Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery: From the Year 1789 to 1817, 5. kötet

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S. Sweet and Stevens and Sons, 1827

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517. oldal - ... in the presence of and attested by two or more credible witnesses, or by her last will and testament...
207. oldal - Barnes, this sum of 40/. per annum annuities given after her death in their favour is undisposed of; or in other words whether the bequest is by these means put an end to and become absolutely void. Upon the first part of the will, if it stood without the condition annexed in case of the death of either of them in the lifetime of Sarah Barnes, there could be no doubt, I suppose, that it would have been a vested interest in those two persons; for it is a bequest of these annuities to a person during...
404. oldal - ... all the rest and residue of my personal estate of what nature or kind soever I give and devise to my said wife and unto her father the Honble.
782. oldal - ... the domicil of origin, is to prevail until the party has not only acquired another, but has manifested and carried into execution an intention of abandoning his former domicil and taking another as his sole domicil ; and this rule has been reaffirmed in several modern cases.
280. oldal - Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said testator, BA as and for his last will and testament...
396. oldal - Cas. 497, the master of the rolls says, that " nothing is better established than this principle, that money directed to be employed in the purchase of land, and land directed to be sold and turned into money, are to be considered as that species of property into which they are directed to be converted, and this, in whatever manner the direction is given.
500. oldal - ... did desire her at or before her death to give such leases, house, furniture, goods and chattels, plate and jewels, unto and amongst such of his own relations as she should think most deserving and approve of," and made his wife executrix, and died the 23d of January, 1736, without issue.
737. oldal - Settlement by a. feme sole, in contemplation of marriage, of part of her fortune in trust to pay the dividends to herself for her separate use for life, and after her death for her intended husband, and after the death of the survivor to transfer the capital according to her appointment by will ; and in case she should die without appointment, and he should be then dead, in trust for her next of kin, their executors, &.c.
541. oldal - ... for his and their own use and benefit and from and immediately after the decease of the said...

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