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(V.-Adm. Hon. | 1 July 54°

(J. K. E. Baird, Ar. Price Nore, Waterloo .. 1 W. Gordon.

4 July, 54 S

W. Hick

Hon. Arth. Hay,
Portsmouth, Victory.

(V. Adm. Sir T.
J. Cochrane

18 Dec.
52 1 12 May, 55

man. Devonport, Imprego) Adm. Sir Will. 1 May

KSF. W. Turton, US Charles nable ........... Parker, bt.

10 Aug. 54 Richards. JR.-Adm. Sir G.

W.F. Robinson, W. D. Cork, Conway........

8 Aug. 55 "9 Aug. 55S I Jeans. R. Sartorius..)

Step. H.
Woolwich, Fisgard .{

John 31 Dec. 53
Shepherd ..)

TR.-Adm. Hon.
ir R.-Adm. Hon. Uioroh s

William 19 Feb, 55

John Palmer, 10

" March, 55 (Dyer.
Duke of
Wellington S
Capt. of the Fli.

W. A. G.
R.-Adm. Hon. 19 Feb. 55

1 Young. cular

1 F.T. Pelham Ser

Hugh F.

Rich. B. Pearse,
R. Adm. Sir M.
Exmouth ....

19 Feb. 55

Seymour ..) vice


22 Feb. 55 N Pullen. 12 v

Lionel Lam ber
Retribution .LR.-Adm. R. L.

James R.
Baynes ....S

13 Mar. 55313 Mar. 55 | Andrews. Royal SR.-Adm. Sir E. . Adm. Sir E.

M L.)! Frederick 27 Oct. 53 Rol Algernon

Cleeve. Albert St Lyons, Bt..)

Lyons, 9 Dec. 54 ( Will, B. Elphin

| Arthur MediterHannibal.. | R.-Adm. Hous

stone, 11 Feb. 55 R ton Stewart

Jones. ranean

Charles A

Sidm. S. Skip-
R.-Adm. C. H.
Leander ..
18 June,55 3 with. 19 June, 55 !

Fremantle )

1 Tim. T.

Sir M. Macgrell
(R.-Adm. Hon.
Harpy ....

23 Jan. 55
17 F. W. Grey S

pogor,bt., 19Jan.55 | Jennings.

por.bt.. 19 Jan.55 N. Ame- Boscawen R.-Adm. Ar.) 23 Nov. 53

H. W. Corneck, I Will. L. rica

Inch. and Terma- lii Comm. Henry ? Fanshawe . }

7 30 June, 55

1 Will. T. W. Indies

3 Aug.

Grieve. Igant. Kellett ...... Pacific, President .. Rear-Adm. H.

Geo. P.

John R, Alex-
W. Bruce ..)
• } 25 Nov. 54

1 ander, 27 Nov.54! Martin. S.E. Coast of Ame-U

SR.-Adm. W.J.) rica, Indefatigable.)


1 John, 27 Aug. 55 ) H. Johnstones

CaptM.J. ini. Winchester TR.-Adm. Sir J. la lan edi Chas. Stirling. 1

Stirling Kt. )

3 July, 35"

Thos. W. Cape of Good Hope, ) Comm. H. D.) 21 June,54

HaverSeringapatam ... Trotter ....S

field. W. Coast of Africa,

James C. Comm. John 10 April 54

Pinhorn. Scourge ..........)

| Adams, Sen.o. Admiral Superin-) tendent at Ports. W! Rear-Adm. W. 23 Nov.5338 Feb. 55.

}( Harvey. mouth, St. Vincent

F. Martin..)
Adm. Superinten. IR.-Adm. Sir J. 119 Feb. 55
dent at Devonport, H.Plumridge,

March, 55 | Crealock.
Royal William ....
Admiral Superin.) (R.-Adm. Hon. )

Harry Smith, 14 Thos. A. tendent at Malta, 3 Sir Montagu 1 4 Jan. 55

Feb. 55

Telfer. Ceylon .....


. 55

1 May, 54 (C. 0. H. P. St. Is Fred. J.

John N.



23 Nov. 3. ST.

W. S.

19 Feb. 55. (H. P. Dicken, 13)



First Rated Ships. 1st Rate .. All of .. .. .. .. 110 Guns & upwds. {950 men &

1 upwards. (One of Her Majesty's) 2nd Rate.. 3 Yachts, and all > 80 to 110 Guns ..

