ACCOUNTANT Gen. DeparTMENT. Superintendent Engineer, Jas. H.
Accountant General, H. Smith, esq. | Burton, esq.
Chief Clerk,

| Hampton Court & St. James's. Ass. Chief Clerk, W. Mitchell, esq. Furbisher, Charles Moore. Senior Clerks, J. R. P yne, E. Ma- EstaB. Of The Royal MILITARY tiny, E. G. Bower, T. Scarth, W.

ACADEMY, Thomas, S. S. Garrett, P. Stew- |

Woulwich. art, R. Wilkinson, J.G. Mackay,

Lt. Gov. Maj.-Gen. Geo. G. Lewis, C. W. Barnham, S. Brown, F. Ř. L.

r.e. Bertolacci, H. L. Hearsum, T.

\Insp., Lt.-Col. J. E. Portlock, r.e. Buncombe, A. Austin, J. Mac

assist. Inspector, Maj. T. Elwin, lean, W. C. Byers, esqrs. Junior Clerks, H. W. S. Whiffin,

T. a.

Professor of Mathematics, Joseph A. Harrison, T. E. T. Ripley, J. W. Chalmer, G. J. T. Marriott,

| Sylvester, esq.

Maihematical Masters, Jas. R. ChrisS. Groom, J. J. Bourne, H. A.

| tie, W. Rutherford, J. F.Heather, March, W. Alexander, H. S. Hood, G. W. Lovell, J. Purbrick,

| S. Fenwick, esqrs., Rev. George

| Boddy, W. Racster, esq., Rev. F. J. N. Gladstone, H. H. Bond, C. |

1 W. Vintner. Freer, J. Fowler, C. Tapp, C. W. E. Hope, F. Burton, L. N. Cho- |

Professor of Fortification, Capt.

- P.J. Bainbrigge, r.P. veaux, H. K. Tootal, V. S. Ford,

Assistants, Capt. C. S. Hutchinson,
H. Harding, J. Perry, J. Ford, A.

Ir. e., Capt. J. Wilson, r.e.
Stewart, F. Amadei, A. A. Slade, l,
W. E. S. Oram, E. C. Cornes,

Master for Plan Drawing, Capt.

John Gore.
H. H. Underwood, J. St. Law-

Instructor in Descriptive Geometry, rence, A. P. Gray, 0. D'Alton,

I Thos. Bradley.
W. P. England, J. P. Payne, E.
Watts, E. R. Blackett, esqrs.

Masters fur Geometrical Drawing,

Geo. S. Pritchard, Capt. C. R. Draftsmen in charge of Plans, 8c.,

S. B. Howlett, Joseph Nighten-

Master for Landscape, Mr. James gale, esqrs.

Messenger daily from Woolwich to
Pall Mall, Chas. Lomas.


Second ditto, G. B. Campion.

French Masters, A. Lovey, Aigre Clerk of Works, James Baker.

de Charente. Housekeeper, at Pall Mall, Mrs.

Assist. do. L. Stievenard, P. Munro. Clock-maker,

| Barrere.

German Masters, Heinrich A. Solicitor for the War Department, C. G. Bannister, esq.

Troppaneger, C. A. Feiling.

Assistant Masters, G. Solling, F.

Lecturer on Chemistry, M. Faraday, Temporary Inspector of Manufacture esq., LL.D.

of Arms, R. W. Gunner. |Instructor in Surveying, and Prac. Assist. Superintendent, Edwin Lad- tical Field Fortifications to the more, esq.

Senior Class, Capt. C. R. Binney,


Assist., Capt. C. S. Hutchinson, Clerks, Gordon Munro, A. Gun. | R.E. ner, esqrs.

Instructor in Practical Artillery, Superintendent of Small Arms, Jas. Lieut. C. F. Young, R.A. Gunner, esqrs.

Assist., Lieut. R. W. Haig, R.A.


Ditto in History and Geography, | ROYAL CARRIAGE Department. Rev. Geo. Boddy.

Superintendent, Lt. Col. A. Tulloh, Chaplain, Rev. A. C. Frazer.

R.A. Lecturers-Geology and Mineralogy, Captain Instructor, Capt. Henry

Mr. Tennant; Practical Astro- Clerk, R.A. nomy, Mr. T. M. Goodeve ; Me

Storekeeper, F. Fullom, esq. hanics, Machinery, and Metallurgy, Clerks, Chas. A. Ellis, James Baker, Mr. Anderson.

