Sergeant at Arms attending the Lord BAND of Music, 24.

Chancellor, Lt.-col. Alex. Perceval. Master, George Anderson, esq. Sergeant at Arms attending the House Conductor, J. C. E. Nickel, esq. of Commons, Lord Chas. Jas. Fox

Samuel Tuckwell. Russell.

Henry Colquhoun. Inspector at Buckingham Palace,

Francis André. Richard Cripps, esq.

Ernest Spellerberg. Ditto at Windsor Castle, John

Francis André, jun. Roberts, esq.

Charles Godfrey. Tapissier at Windsor Castle, Mr.

Edward Hopkins.
Edw. P. Collins.

William Youngman.
Tapissier at Osborne, Mr. Arthur William Best.
G. Butcher.

James Lee.
Tapissier at Holyrood Palace, Mr.

Chas. Hind. Owen Gough.

Henry G. Blagrove. Attendants in the State Apartments

George Hardy. at Windsor Castle, Mr. John Sly,

Henry Pope Hardy. Mr. Jos. Studd.

William Hardy. St. James's, Housekeeper of the State

Henry Malsch. Apartments, Mrs. Procter,

Joseph Williams. Housekeeper, Mrs. Nash.

Edw. J. Card. Housekeeper, Buckingham Palace,

John G. Waetzig. Miss Pontet.

Will. Egerton. Housekeeper, Windsor-castle, Mrs. Rob. Berrington. Forster.

Will. G. Cusins. House keeper, Osborne, Mrs. Rymer.

Will. H. Card. Housekeeper, Kensington, Lady Au Will, Buels.

gusta Gordon Hallyburton. I John Day. Housekeeper at Private Apartments,

Kensington, Mrs. Lyons. Sergeant-Trumpeter, Thomas L. Housekeeper, Hampton-court, Mrs. Parker, esq. Grundy.

Household Trumpeters, Robert HarHousekeeper, Kew, Mrs. Murphy. ding, Thos. Brookes, J. R. TutLinen Room Woman, Windsor Castle, ton, T. Grist, James Rathbone, Miss Harriet Mathew.

Charles Schröder, Andrew F. Linen Room Woman, Buckingham Germann, C. Betts. Palace, Miss Jones.

Examiner of Plays, John Mitchell Linen Room Woman, Osborne, Mrs. Kemble, esq. Robson.

Poet-Laureat, Alfred Tennyson,

esq. Necessary Woman to the Drawing Librarian in Ordinary, and Keeper Room, St. James's Palace, Mrs.

of the Prints and Drawings, Mary Gough.

John H. Glover, esq. F.S.A. To the Ball Room, Mrs. Parker. Librarian, James M. Berry, esq. Tothe GuardChamber, Mrs.Williams.

Painter in Ordinary and Painter of Messengers in Attendance on the

History and Portraits, Sir George Queen.

Hayter. Mr. Edmund Southey Rogers.

Surveyor of Pictures, Thos. Uwins, Mr. Thomas Hill.

esq. R.A. Mr. William Chalmers. Mr. Will, Peel.

Keeper of the Jewel House, The Mr. John McPherson, (in attend Tower, Col. Chas. Wyndham.

ance on the Lord Chamberlain). Exhibitor, Miss Richardson.

Master of the Tennis Court, *Rt. Apothecaries to Her Majesty in the Hon. William Beresford.

Isle of Wight, Will. c. HoffmeisBargemaster, Mr. John Roberts. I ter, M.D., W.Cass, M.D. (jointly). Keeper of the Swans, Mr. John Apothecaries to the Household, John T. Hamilton.

Nussey, & Chas. Craddock, esqrs.


Dent, to the Househd. E. Truman,esq
Medical DeparTMENT.
Physicians in ordinary.

Physicians extraordinary,

Sir James M'Grigor, bt. M.D. Sir James Clark, bt. M.D.

Peter M. Latham, M.D.
Sir Henry Holland, bt., M.D. Richard Bright, M.D.
First Physician dccoucheur, Chas. Neill Arnott, M.D.

Locock, M.D.
Second Physician Accoucheur, Robt. Surgeons extraordinary.
Ferguson, M.D.

Benj. Travers, esq. Surgeon dccoucheur, Richard Blag. William Lawrence, esq. den, esq.