20 10 5750 to 950 l Ships of .. ..) Other Yachts, includ-)

ing suchvessels as bear 3rd Rate .. the flag or pendant of \70 to 80 Guns

S620 to 750 an Adm.orCpt.super

"men. intending a Dock Yd.

and all Ships of 4th Rate .. Ships of .. .. .. .. 50 to 70 Guns 450 to 620

• men. 5th Rate .. Ships of .. .. .. .. 30 to 50 Guns.. {300 to 450 6th Rate .. All other Ships bearing a Captain.


Second RATED Ships. Sloops and Bomb-Ships and all other Vessels commanded by Commanders,

THIRD RATED SHIPS. All smaller Vessels not classed as above, and to have such smaller

Complements as the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty may from time to time direct.

Ships building are marked *. Aboukir, 90, Deron nean, Capt. Hon.J.R. Arachne, 18, Deport

Drummond, Comm. | vonport Achille, 78, Sheerness Thos. M. S. Pasley | Arethusa, 50, DevonAcorn, 12, Chatham. Alfred, 50, Portsmouth port Acteon, 26, Ports- Amazon, 26, Devon- Asia, 84, Portsmouth mouth


Atalanta, 16, DevonActive, 40, Chatham America, 50, Devon-l port Æolus, Store Ship,


Atholl, 4, Greenock Portsmouth

Amethyst, 26, Devon- Azov, Schooner Gun Africaine, 44, Chat port

Boat ham

Amphitrite, 24, Pacific, Beacon, Mortar Vessel Agincourt, 72, Devon Capt. Rich. Burridge Belleisle, 6, Hospital, port

Andromeda, 44, Devon- Baltic, Comm. John Alarm, 26, Devonport, port

Hosken Capt. D. Curry Apollo, 8, Store Ship, Bellerophon, 78, PortsAlbatross, 12, Chata Mediterranean

mouth ham

Arab,12,N.Am.&W.In. Benbow, 72, Sheerness Albion, 90, Mediterra- ! Comm. Graham Ogle Bittern, 12, E. Indies,



Comm. Edw.W. Van- Ceylon, 36, Malta, Flag Despatch, 12, Chatsittart

Ship of Adm. Super-| ham Blazer, Mortar Vessel intendent R. Admiral Devonshire, Prison, Boadicea, 42, Chatham | Hon. Sir M. Stopford; Sheerness Bombay, 84, Devon- Capt. C. G. Robinson, Diamond, 27, Mediterport

Comm. Edw.G. Hore ranean, Capt. C. B. Bonetta, 3, Chatham Champion, 14, Ports Hamilton Boscawen, 70, Flag Nil mouth

Diana, 42, Chatham Americ and w. In-Chatham, Yacht, Dido, 18, Pacific, Capt. dies ; R. Adm. Arthur Chatham

W.H. A. Morshead Fanshawe, Capts. W. Chichester, 50, Dolphin, 3, W. Coast of F. Glanville, `Henry Sheerness

Africa W. Bayfield; Comm. Childers, 12, West Dublin, 50, Devonport Fred. A. Egerton Coast of Africa, Eagle, 50, Devonport John Orlebar

Comm. V. G. Hickley Egmont, 72, Portsmouth Bramble, 10, Austra- Circe, 42, Devonport Electra, 14, Australian lian Station

Clarence, 84, Devon Station, Comm. Will. Brilliant, 20, Sheerness

Morris Britannia, 120, Ports- Cleopatra, 26,Chatham. Elk, 12, Chatham mouth

Clyde, 42, Sheerness Endymion, 44, Devon. Britomart, 8, W. Coast Cockatrice, 4, Paof Africa, Comm. A. cific

Enterprise, 4, Chatham * Hesseltine

Collingwood, 80, Espiegle, 12, N. AmeCalcutta, 84, Ports- Portsmouth.

rica and W. Indies, mouth, Capt. J. J. Comus, 14, E. Indies,| Comm. E.H.G.LamStopford, Comm. F. Comm. Rob.Jenkins | bert H. Stevens

Conquestador, 50, Eurydice, 26, N. Am. Caledonia, 120, Devon Sheerness

& West Indies, Capt. Constance, 50, Devon J. W. Tarleton Calliope, 26, Devon-l port

Excellent, Gunnery Ship, port

Contest, 12, Ports Portsmouth, Capt. Sir Calypso, 18, Chatham mouth.

