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himself up with a hooked rope, which was | which, in their case, cannot be learnt from discovered with the remaining tools of his any treatises that are extant; for neither fascinating craft.

does the ancient Hoyle nor the more At the expiration of some three or four modern Cavendish say a word about the hours, and in the dead of night, he recov- elegances of whist-playing, or the airs ered sufficient consciousness to stand up, and graces to be practised by the players. and he was then marched off between the Their professors are required to teach two constables — locked up, and eventu- them, not how to play a band, but how to ally punished according to law.

display a pretty hand and arm to the “On the whole,” said the doctor to me greatest advantage; a suit of diamonds is later on, when we were laughing over the not more necessary in the pack than a adventure - “on the whole, sir, it is a suit of diamonds upon their fingers; and good thing for you that you tried the effect the privilege of dealing ranks second to of the narcotic on some one else. Fint that of shuffling the cards. They require experimentum in corpore vili. Take my a professor to teach them whist in the advice, sir, and don't resort to narcotics; same way as Mr. Turveydrop, late la. they are always dangerous, and that must mented professor of deportment, would have been especially so. The drug clearly have taught them to play lawn tennis. In was a very powerful one. You have had fact, his art is merely supplementary to a lucky escape every way, for if you had that of another American professor, the come into conflict with that gentleman – Manicure. This latest development of remembering how he was prepared, I am whist-playing is not likely to add to the afraid he would have left his mark on science of the game; but, as it throws a you; whereas you have turned the tables, curious side-light upon “ladies' whist and, after a fashion, left yours on him. I in general, it is worthy of consideration. wish the law would help you to make it What we call “ladies' whist,” wbat indelible on his back with a good round Charles Lamb called "sick whist,” and dozen of the cat. It is the only way to what we have heard an elderly and morose put a stop to this armed business; it is the whist-player describe as bumblepuppy only thing these rascals dread. However, a word with a dark but suggestive he will give blind men a wide berth for the meaning - are all practically the same future, I prognosticate, now that he has game, -a very pleasant game, but not found one of them such a capital thief- whist in the strictest sense of the word. taker.”

We would not suggest that ladies cannot play the strict game; on the contrary, some of them play it remarkably well, witness the celebrated Sarah Battle, for

instance. But it cannot be denied that From The Spectator.

the average lady whist-player is addicted LADIES' WHIST.

to play that is rather peculiar than scienNor many years ago there came from tific. We need not make mention of those America a treatise upon whist, containing dear ladies who, on sitting down at the certain theories which were the subject of whist-table, propound such riddles as – hot debate among our whist-players at “ How many cards do you to each home, and which are still known and re. person?” or “ Does a king count more ferred to as “ American leads.” The latest than an ace?”. for they are outside the ideas that have been contributed by the pale; but we will content ourselves with United States on the subject of the game speaking of the average player, and by are hardly so useful or worthy of discus. these signs we may know her. sion; but as they throw a curious and She will invariably try to cheat in culo unexpected light upon a game played by ting for partners, for she cannot bear to ladies – which is not whist, although they leave so important a choice to be decided call it by that name – we are unwilling to by chance. In dealing, she will begio let them pass altogether in silence. It with the greatest care and deliberation, would appear from the American papers but suddenly there will occur to her mind that the ladies of New York have decided a story, which, with much animation, she that whist is an excellent opportunity for will proceed to relate until the trump is displaying the charms of their persons, turned up in the wrong place. She can and are become so enamored of the game never be persuaded that she has misdealt in consequence, that there is a most un- until the cards have been carefully couoted usual and fashionable demand among at least three times. Another time she them for professors of the art an art will beg her partner to deal for her, and


overwhelm him with reproachful glances rules of scoring she can never master; she should he turn up a small card for the generally requests her partner to mark trump. It is easy to know whether she the score, but that does not prevent her has taken up a good or an indifferent from challenging the correctness of the hand; if it be a good one, she never tires result, should it not be in her favor. Of os contemplating it, will arrange and rear- all her propensities, the most curious, the range it a hundred times, while she fingers most ineradicable, is the one that prompts with ill-concealed impatience the card that her to hoard her trumps. Nothing, as we she wishes to play; if it looks but an have already said, can induce her to lead indifferent one, she, too, will assume an them. She prefers to save them up as a air of indifference, will gaze with an ab. kind of bonne bouche, a display of fireworks stracted look into the further corners of for the end of the game. She looks upon the room, and drum upon the table with them as things that are too precious for the fingers of one hand while the other use; she regards them with a superstitious holds the cards carelessly shut up in a reverence. Should her partner lead them, pack. If she has five trumps in her hand, “What? trumps !” she exclaims in a tone she will not lead them, - no, nothing will of pained surprise at his wasteful audacinduce her to lead them, not even if berity; she will play her card grudgingly, and partner has called for them. He is ill take the trick perhaps, but she will not advised if he remonstrates with her after return his lead, - no, she cannot bring wards. She looks at him with the sweetest herself to return his lead. There was an wonder in her eyes, as she protests that eminent whist-player, of whom it was reshe never heard him. En revanche, in lated that, whenever he found himself the course of the next game she will seated at the whist-table with ladies, he trump his best card, and gather up the used to tell them the following tale as a trick with a beaming smile of genial tri- kind of prologue to the game : “I once umph. To do her justice, she does not knew a lady who held five trumps in her often revoke ; when she does revoke, she hand, and who failed to lead them. She discovers her offence with the prettiest ended sadly;" — and here his voice sank air of defiance imaginable, and at least ten to an impressive whisper—"she died in minutes' discussion, combined with the the workhouse.Whether or not this display of all the back tricks, are needed precautionary measure was attended with before it can be proved to her satisfaction, success tradition does not say; we should