R. E. Nicholson, St. John Clerke, Instructor in Chemis., Mr.F.A.Abel.

J. R. Manifold, T. Proctor. Clerk, Will. McGee.

Constructor. J. Millard. Modeller, Peter Meadows.

Assistant Constructor, N. Norman. Modelling Smith, John Welch.

Supernumerary Assist. Constructor, CARSHALTON ACADEMY. Everett Denton. Principal, Capt. P. Maclean.

Mathematical Masters, Rev. James

Watson, Rev. E. A. Claydon. Inspector, J. Anderson.
Senior Classical Master, Rev. T. R. Clerk, c. Hobson.

Draftsman, J. A. Hay.
Junior Math. and Classical Master, Royal MILITARY REPOSITORY.
Rev. H. C. Watson. B.A.

Superintendent, Lt. Col.R. Hardinge, French Master, M. Benoit.

R.A. German Master, M. Gustav. Solling. | Royal ENGINEERS DEPARTMENT, Drawing Master, Mr. G. B. Moore.

Woolwich. Writing Master, Mr. D. Croniu.

Com. Roy. Engineers, Col. Cole. Assist. Ditto, Mr. R. Merritt.

Brig. M. Roy. Sap. and Miners Surgeon, Dr. J. H. Shorthouse.

Capt. Yorke. ROYAL ARSENAL, Woolwich. Clerks of Works, Messrs. Williain Royal LABORATORY.

Cartwright, C. Rees, Will. AtherSuperintendent, Capt. E. M. Boxer, den, J. Bosworth, N. Walker. R.A.

Clerks, B. Green, J. Edkins, J. H. Captain Inspector, Capt. G. H. A. Scarth, J. W. Connolly. Fraser, R.A.

Foremen of Works, Messrs. Chas. Captain Tester, Capt. Orr, R.A. Sendy, John Hopkins, T. W. Assistant Fire-Master at Priddy's Knight. Hard, Capt. R. C. Romer.


Civil Superintendent, Thomas A. G. LONDON DISTRICT
Satchwell, esq.

(The Tower).
Clerks, J. Greensill, C. Piper, J. C. Store-keeper, Rich. Eaton, esq.

Angell, T. Sparkes, W.J. Eagle, Dep. Store-keeper, E. C. King, esq.
J. Knight, M. L. Hillier, J. Weld, Senior Clerks, Thos. Pearce, j.

C. J. Bridgeford, J. Farrell. Baker, T. N. Collier, E. PenSuperintendent of the Royal Gun gelly, W. C. Moore, Thos. E.

Factories Department, Lieut. Col. King, esqrs.
Wilmot, R.A.

Junior Clerks, Sam. B. McLean, W. Captain Instructor, Capt. A. Vande A. Holmes, Chas. S. Elliott, G. leur, R.A.

Kane, A. S. Beswick, N. R. Clerks, T. H. Monk, J. H. Chap Raven, M. 0. Miller, H. J. P. man, Will. J. Elliott.

Parry, G. B. Sparrow, G. G. Examiner of Ordnance and Projec Munro, E. R. Liverotti, A. Wil. tiles, John Morgan.

kinson, J. Mason, F. H. Mitchell, Founder, Sam. Eccles.

F. Baker, W. Bourke, W. E.

E. Collier, W. H. Chambers, B. Clerk, T. A. White.
S. Pearson, G. M, Thorn, w.

CHESTER. Spain, G. E. Lane, D.O. Riordan, Store-keeper, John Walker, esq. esqrs.

Assist. Clerks, G. Förbes, R. Walsh, Store-keeper, Jas. Windsor, esq.
M. J. J. Knight, J. J. Barlow, W.


Dep. Store-keeper, Dav. Wilkie, esq. Inspectors of Slores, Jas. Pew, John

HULL. Saffery, J.J. Lardner, esqrs. Store-keeper, Joseph Tarn, esq. WoolwiCH.

Clerk, Wm. Peel. Store-keeper, F. Pellatt, esq.

LANDGUARD-Fort and Harwich. Deputy Store-keeper, William Mor

Store-keeper, C. Sharpe, esq. ris, esq.

Clerk, J. H. B. Oakes. Clerks, J. S. Dicken, W.T. Forster, A. H. Young, J. D. Harry, Will. Den, Store-keeper, G. Sandes, esq.