T. Maitland; Comm. Canıbrian, 40, Devon-Conway, 14, Flag, Cork, D. M. L. Mackenzie port

R. Adm. Sir G. R. Express, 6, S. E. Coast Cambridge, 78, Devon- Sartorius, Capt. J. of America, Comm. port Fulford

Henry Boys. Camel, Mortar Vessel Cornwall, 50, Sheer- Fanny, Tender, PortsCamilla, 16, Devonportness

Imouth Canopus, 84, Devon- Crane, Brig, Devonport Fantome, 12, Sloop, port

Creole, 26, Devonport | Australian Station, Carnatic, 72, Ports. Crocodile, &, of the Comm. J. H. Gennys mouth

Tower, Comm. W. Favourite, 14, DevonCarron, Mortar Vessel Greet

port Carysfort, 26, Ports Cumberland, 70, Chat- Ferret, 8, Sloop, West mouth.. ham

Coast of Africa, Castor, 36, Cape of Good Cygnet, 8, Devonport Comm. C. T. Leckic Hope

Daedalus, 20, Devonport Fisgard, 42, Wuolwich, Cerberus, 42, Devon Daphne, 18, Chatham Commodore John port

Daring, 12, N. Ame- Shepherd Ceres, Tender, Ports. rica and w. Indies, Flora, 40, Devonport mouth

Comm. G. J. Napier Formidable, 84, SheerCerus, Tender, Ports- Dart, 3, Cape of Good ness, Cap.J.J.Tucker, mouth Hope

Comm. J. Thompson


Foudroyant, 78, Devon- ! Comm. Samuel Mor-| ranean, Capt. A. L. port rish

Kuper; Comm. Oct. Fox, 42, Portsmouth *Immortalité, 60, Pem Cumberland Frolic, 16, Cape of G.H./ broke

Madagascar, 44, Rio de Comm. M. S. Nolloth Implacable, 72, Train Janeiro, Comm. J. Ganges, 84, Sheerness ing Ship, Devonport, P. Thurburn Gipsy, Tender to Flag Capt. A. Lowe Mæander, 44, White at Cork

Impregnable, 104, Flag, Sea, Capt. T. Baillie Glatton, 14, Floating Devonport, Admiral Magnet, Mortar Vessel

Battery, Mediter Sir W. Parker, Manly, Mortar Vessel ranean

Capt. Chas. Wise, Mariner, 12,N.America Gloucester,50, Chatham Comm. J. R. Rodd and W.Indies, Conım. Goliath, 80, Chatham Inconstant,36, Emigra- T. Cochran Gossamer, Cutter, tion Hospital Ship, Martin, 12, Devonport Sheerness


Mastif, Mortar Vessel Grampus, 50, Ports- Indefatigable, 50, Flag, Meeanee, 80, Chatham mouth

S. E. Coast of Ame- Melampus, 42, MediGrappler, Mortar Vessel rica, R. Adm. W.J. terranean, Capt. J. Grecian,12, East Indies, Hope Johnstone,Capt. Borlase

Comm. G. Blane Thos. Hope, Comm. *Melpomene, 60, PemGriffon, 3, Portsmouth W. G. Luard

broke Growler, Mortar Vessel Indus, 78, Devonport Melville, 72, PortsHamadryad, 42, Devon-! McClure

mouth port

Iris, 26, Chatham Mercury, 42, Chatham Hardy, Mortar Vessel Isis, 44, Chatham Mercury, Tender Harlequin, 12, Devon- Java, 50, Portsmouth Mermaid, 42, Chatport

Jumna, 16 Brig, Chat- ham Hart, Tender, Sheerness ham

Meteor, Floating BaiHavannah, 19, Devon- Juno, 26, Australian tery, Mediterranean,

port, Capt. T. Harvey Station, Capt. S. G. Capt. F. P. B, SeyHavock, Mortar Vessel Freemantle

mour Hazard, 14, Portsmouth Kangaroo, 12, Chatham Minden, Hong Kong Helena, 16, Portsmouth Kingfisher, 12, Devon- Minerva, 42, PortsHerald, 8, Feejee Is- port

lands, Capt. H. M. Lancaster, 50, Devon-Modeste, 18, MediterDenham port

ranean, Comm. Aug Hercules, 2, Hong Kong Larne, 14, Sheerness Butler Heroine, 8, Devonport Latona, 42, Chatham Monarch, 84, Flag, PaHeron, 12, Chatham Laurel, 42, Portsmouth cific. R. Adm. H. W. Hibernia, 104, Devon- Leander, 50, Flag, Me- Bruce; Capt. G. E. port

diterranean, R. Adm. Patey, Comm. M. Hindostan, 78, Devon-1 C. H. Freemantle, Connolly. port

Capt. W. Moorsom Musquito, 16, Deron*Hood, 80, Chatham Leda, 44, Devonport

port Hope, Tender, Sheerness Leonidas, 42, Sheer- Naiad, 42, Callao Hotspur, 44, Devonport ness

Nankin, 50, E. Indies, Hound, 8, Devonport Liberty, 12, Devonport Capt. Hon. K.Stewart Hyacinth, 14, Ports. Lily, 12, Devonport *Narcissus, 50, Demouth