Richard Blagden, esq. Physician to the Household, Sir John Aurist, William Maule, esq. Forbes, M.D.

Oculist, Henry Alexander, esq. Sergeant-Surgeons, Sir Benjamin C. Surg. Dentists, Chas. Dumergue,

Brodie, bt., Robert Keate, esy. esq., Edwin Saunders, esq. Surg. to the Househ., Charles Henry Surgeon Chiropodist, Lewis DurPhillips, esq.

| lacher, esq. Apothecaries to the Person, John Apothecaries extraordinary, Messrs.

Nussey, and E. D. Moore, esqrs. 'Merriman, Wm. H. Neville. (jointly.)

Chemist and Druggist, Mr. Squire.

Chapel ROYAL, St. James's. Dean of the Chapel, Bp.of London. Sir John Hobart Seymour, bt. Sub-Dean, Chas. Wesley, D.D. M.A. a Prebendary of Lincoln Chaplain at St. James's Palace, and Gloucester, Rector of BerkCharles Wesley, D.D.

Thampstead, St. Mary, Herts. Clerk of the Queen's Closet, Bishop of Hon. John Thomas Pelham, M.A., Chester.

| Canon of Norwich, Rector of St. Deputy-Clerks.

In wailing during Jan., Feb., March, Charles Baring, M.A.

and April, Rev. John Vane, M.A. In waiting during May, June, July, and dug., Rev. Lord Wriothesley

February. Russell.

Edw. Bouverie, A.M., Prebendary of In waiting during Sept., Oct., Nov., Sarum, Vicar of Coleshill, Berks.

and Dec., Hon. and Rev. Edw. Hon. Augustus Fred. Phipps, M.A., Sonth well Keppel.

Rector of Euston cum Barnham, Resident Chaplnin in Ordinary, Hon. Suffolk.

and Rev. Gerald Wellesley, Dean William Cureton, M.A., Canon of of Windsor.

Westminster, and Rector of St. Closet-keeper, Mr. Charles Flett. Margaret's, Westminster. Chaplains in Ordinary. Charles John Vaughan, D.D. Head January.

Master of Harrow School.
Matthew Irving, D.D. Canon of
Rochester, and Vicar of Stur-

March. minster-Marsball, Dorset, and Heneage Finch, M. A., Vicar of Perp.Cur of St. John's, Chatham. Oaklam, Rutlandshire.

Chas. V. Holme Sumner, M. A., , Hon. Chas. Leslie Courtenay, M.A.,

Rector of Byfleet, Surrey. I Vicar of Bovey Tracey, Devon. John Ryle Wood, M.A., Canon of Henry Melvill, B.D., Principal of Worcester, Vicar of St. John's, the E. I. College, Haileybury, Bedwardine, Chaplain to H.R. H. Lecturer of Margaret's, "Loth

the Duke of Cambridge. I bury, Chaplain of the Tower. John Vane, M.A., Dep. Clerk of Alan Gardner Cornwall, M.A.,

the Closet; Rector of Wrington, Rector of Beverstone, and of
Somersetshire; Fellow of Dulwich Newington Bagpath, Glouces-
College ; Preacher at the Rolls. I tershire.

William Strong, M.A.
Montague John Wynyard, B.D., Charles Augustus Morgan, M.A..
Rector of West Rownton, and St.

Chancellor of Llandaff, Rector of Martin's, Micklegate, York.

“1 Machen, Monmouthshire. John Monson, M.A., Rector of Be

Frederick David Perkins, M.A., dale, Yorkshire.

Vicar of South Stoke, WarwickEvan Nepean, M.A., Rector of Hey

shire, and Down-Hatherley, Gloudon, Norfolk, and Minister of

cestershire, Grosvenor Chapel. S. Audley-st. | Geo. Augustus Fred. Hart, M.A..

Vicar of Arundel, Sussex.

(One Vacant.)
Thomas Mills, M.A. Rector of Stut-
ton, and Great Saxham, Suffolk.

September. Thos. Randolph, M.A., Prebendary William Bradford, M. A., Rural

of St. Paul's, Rector of Much Dean and Rector of Storrington, and Little Hadham, Herts.