even then she has a great deal to say, be inclined to doubt its efficacy. But to and leaves it to be finally understood that sum up our lady whist-player : she is denot she herself, but her partner, has been lightful, she is charming, she is everymost to blame in this matter. Indeed, he thing that is good and beautiful to look is fortunate if the matter is allowed to rest upon, but she cannot be brought to regard then, and if he is not subjected to a spir: whist as a serious science; as a partner of ited homily on the misleading nature of our joys and our woes, as a partner of his play. She loves, above all things, to everything else in life, she is immeasurmake what she calls a good trick, — that ably too good for us, but as a partner at is to say, a trick with lots of court cards whist she leaves much to be desired, in it. If the two of spades be led, followed whist one would gladly see her the partner by the four, she will play a knave, even of one's worst enemy, and then make the though she has the ace in hand, because stakes as high as possible. she cannot bear to waste the latter upon It is not thus that all ladies play. It two such insignificant cards; and it is was not thus that Sarah Battle played. with feelings of unbounded indignation And who was Sarah Battle ? Charles that she sees the trick fall to the queen Lamb shall answer that question in his of the fourth hand. The feelings of her own words : “A clear fire, a clean hearth, partner who led from a king need not be and the rigor of the game.' This was described, because his feelings, of course, the celebrated wish of old Sarah Battle, are not worth mentioning. She also loves who, next to her devotions, loved a good to score by honors, but she cannot endure game of whist," - and who, it would apthat her adversaries should hold them; if pear, played an uncommonly good game they do so too often, she will have grave too. One can imagine the old lady sitting doubts as to the advisability of counting very upright indeed, with an eye as clear honors at all, and will give vent to some and flashing as her fire, with a mob-cap as very serious reflections upon the relative white and spotless as her hearth, and with value of good hands and good play, of a rigor of deportment that was unequalled blind chance and science. The simple even by the rigorous laws of her favorite


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game. And one can imagine, also, Elia ness of Sarah Battle's views, Elia could sitting opposite to her, with his respectful pot refrain from putting in a plea for what admiration a good deal tempered by the he called “ sick whist;" and we ourselves fearful timidity and awe inspired by his must confess to a speaking liking for that uncompromising partner. To only one humble game, although we may seem to weakness did she confess, and that only have pointed at it with the finger of scorn. in the strictest confidence : she confessed It was "sick whist” that the immortal that hearts were her favorite suit. This Mr. Pickwick played at Dingley Dell with alone would serve to show how old-fash. old Mrs. Wardle for his partner; but it ioned she was, and how long ago she must was a very different whist that he played have lived. Nowadays, if any lady could at Bath in company with Lady Soupbabe brought to confess to such a preference, nuph, Mrs. Colonel Wugsby, and Miss it would be for diamonds. On the other Bolo, and probably he preferred the first hand, she did not approve of playing for to the rigor of the second game. On the love; she considered, and rightly, too, that latter occasion, if we remember rightly, some kind of stake was necessary to add his partner, Miss Bolo, “rose from the a point and a zest to the game. Whist table considerably agitated, and went she declared to be the best of all games straight home in a flood of tears, and a that she knew, because the partnership of sedan-chair." That is a failing shared by two players divided the losses while it all ladies, even the best players ; though doubled the glory of winning, Probably they are generally careless of the stakes, old Sarah Battle, as well as Talleyrand, they cannot bear to lose. But what would would have found a triste vieillesse with Miss Battle or Miss Bolo have said to the out the solace of cards. But even while whist of New York? What would they he admired the thoroughness and sound- have said !

