE MEDICAL

DEPARTMENT. ton, esqrs. Assistant Clerks, S. C. Tucker,

6, Whitehall-yard, W. Trahar. H. Morgan (Sheer-| Director-General, Andrew Smith, ness), J. J. Guazzaroni, R. H.|

M.D. Conway, G. Green, W. J. Eyre,

Profess. Assis., D. Dumbreck, M.D. W. Standen (Purtsmouth), s.

Staff Surgeon, 1st Class, H. PilSlade, J. T. Philpot, J. D. Pren

leau, esq. dergast, C. S. Say, R. B. Moun

Staff Surg. 2nd Class, F. Reid, M.D. teney, H. S. Perceval, G. H.

dpothecary to the Forces, F. M. Browne, E. Vesey, G. Edmeades,

Bassano, esq. f. St. V. Ricketts, esqrs.

Chief Clerk, John Wimbridge, esq. Junior Clerks, R. St. Leger (Plys Senior Clerks, J. H. Cheshire, W. mouth), F. W. Daniell, J. Bulteell W. Bassano, J. Budget, T. H. (Plymouth), J. Wetherick (Ports- |

Clarke, esqrs. mouth), A. W. Lemaitre, F. c. Junior C

Junior Clerks, W.J. Rudd, Will. H. Ellis, W. Elliot, G. M. Wilson,

Millar, J. W. H. Purdon, E. RoA. Bickell, A. Bähr (Hanover),

berts, esqrs. C. L. Bayly, A. Bentley, F. Derry,

Messengers, S. Spowart, W.Tierney. H. Whiteside, Will. Henry Lips- Chaplain's DEPARTMENT. comb, Rich. H. Day, 'Aubin Principal Chaplain to the Forces, Fletcher, Jas. G. Scott, Tudor Rev. Geo. Rob. Gleig, M.A. Trevor, esqrs.

Chaplains to the Forces, Rev. Rob. Officekeeper and Superintendent of W. Browne, M.A., Londom; Rev.

Alessengers, Mr. F. Atkins. Chas. Green, M. A., Chatham; Messengers, A. Atkins, J. E. Wheeler Rev. Will. Hare, M.A., Malta ;

(Chatham), Will. Sutton, W. Rev. W. W.Jackson, Barbadoes ; Crandell, A. Slaughter, A. Lettice. Rev. Henry P. Wright, Turkey; S. Williams (Portsmouth), R. Gil Rev. Geo. W. Langmead, M.A., bert (Plymouth), J. Radmore Plymouth; Rev. Rob. Halpin, (Plymouth), B. Shields ( Ports- | Dublin ; Rev. Rob. Hamilton, mouth), Mich. Constable (Sheer- Turkey; Rev. J. E. Sabine, Rev. ness).

Henry Egan, Rev. E. G. Parker.

Royal MILITARY COLLEGE, Sandhurst, Berks. Instituted in 1799. Commissioners.

| The Adjutant General. Ex officio.

The Gov. of the Royal Mil. College. The Comm. in Chief, President,

Specially appointed. The Secretary at War, Vice-Pres. | Gen. Sir Ralph Darling. The Quarter Master General. — Sir Howard Douglas, bt.

Gen. 4 Hou. H. Murray.

Secretary to the Commissioners, Edw. Lt. Gen. – Sir Geo, Brown.

Houndle, esq.
Gen. Sir Hew D. Ross.

Sir James Simpson
Lt. Gen. Duke of Cambridge.

Professors and Masters.
Maj. gen. Geo. A. Wetherall. Mathematics and Arithmetic, John

Chas. Yorke, Milita. Sec. Narrien, F. R. S.; J. F. Twisden, - * Sir Rich. Airey.

B. A., R. Williams, M.A., Rev. Col. W. F. Forster.

A. Deck, B.A. + Hon. Alex. Gordon. Fortification, Lt.-Col.W.H. Adams, Governor, xGen. Sir G. Scovel l. ! W. Walker. Lieut. Gov. Col. G. Walter Prosser. Military Surveying, John Piercy, Superintendent of Studies, Lt. Col. Lt.Petley. Patrick L. McDougall.

Military Drawing, Lieut. Dickens, Captains of Companies of Cadets, Capt. Verner.

