The Later Nineteenth Century, 12. kötet

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W. Blackwood and sons, 1907 - 471 oldal

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ii. oldal - Europe as being, for intellectual and spiritual purposes, one great confederation, bound to a joint action and working to a common result...
154. oldal - The Seven Lamps of Architecture " (1849) and "The Stones of Venice
260. oldal - Ne la discordia cosi de gli uomini di fra i barbarici tumulti salgono a Dio gli aneliti di solinghe anime che in lui si ricongiungono.
334. oldal - if the tithe was fact, * * * * * might have said 'to Sherry — as Lord Braxfield once said to an eloquent culprit at the bar — ' Ye're a vera clever chiel', man, but ye wad be nane the waur o
208. oldal - EIN kleines Lied! Wie geht's nur an, Daß man so lieb es haben kann, Was liegt darin? Erzähle! — Es liegt darin ein wenig Klang, Ein wenig Wohllaut und Gesang, Und eine ganze Seele.
247. oldal - ... real gods. God hath chosen things which are not symbols to bring to naught things that are symbols — that is, He has chosen the things that are, to bring to nothing the things that are nothing already. 0 glorious interpretation ! throwing into the shade the idea of the sceptic who wished to take all the " nots " out of the Commandments, and put them into the Creed — the .matchless canon which covers all speech — the simple canon : whatever is, is not, and whatever is not, is. " Naught is...
282. oldal - Garrett also produced in the elegant prose of Viagens na minha terra a unique miscellany of criticism and romance, and, as one of his followers, Eebello da Silva, remarked, was " not a man of letters only, but an entire literature in himself.
41. oldal - ... often seems to have valued the older critics in so far as they anticipated his own ideas, and he sometimes found these ideas where they did not actually exist. This was the case, I think, in his treatment of Dryden. Saintsbury himself believed that the best, if not the only, criterion of poetry was "that immediate and magical effect on the senses of the mind — that direct touch of the poetic nerve"30 — and he read this impressionism into Dryden. The wish, it seems, was father to the thought.
343. oldal - ... Besides preparing clothes for the day and covering for the night, there is also a costume and foot-gear for the time of dressing : dressing-gown and slippers. So he undertakes his washing, cleaning, brushing, for which several kinds of brushes are used, as well as soap and a great quantity of water. (Many English men and women for some reason or other are specially proud of using a great deal of soap and pouring a large quantity of water over themselves.) Then he dresses, brushes his hair before...
259. oldal - Ave, o rima! Con bell'arte su le carte te persegue il trovadore: ma tu brilli, tu scintilli, tu zampilli su del popolo dal cuore. CARDUCCL 15 O scoccata tra due baci ne i rapaci volgimenti de la danza, come accordi ne...

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