A RECENT writer in the North China Herald tainly seems to show that the climate is much of Shanghai says that the climate of Asia is less favorable for tropical animals than it forbecoming colder than it formerly was, and its merly was. In fact it appears to have become tropical animals and plants are retreating drier and colder. The water buffalo still southwards at a slow rate. This is true of lives, and is an extremely useful domestic aniChina, and it is also the case in western Asia. mal, all along the Yangtze and south of it, but The elephant in a wild state was hunted in is not seen north of the old Yellow River in the eighth century B.C. by Tiglath Pileser, the the province of Kiangsu.. The Chinese alliking of Assyria, near Carchemish, which lay gator is still found in the Yangtze, but so rare near the Euphrates in Syria. Four or five is its appearance that foreign residents in centuries before this Thothmes III., king of China knew nothing about it till it was deEgypt, hunted the same animal near Aleppo. scribed by M. Fauvel. The flora is also In high antiquity the elephant and rhinoceros affected by the increasing coldness of the were known to the Chinese, they had names climate in China. The bamboo is still grown for them, and their tusks and horns were val. in Peking with the aid of good shelter, moist. ued. South China has a very warm climate ure, and favorable soil, but it is not found which melts insensibly into that of Cochin naturally growing into forest in north China, China, so that the animals of the Indo-Chinese as was its habit two thousand years ago. It peninsula would, if there were a secular cool grows now in that part of the empire as a sort ing of climate, retreat gradually to the south. of garden plant only. It is in Szechuan provThis is just what seems to have taken place. ince that the southern flora reaches farthest In the time of Confucius elephants were in use to the northward. for the army on the Yangtze River. A hundred and fifty years after this Mencius speaks of the tiger, the leopard, the rhinoceros, and the elephant, as having been, in many parts of the empire, driven away from the neighbor- WATERPROOF PAPER. - A special kind of hood of the Chinese inhabitants by the lound- paper has been invented, which, it is alleged, ers of the Chou dynasty. Tigers and leopards is absolutely impervious to water, and will are not yet by any means extinct in China. even stand 'boiling. The waterproofing can The elephant and rhinoceros are again spoken be carried out either after the paper is made of in the first century of our era. If to these or during the operation of making it, the latparticulars regarding elephants be added the ter being the better course.

The process is retreat from the rivers of south China of the especially applicable to papers for packing, ferocious alligators that formerly infested and for this purpose will be of great value. them, the change in the fauna of China cer



Fifth Series, Volume LXXIII.


No. 2434,- February 21, 1891.

From Beginning Vol. CLXXXVIII.

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Leisure Hour,

Murray's Magazine,

Edinburgh Review,

Macmillan's Magazine,

All The Year Round, .


Chambers' Journal, VIII. A TOUR IN BURMAH,



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Rich flowers without perfume

Better, he thinks, than this proud dower 'NEATH other stars than ours,

My wee Scotch flower,
Amidst strange herbs and flowers,

Sweet Peggie.
On the high veldt or waste karoo,
Fie thinks of you,

When prickly pears cause pain,
Sweet Peggie!

And “wait-a-bits " detain,

Smiling, from thorns his coat he frees, Upon the frontier's edge,

“ These bushes tease, He keeps our English pledge,

Like Peggie.”
Facing swart hordes, strong, brave, and true,
For home and you,

On transport journeys long,
Sweet Peggie!

All wagons and bultong,
With glee he sings, “My heart and hand

I have inspanned
When camp-fire embers glow

To Peggie."
Flameless and crumble low,
He cheers the gloom, musing the while

And wheresoe'er he fare,
On your bright smile,

In sunshine's cruel glare
Sweet Peggie!

Or moonlight cool, this is his theme

"I think and dream And when the far patrol

Of Peggie. Brings weariness of soul,


J. C.-B. He flags not, drinking in a bit Old letters writ

By Peggie.

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Watching the river swift,

Swirl broad’ning on the drift, He longs to flow down to the sea, Round Cape and be

Near Peggie.

The wily crocodile

He shoots in splendid style, Making believe he was the wight Who danced last night

With Peggie.

And from the ostrich fleet

He beats a quick retreat, Saying, “ It is your chaperon, Let us dance on,

Sweet Peggie!”

Friends, fare we on together, as the birds
Cross the wide ocean in the deep of night,
Unresting till their wistful eyes at dawn
See the soft margin of the long'd-for land.
For this is solace for each several soul
When black gulfs yawn, and wild winds beat

it down;
Or drear night clasps it to her freezing breast:
To feel that some regard its faltering flight;
Or fain would warm it into life again.
Trust then the truth that many years have

Fear not the menace of the frowning crags;
Shun not the glacier and the ice-bound cliff;
Have comfort, courage, for the cord is strong,
Wrought of imagination and dear thought,
Which binds our band together 'mid the snows;
It will not part or sever till we reach
The peak above us; there the rising sun
Shall flush our foreheads, flood our frozen

Till each is master of a mightier strain,
Than he could utter in the vale below.


The meerkat in the brake

Stirs him, for it would make, Could it be snared in silken net, A pretty pet

For Peggie.

The kopje on the plain,

With boulders piled amain,
By contrast hints the cushioned ease
That most doth please

Sweet Peggie.

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