Sussex. Edw. Bankes, B.C.L. Canon of Bris- Sir George Burrard,bt. M. A. Rector

tol and of Gloucester, Rector of of Burton Coggles, Lincolnshire, Corfe Castle, Dorset.

and Middleton-Tyas, Yorkshire. Hon. Richard Cavendish Boyle, Chas. Wesley, D.D., Sub-Dean of

M.A., Rector of Marstou Bigott, the Chapel Royal, St. James'.

(One Vacant.)

October. William Cooper, B.D., Rural Dean and Rector of West Rasen, and

Timothy Fysh Foord-Bowes, D.D., Wadingbam, Lincolnshire.

Rector of Barton in the Clay, BedJames Stewart Murray Ander

fordshire, Cowlan, Yorkshire; son, M. A., Rector of Tormarton,

and Oake, Somersetshire. Gloucestershire, Preacher at Lin

Daniel H.Finch-Hatton,M.A.Rector coln's Inu.

of Great Weldon, Northampton

sbire. Hon. Reginald W. S. West, Rector |

" Hon. William John Brodrick, M.A., of Withybam, Sussex. Walter Farqubar Hook, D.D., Pre

a Canon of Wells. bendary of Lincoln, Rural Dean

James Cartmell, B.D., Master of and Vicar of Leeds.

Christ's Coll., Cambridge.

November Richard Harvey, M.A., Rural Dean Francis Dyson, M. A., Preb. of Sa.

& Rector of Hornsey, Preb. of rum, Rural Dean ana Rector of St. Paul's.

| North & South Tidworth, Hants.


Henry Tattam, D.D., Archdeacon of | Organists, Sir George Smart, knt.,

Bedford, Rect.of Stanford Rivers, and J. B. Sale, esq.

Composers, Sir Geo. Smart, William Henry Howarth, B.D., Rector of Knyvett, esq.

St. George's, Hanover-square. Vinlist, G. T. Anderson.
Rev. Thos. Protheroe, Curate of Sergeant and Yeoman of the Vestry,

Fras. Lingard, esq.

| Groom of dlo. William Sansom. Calvert F. Moore, M.A.

Master of the Boys in the Chapel Henry Mildred Birch, M.A., Rector Royal, Rev. Thomas Helmore, of Prestwich, Lancashire.

M.A. Henry Moseley, M.A.

Chapel-ROYAL, WhiteHALL. (One Vacant.)

Dean, Bishop of London.

Sub-Dean, Charles Wesley, D.D. Ten Priests in Ordinary.

Preachers. Christopher Packe, M.A. Vicar of For the Universily of Oxford. Ruislip, Middlesex.

C. C. Woolcomb, M.A., Baliol Robert Collier Packman, B. A. Recol College.

tor of Langdon-Hills, Essex. For the University of Cambridge. John V. Povah, M. A., Rector of Thomas Hedley, M.A., Trinity St. Anne, Aldersgate.

College. John Clarke Haden, M.A., Rector of Morning Readers, J. H. Howlett, Hutton, Essex.

1 M. A.; Thomas Jones, M. A. George Herbert Repton, B.A., Ji- Afternoon-Reader,Wm. Owen, M.A.

nor Canon of Westminster. Yeoman and Keeper, Mr. John MunJames Will. Vivian, D.D. Rector nings.

of St. Peter le Poer, Broad-street, Closet-keeper, Mr. Thos. A. Lewis.

and Vicar of Mucking, Essex. Organist, Mr. Roberts.
Will. J. Hall, M.A., Vicar of Tot- Sub-Organist, Mr. R. Massey.
tenbam, Middlesex.

Thos. Helmore, M.A.
J. H. Thomas, M.A., Minister of Chaplain,

Abp. Tenison's Chapel, Regent-st.
John Antrobus, M.A.

HAMPTON-COURT. Gentlemen of the Chapels Royal. Chaplain, William Percival Baily, William Knyvett, Thos. Francis | M.A., Sen. Fellow of Clare Hall, J. B. Sale, Will. Machin Cambridge. William Salmon, J. Bennett,

Reader, and Preacher, H. J. Lloyd, Richard Clark, R. Barnby,

M.A., Rural Dean. John Roberts, - Chapman,

KENSINGTON. John W. Hobbs, C. Lockey, | Houschold - Chapel, John Barlow, Orl. Bradbury, G. Gray,

M.A. F. W. Horncastle, esqrs.

