History of Europe from the Commencement of the French Revolution in M.DCC.LXXXIX. to the Restoration of the Bourbons in M.DCCC.XV.

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W. Blackwood and sons, 1855

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105. oldal - The march begins in military state, And nations on his eye suspended, wait; Stern Famine guards the solitary coast And Winter barricades the realms of frost; He comes, nor want nor cold his course delay ; Hide, blushing glory, hide Pultowa's day!
97. oldal - Immediately a place Before his eyes appeared, sad, noisome, dark; A lazar-house it seemed, wherein were laid Numbers of all diseased, all maladies Of ghastly spasm, or racking torture, qualms Of heart-sick agony; all feverous kinds, Convulsions, epilepsies, fierce catarrhs, Intestine stone and ulcer, colic pangs, Demoniac frenzy, moping melancholy, And moon-struck madness, pining atrophy, Marasmus, and wide-wasting pestilence, Dropsies, and asthmas, and joint-racking rheums.
20. oldal - A general shout that all the region rends. As when the fleecy flocks unnumber'd stand In wealthy folds, and wait the milker's hand, The hollow vales incessant bleating fills, The lambs reply from all the...
105. oldal - His fall was destined to a barren strand, A petty fortress, and a dubious hand; He left the name at which the world grew pale, To point a moral, or adorn a tale.
25. oldal - These operations would be brilliant; they would form a glorious termination to the campaign : but they would not conclude the war. Peace is before us : we have only to march eight days to obtain it : so near our object, it is impossible to deliberate : let us advance to Moscow.
78. oldal - MIEUX QU'AU SEIN DE SA FAMILLE " became a favourite song of the French Royalists during the Revolution, and is still regarded as the peculiar song of the House of Bourbon. The words, taken from Grétry's " Lucile," 1769, mean: " Where can one be better than in the bosom of his family ?
179. oldal - Members of the municipality," replied the trembling burgomasters. " Have you bread ? " " Our resources have been entirely exhausted by the requisitions of the Russians and Prussians." " Ha ! it is impotsMe, U it ? I know no such word : get ready bread, meat, and wine. I know all you have done : you richly deserve to be treated as a conquered people : but I forgive all from regard to your King : he is the saviour of your country. You have been already punished by having had the Russians and Prussians...
108. oldal - More horrible was the look of a third, whose eyes had been frozen — the eyelids hung down rotting, the globes of the eyes were burst, and protruding from their sockets. It was awfully hideous, but a spectacle more horrible still was to present itself.
275. oldal - But Caesar's greatness, and his strength, was more Than past renown, and antiquated power; 'Twas not the fame of what he once had been, Or tales in old records and annals seen; But 'twas a valour, restless...
241. oldal - ... Villodar, by which the light divisions were to cross. The attack on these bridges was delayed till the third and seventh divisions, who formed the reserves of the centre, had come up to their ground, and they were somewhat retarded by the roughness of the hills over which they had to march'; and meanwhile Wellington sent orders to Hill to arrest the progress of his extreme right on the summit of the ridge, in order that the whole army might advance abreast.

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