Capt. G. Mann, Capt. R. M. Landscape Drawing, Edward DelaDickens.

motte. Chaplain, Rev. H. L. Chepmell, History, Geography, and Classics, D.D.

Rev. G. E. Cole, M.A. Rev. Quar. Mas, and Paymaster, Lieut. E. M. Heale, M.A. Will. L. Hilton.

French, Guillaume Cambier, Henri Surgeon, John Pickering, M.D. Marillier, Guillaume Boully. dssist Sur. Neville Neale, M.D. German, Franz Demmler, Carl Riding Master, Capt. John H./ Dressner.

Turner Warde.


Lt.-gen. Duke of Cambridge.
Ex officio.

Maj. gen. Geo. Aug. Wetherall. The Comm. in Chief, President.

Rt. Hon. Laurence Sulivan. The Secretary at War, Vice-Pres.

\–22ti2m222 The Bishop of London.

Gen. Hon. H. Murray. The Bishop of Winchester.

Gen. Sir Jas. Simpson.
The Paymaster General.

Col. W. F. Forster.
The Master Gen. of the Ordnance.
The Quarter Master General. Commandant, Col. J. Clark.
The Adjutant General.

Secretary & Adj., Maj.Edw, Adams.
The Governor of Chelsea Hospital. I Quarter-Master, Will. Cousins.
The Lieut. Gov. of Chel. Hospital. Surgeon, Thos. G. Balfour, M.D.
The Governor of the Royal Military Chaplain, Rev. W. S. O. Dusautoy.

Normal School The Colonel of the 1st Life Gnards.

Head Master, Rev. W. S. 0. The Colonel of the 2d Life Guards. Dusautoy. The Judge Advocate General.

Assist. Master, W. J. Reynolds B.A. The Deputy Secretary at War.

Second Master, George R. Renwick,

Model School. Specially appointed. Upper Master, Walter McLeod. Gen. Sir Howard Douglas, bt.

First Master, Thomas Baker Field Marshal Viscount Hardinge. Second

Second Master, John Diggens Gen. Sir Hew D. Ross.

Infant School. # Rt. Hon. Sidney Herbert. Master, Thomas E. Dexter.

The ROYAL HOSPITAL at Chelsea.

Chaplain, Rev. Geo. Mathias, M.A.
Ex Officio.

| 1st Class Clerks, F.H. Talman, C.T. The President of the Council. Revell, esqrs. The First Comm. of the Treasury. 2nd Class Clerks, Will. Grey, Rich. The Four Secretaries of State. Bellamy, G. A. Daller, Geo. Sills, The Paymaster General.

esqrs. The Gov. of Chelsea Hospital. Physician and Surgeon, Dan. MacThe Lieut.Gov.of Chelsea Hospital. lachlan, M.D. The Adjutant General.

Adjut., Lieut. J.J. C. Irby. The Quarter Master General. Deputy Surgeon, T.C.Gaulter, M.D. The Deputy Secretary at War. Assist.-Surgeon,

Specially appointed. Quarter Master, James Farrier. Lt. Gen. 4.Sir Will. L. Herries. Capts. of Invalids, Jn. Davern, Gen.

Military and Civil Officers. | Peevor, Aug. F. Evans, John Gov. Gen. Sir Colin Halket. 1 Ford, W. Chadwick, C. Edwards. Lt. Gov. Gen. Rt. Hon. Sir Edw. Housekeeper, Mrs. Anne M. Rerell. Blakeney.

Whitster, Mrs. Eliz. Ebhart. Maj. 4 Col. Sir J. Morillyon Wilson. Organist, Mrs. O. Williams. Secretary, Alex. J. Moorhead, esq. Clerk and Sexton, John Ravenhill.


Before 1612. Captain General and Col., H. R. H. Chaplain, Rev. John H. Knox, M.A. Prince Albert.

Quarter-Master, Mr. Geo. Ballin. President, W. T. Copeland, esq. ald. Physician, Henry Jeaffreson, M.D. Vice-President, Sir Jas. Duke, bt. Surgeons, W. W. Cooper, Bernard Treasurer, Sir Will. Magnay, bt. I E. Brodhurst, esqrs. Lieut. Colonel, Rt. Hon. H. Fitzroy. Secretary, Mr. Will. H. White. Majors, Samuel Barnard, J. H. Messenger, William Donalds. Reed, esqrs.