Linnet, 8, Brig, West vonport Illustrious, 26, Ports- | Coast of Africa, Nautilus, 6, Devonport

mouth, Capt. R.Harris Comm. Hen. Need. Nelson, 120,Portsmouth Imaum, 72, Receiv- Lion, 80, Devonport Nenesis, 44, Devoning ship, Jamaicu, London, 90, Mediter-/ port

| mouth

Neptune, 120, Part. Prompt, Mortar Ves- Ship of Ordinary, Serv., Capt. Fred. sel

Portsmouth, R. Adm. Hutton, Comm. R. Proserpine, 42, Devon W.F. Martin, Capt. T. Bedford port

G. A. Eliott, Comm. Nerbudda, 12, Cape of Queen, 116, Mediter- E. Franklin

Good Hope, Comm. ranean, Capt. R. F. Sappho, 12, Sloop, ChatHen. A. Kerr

Stopford, Comm. R. ham. Nereus, 42, Store De w. Courtenay Saracen, Brig, E. Indies

pot, Valparaiso Queen Charlotte, 104, Saturn, Pembroke, Capt. Netley, 8, N. America, Portsmouth

Rob. Smart, Comm. and W. Indies Racehorse, 14, East Arthur McG. Skinner Nimrod, 6, Despatch Indies, Comm. Ed. Scorpion, 6, IV". Indies Niobe, 28, Devonport K. Barnard

Seaflower, 4, PortsNorth Star, Sheerness Raleigh, 50, Ports- mouth Octavia, 50, Devon moath

Sealark, 8, Portsmouth port

Ranger, 8, Devonport Seringapatam, Coul DePandora, 4, Australian Rapid, 8, East Indies, pot, Cape of Good

Station, Comm. By Comm. J. E. Mont Hope, Commodore ron Drury gomerie

H. D. Trotter Pembroke, 60, Baltic, Rattlesnake, 8, Partic. Serpent, 12, Portsmouth

Capt. G. H. Seymour Serv., Comm. H. *Severn, 50, Chatham Penguin, 6, Devonport Trollope

Siren, 16, Sheerness, Persian, 12, Sheerness Raven, Mortar Vessel Comm. R. J. Otway Peterel, 6, Devonport Resistance, 10, Part. Siriu3, 42, Portsmouth Phaeton, 50, Sheerness | Serv.

Snipe, 2, Devonport Philomel, 8, West Coast Redbreast, Mortar Southampton, 50, Chatof Africa, Comms. Vessel

ham În. Ned. Skene, F. Rocket, Mortar Vessel Sparrow, 2, Devonport S. Dalison

Rodney, 90, Mediter. Spartan, 26, E. Indies, Phæbe, 50, Devonport ranean, Capt. Hon. Capt. Sir W.Hoste,bt. Pilot, 12, Devonport H. Keppel, Comm. Speedy, 2, Sheerness Pique, 40, Pacific, Cpt. G. W. Towsey Spy, 3, S. E. Coast of

Sir F. W. E. Nichol. Rolla, 6, Portsmouth America son, bt.

Rover, 16, Devonport Squirrel, 12, Devonport Plymouth, Yacht, De- Royal Adelaide, 104, Stag, 44, Devonport vonport


Star, 8, S.E. Coast of Porpus, 1, Mortar Vessel Royalist, 6, Portsmouth America, Comm. A. Portland, 50, Devon- | *Royal Frederick, 116, Boyd port I Portsmouth

Sultan, 72, Portsmh. Portsmouth, Yacht, Royal William, 120, Superb, 80, Chatham Portsmouth

Guard Ship of Ordi. Surly, Mortar Vessel Powerful, 84, Ports- nary, Devonport, R. Sutlej, 50, Portsmouth mouth, Capt. T. L. Adm. Sir J.H.Plum- Swift, 6, Devonport Massie, Comm. G. B. ridge, Capt. J. King- Sybille, 40, East Indies Rutherford

come, Comm. J. B. Capt. Hon, C. G. J. President, 50, Pacific, Cragg

B. Elliot Capt. Ć. Frederick Rossel, 60, Baltic, Sylph, Tender, Devon*Prince of Wales, 120, Capt. F. Scott Portsmouth

St. George, 120, Ports- Sylvia, 6, Devonport Prince Regent, 90,1 mouth, Capt. Harry Talbot, 22, Sheerness Portsmouth

Eyres, Comm. C. H.Terpsichore, 18, ChaPrincess Charlotte, 104,! May

tham Portsmouth

St. Vincent, 102, Guard Thalia, 42, Portsmouth


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