ALDERNEY. O'Neill, Horatio A. Russell,

PEMBROKE. Edw. P. Suggate, H. Blakeney,

Dep. Store-keeper, E.Chavner, esq.
J. Keen, H. H. R. Hewitt, C. W.
E. Holloway, Noblett Phillips, Den. Store-keeper, C.K. Cleeve, esq.

J. Elliott, R. W. Cass, C. D.
Forbes, E. Nicoll, T. Pease, J. |


WALTHAM-ABBEY. Superintendent of Shipping, S. B. Superintendent of the Royal Factory Cook, esq.

of Gunpowder, Lieut. col. W. H. Clerk, John Bacon.

Askwith, R.A.

Captain Instructor, Major Baddeley,
Store-keeper, Henry T. Jones, esq. R.d.
Clerks, P. K. Sewers, J.F. Dalrym- Dep.Store-keeper, Rich.S. A. Bissett,
ple, F. S. Shepherd.

esq. DOVER.

Clerks, G. E. Durnford, Duncan Store-keeper, John Gange, esq.

Clerk, Wm. King.

Master Worker, Will. Adams.

Store-keeper, Alex. Stewart, esq.

HYDE PARK. Deputy Ditto, E. M. Moore, esq. Clerks, Edw. Edwards, G. Charlier. Dep. Store-keeper, Jas. St. George, J.J. Lake, T. Timbrell, W. S.


Thorpe, W. B. Le Geyt, D.

| Dep. Storekeeper, Jas. Duncan, esq. HILSEA.

PURFLEET. Superintendent of Ordnance Pro

Store-keeper, J. Greensill, esq.

Clerks, John Maundrill, "John perty, F. M. Downman, esq. DEVONPORT.

| Macentosh, G. T. Romilly. Store-keeper, Joseph Pellatt, esg. Surgeon, Charles Vidal. Deputy Ditto, A. C. Windeyer.

1 TILBURY AND GRAVESEND. Clerks, F. B. Glinn, H, P. Hunt, Store-keeper, 1. T. Knight, esq. Jas. F. Edwards, J. C. Willis.


Deputy Store-keeper, John Shep-
Dep. Store-keeper, Richard M. 0. herd, esq.
Zanne, esq.

Clerk, Sidney L. P. Smith,
Clerk, A. H. B. Stapleton.


Store-keeper, Aug. Wright, esq.
Dep.Store-keeper, Geo. Bayly, esq. I Clerk, S. J. Yates.


Dep. Store-keeper at Fort Beaufort, Deputy Store-keeper, Thomas R. H. W. Piers, esq. Agnew, esq.

Ditto ut King William's Town, KEYHAM-Point.

Francis Bird, esq. Store-keeper, and Assist.Fire Master,

peper. and Assiet. Fire Master Clerk, Henry Taylor. Chas. Ellis, esg.

Deputy Store-keeper, at Simon's Clerk, G. Marshall.

Town, J. Pearson, esq.

Dep. Store-keeper, Port Natal, John TYNEMOUTH.

B. Cole, esq. Dep. Store-keeper, Will. B. Stapley,

| Clerk, George A, Brunett. esq.

| Store-keeper, at Graham's Town, WEEDON.

J.C. Saunder, esq. Store-keeper, C. H. Cooper, esq.

| Dep.Store-keeper, W.H.A.Scott,esq. SCOTLAND.

Clerks, W. Blake, H. Blackmore,

R. Wolfe, E. C. Saunder.

China: Hong Kong.
Store-keeper, Thos. Gibbs, esq.
Clerk, James A. Figg.

Store-keeper, J. C. Rowland, esq.

Clerks, W. F. Wright, G. J. Purkis, Dep. Store-keeper, A. Gun, esq.

F. C. P. Silveira, H.C. Smith. Forr-GEORGE.

Dep. Store-keeper, W. King, esq. Store-keeper at Colombo, W. H. G.

Johnstone, esq.
FOREIGN STATIONS. Clerk, W. S. Dawson.

| Dep. Store-keeper, Point de Galle, AUSTRALIA. Deputy Store-keeper at Sydney, P.

D. J. Fretz.

CORFU. Wilkinson, esq.