Master of the Band, J. Smithies. Adjutant, Will. H. Snell, esq.

ARMY-AGENTS. Atkinson, John, Ely-place, Dublin. (Downes and Son, 14, WarwicisBarron and Smith, 6, Duke-street, street, Charing-cross. Westminster.

Hopkinson & Co. 3, Regent-street. Borough, Sir Edward, Armit, and Kirkland, Sir John, 80, Pall Mall.

Co., Leinster-street, Dublin. Lawrie, Andrew, 10, Charles-street, Cane, Richard and Co., Dawson- St. James's. street, Dublin.

M'Grigor, Charles R. and Walter, Codd, Edw. S., 19, Fludyer-street. 17, Charles-street, St. James's. Cyllyer, George S., 9, Park-place. Ridgway,Alex.F. & Son, Leicester sq. St. James's.

Price & Boustead, 34, Craven-street. Cox and Co., Craig's-court, Cha- Tear, Laming W. (for Royal ring-cross.

| Marines) Hatton-garden.


Sir John Kirkland, Knt., 80, Pall Mall.



Lord High Chancellor, Lord Cranworth.
Master or Keeper of the Rolls, Rt. Hon. Sir John Romilly.

SRt. Hon. Sir Jas. L. Knight-Bruce, knt. Lords Justices of Appeal, 3

1ppear, Rt. Hon. Sir George James Turner, knt.

Sir Richard Torin Kindersley, knt.
Vice-Chancellors, Sir John Stuart, knt.

Sir Will. Page Wood, knt.
Accomptant General, William Russell, esq.
Chief Clerk, Benjamin Lewis, esq.
Clerks, Messrs., Thomas Bacon, Thomas Boult, Seth M. Ward,

Jas. Prendergast, Sam. Renard, Wills Kitson, Fras. H. Curtis,
Samuel Parkinson, jun., Henry Vaugban, Benj. Lewis, jun., John
Headland, Henry J. Haines, T.W.Jeffcott, Geo, P. Lyne, Chas.
H. Price, Jas. Walker, Jos. N. Dalton, John Hair, Jas. S.
Balmer, A. H. Joyes, Jn. L. Evans, Rob. Hair, Caleb Evans,
T. H. Parkinson, W. C. Browne, Albert Buttery, c. F. Fisher,
S. L. Maclean, F. Naylor, Will. Oliver.

MASTERS, - Office in Southampton-buildings.

Principal Clerks. Copying Clerks.
Sir Geo. Rose, knt.............Mr. Hornidge.. ..Mr. Vine.
Richard Richards, esq. ......Mr. Rae ........ Mr. Thompson.
Will. Henry Tinney, esq.......Mr. Wright...... Mr. Lewis.
John Elijah Blunt, esq.........Mr. Buckley .... Mr. Edw. King.
Joseph Humphry, esq. ......Mr. Drake ......Mr. King.

Messenger, Will. Worden.

Francis Barlow, esq., Edward Winslow, esq.
Visitors of LUNATICS,- Office, 45, Lincoln's Inn-fields.
Will. Phillimore, esq., Dr. H. H. Southey, Dr. John Bright, Fras.

Barlow, esq., Edw. Winslow, esq.
Secretary, Henry Enfield, esq.

Taxing MASTERS,- Office, Staple Inn.
Taring Masters

Chief Clerks. Seeond Clerks. Henry Ramsay Baines, esq. Mr. Thos. Bannehr .. Mr. Will. Stokes. Robert Bayly Follett, esq... Mr. Richardson....... Mr. Will. Chanıbers. Philip Martineau, esq. ....Mr. Mills. ....... ..Mr. Samuel Fenn. Richard Mills, esq. ........Mr. F. Nortou. ...... Mr. Rob. Jenner. John Wainewright, esq. ....Mr. Bacon. ..........Mr. Rob. Laybourn Joseph Parkes, esq. ...... Mr. Temple. ....... .Mr. Will. Linsell.

Messenger, Henry Goodearl.

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