The Camp: The Battle Field, and the Hospital

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National Publishing Company, 1866 - 512 oldal

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311. oldal - tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church-door ; but 'tis enough, 'twill serve : ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man. I am peppered, I warrant, for this world. A plague o...
493. oldal - ... boy ! and his father had said He never could let his youngest go : Two already were lying dead Under the feet of the trampling foe. But after the evening work was done, And the frogs were loud in the meadow-swamp, Over his shoulder he slung his gun And stealthily followed the foot-path damp.
493. oldal - He went for the cows when the work was done ; But down the lane, as he opened the gate, He saw them coming, one by one : Brindle, Ebony, Speckle, and Bess, Shaking their horns in the evening wind; Cropping the buttercups out of the grass, — But who was it following close behind ? Loosely swung in the idle air The empty sleeve of army blue ; And worn and pale, from the crisping hair, Looked out a face that the father knew. For Southern prisons will sometimes yawn, And yield their dead unto life...
214. oldal - I see the dagger-crest of Mar, I see the Moray's silver star, Wave o'er the cloud of Saxon war, That up the lake comes winding far ! To hero bound for battle-strife, Or bard of martial lay, 'Twere worth ten years of peaceful life, One glance at their array ! XVI.
221. oldal - Body-Guard had profited greatly from his skill as a drill-master. He lost • three horses in the fight. As soon as one was killed, he caught another from the rebels ; the third horse taken by him in this way he rode into St. Louis. The Sergeant slew five men. 'I won't speak of those I shot,' said he, ' another may have hit them ; but those I touched with my sabre I am sure of, because I felt them.
223. oldal - He found the Federals still in possession of the place. As the officer of highest rank, he took command. His garrison consisted of twenty-four men. He stationed twenty-two of them as pickets in the outskirts of the village, and held the other two as a reserve. At noon the enemy sent a flag of truce, and asked permission to bury their dead.
247. oldal - In the meantime the fight was going on elsewhere. Kilpatrick's Brigade charged on our right. The Second New York did not behave as well as it has sometimes done since, and the loss of it weakened us a great deal. The Tenth New York, though, went in well, and the First Maine did splendidly, as it always does. In spite of their superior numbers (Stuart had a day or two before reviewed thirty thousand cavalry at Culpepper...
219. oldal - No one but has a share in the fray. There was at least one soldier in the Southern ranks. A young officer, superbly mounted, charges alone upon a large body of the Guard. He passes through the line unscathed, killing one man. He wheels, charges back, and again breaks through, killing another man.
291. oldal - ... exceedingly hungry, and they determined to secure some food. This they did by boldly approaching the house, and informing the mistress that they were fugitives from Norfolk, who had been driven out by Butler, and the secesh sympathies of the woman were at once aroused, and she gave...
201. oldal - ... lashes on his bare back. This was done in the presence of an infuriated crowd, who clamored for his blood, and actually brought a rope with which to hang him. The object of this prolonged scourging was to force this young man to confess to them the...

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