Store-keeper, G. Wyatt, esq. Clerk, T. Lawry.

pich | Clerks, A. C. Macduff, W. Quinland, Store-keeper at Hobart Town, Rich. CA

E. J. Cheetham, T. s. Marshall."
Rogers, esq.
Dep. Ditto, Will. Windsor.

Clerks, T. A. Donahoo, Henry Clerk in Charge, C. Davis, esq.
Smith, E. Gresley, G. J. Neill.


Store-keeper, Peter Drouet, esq. Store-keeper, Capt. Gordon.
Clerk, H. M. Knapp.

Dep. Store-keepers, G. G. Munro, J. BARBADOES.

Nicholls, esqrs. Store-keeper, F. M. Cromartie, esq. Clerks, E. Lloyd, R. Mead, M. J. Clerks, Peter Warwick, C. Ralph. McKittrick, J. Easton. BERMUDA.

DEMERARA. Store-keeper, W. L. Penno, esq. Store-kreper, R. A. T. Walker, esq. Clerks, M. Raynes, G. C. Murray. Clerk, T. W. H. Sanderson. BOSPHORUS.

GIBRALTAR. Store-keeper, H. Tatum, esq. Store-keeper, Rich. Forman, esq. Dep Store-keeper, W.M. King, esq. Deputy Ditto, G. Stokes, esq. Clerks, W. R. Jenney, G. E. March, Clerk of Works, Rob. Rich. E. H. Steel, P. F. J. Cammilleri. Clerks, S. Wright, W. H. Parkyn,

Cape of Good Hope. 1 M. G. Balneavis, C. C. Relph, D. Store-keeper at Cape Town, G. E. Riera. Pett, esq.

GAMBIA. Dep. Store-keeper, G.C.Holden, esq. Clerk in Charge, J. Rendall, esq. Clerks, J.P. Serrurier, W. G. Boyes,

Halifax. E. W. Cooper.

Store-keeper, Henry Ince, esq.

Der. Store-keeper, W. H. Tapp, esq.

New ZEALAND. Clerks, L. Poole, H. Bagenall, E. Auckland, Dep. Storekeeper, W. V. Raynes, W. Marvin.

Plummer, esq. Assist. Clerk, G. F. Stephens. Wellington, Dep. Storekeeper, J. O. HONDURAS.

Hamley, esq. Dep. Store-keeper, H. de R. Maxwell,

Prince Edward's ISLAND. esq. Clerk, John J. Lilley,

Clerk in Charge, Isaac Rigby.

Store-keeper, Jos. Leacock, esq.

Store-keeper, W. A. Holwell, esq. Deputy Ditto, Rich. Rogers, jun., |

Clerks, T. B. Harvey, H. J. Rogers. esq.

St. Helena. Clerks, S. King, H. F. Travers, c. Deputy Store-keeper, Hen. Topping, F. Marriott.

esq. KINGSTON (Upper Canada.)

Clerk, G. R. Broadway. Store-keeper, Jas. A. Harvey, esg. | St. John's, NEWFOUNDLAND. Clerks, J. Durnford, Glen Dupuy. Deputy Store-keeper, John Tun

bridge, esq.

Clerk, Noel Hanmer.
Store-keeper, Jeremy Jones, esq.
Deputy Ditto, F. A. Galletly, esq.

Saint Lucia.

Store-keeper, G. W. Barry.
Clerks, J. Farr, T. Manford, A. Clerk
Montanaro, W. D. Bennett, c.
Bonavia, - Gatt.

Santa Maura.

Deputy Store-keeper, Philip F. Store-keeper, Rob. Macfarlane, esq

Daston, esq. Clerks, John Darné, C. H. Rum

Sierra LEONE. bold, Philip Hunt.

Dep. Store-keeper, John Drew, esq.

Clerks, R. J. Hamilton, T. W. MONTREAL.

Goodall. Store-keeper, James S. Elliott, esq. |

TRINCOMALEE. Dep. Store-keeper, W.H. Blenkarne, Store-keeper, W. H. Trant, esq.

esq. Clerks, Edw. Fayrer, John Greig,


Edw. Wilgress, G. Wilgress,
Edw, Cattell.

** Dep. Store-keeper, W.S. Forster, esq. New BRUNSWICK.

Clerk, H. J. Spiller. Dep. Store-keeper, F. C. Frith, esq. /

ZANTE. Clerks, Sam. Huyghue, Rob. Pick- | Deputy-Storekeeper, Theodore S. tball.

| Ford, esq.

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