The dictionary of watering places ... at home and abroad, 2. kötet

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107. oldal - Passports are granted to persons who are either known to the Secretary of State or recommended to him by some person who is known to him ; or upon the written application of any banking firm established in London or in any other part of the United Kingdom.
6. oldal - TAXIDERMY, PRACTICAL. A Manual of Instruction to the Amateur in Collecting, Preserving, and Setting-up Natural History Specimens of all kinds.
5. oldal - Carpentry and Joinery for Amateurs: Contains full Descriptions of the various Tools required in the above Arts, together with Practical Instructions for their use. By the Author of " Turning for Amateurs," " Working in Sheet Metal,
3. oldal - FERTILITY OF EGGS CERTIFICATE. These are Forms of Guarantee given by the Sellers to the Buyers of Eggs for Hatching, undertaking to refund value of any unfertile eggs, or to replace them with good...

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