GERMAN-CHAPEL, In the Friery. Henry Wilde,

Chaplain, Will. Küper, D.D. K.G.H. N. B. Five Clergymen and eight Reader, William Küper, D.D).

Gentlemen wait monthly. Organist, Mr. Fred. Weber.

LORD STEWARD'S DEPARTMENT. BOARD OF GREEN CLOTH. Apprentices, G. D. Sprenger, W. Lord Steward, Earl Spencer. | Morel, W. Everall, Edward Treasurer, *Earl of Mulgrave. I Davis. Comptroller, Rt. hon. Viscount Scourers, John Dawson, Jas. WoodDrumlanrig.

ger, Thos. Beal, Chas. Burbidge. Master of the Household, Lt.-Col. Kitchen Maids, Jane Whiteing,

Thomas Myddelton Biddulph. Mary Wilkinson, Emma JohnSecretary to the Board, Edw. M.] son. Browell, esq.

Storekeeper, G. Turner, 1st Clerk, Henry Hill, esq. Green Officemen, Fred. Brown, 2nd Clerk, John Broster, esq. Thos. W. Waters. Third Clerk, Geo. Marrable, esq. Steam-Apparatus men, Chas. CosSecretary to the Garden Accounts, tin, Geo. Ward Henry Hill, esq.

CONFECTIONERY. Ofice-keeper, Mr. A. F. Courroux. First Yeoman, J. F. Le Blond, esq. Messenger, William Martin. Second Yeoman, E. Thomas. Necessary-woman, Ann Hilder. Assistants, Jane Elgar, Eliza Legg, Messenger to the Lord Steward, Mary Hayward. Douglas Richardson.

Errand Man, Geo. Shackle. Paymaster of Her Majesty's House

PASTRY. hold, William Hampshire, esq. Pastry Cook, Alphonse Gouffé.

Ewry. Yeoman, George Sloper.

Assistunts, Mary Hull, Mary Morris.

Bake House.
First Assistant, Harriet Pullen.
Second ditto, Emina Jarman.

Baker, Geo. Pregler.

Assistant, H. C. Schafer.
Gentleman, James Christie, esq.

Coffee Room. Yeomen, Thos. Barker, G, Rennell.

Coffee-room Women, Ann Harwood,

Ellis Wareham, Jane Wareham. Groom, John Barker. CLERK of the KITCHEN'S OFFICE.

Clerk Comptroller of the Kitchen, and Principal Table Decker, Tho. Elliott.

Superintendent of the Household, Second Table Decker, John Hall.
Charles Miller, esq.

Third ditto, John Kirby.
First Clerk, William Cullen, esq.

War Fitter, G. Willans. Second ditto, Mr. Edm. Heale. Assistant Table Decker,John Powell. Third ditto, Mr. Chas. Taylor.

SILVER PANTRY. Fourth ditto, Mr. A. F. W. Lloyd. Yeomen, Simon Whale, J. Lawrence, Messenger, Isaac Rayner.

Henry Clinch. Necessary Woman, Grace Ringham. Groom, Wm. Goring. Kitchen.

Assistants, Wm. Mayor, Jos. King, Chief Cook, P. N. Moret, esq.

W. Hislop, W. Aris, Rob. Elliott, First Mast. Cook, Jn. A. Hutin, esq.!

Stauley Booth. Second Mas. Cook, Eugène Thiou.

Coal YARD. Third Mast. Cook, C. F. Jungbluth. Coal Porter at Buckingham Palace, Fourth.laster Cook,John Mountford. John Martin, Jun. Yeomen of the Kitchen, Gotlob Ditto at Windsor Castle, A. Renwick,

Waetzig, G. F. Dessaulles. Coal Porters, Sam. F. Baker, Thos. Assistant Cooks, C. Watson, T. Kibble, J. Smith, A. Ashton, H. Hollis, J. C. Yarin.

Hopgood, Will. Elder, Jno. Hall, Ruasting Cooks, Chas. Parkes, Ed-! R. Nott, Geo. Fisher, J. R. Palwin Ğ. Godfrey.

mer, Isaac Church.

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