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Lord Cockburn to the Author. “Many, many passages I have paused over and felt. Individual opinion, however, can be of little value to an author who has obtained so much applause from the public ;- ;here are no laurels like numbers of editions.”

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Fife Herald. “Full of true poeiry, welling up from a pure heart, and high moral and religious sentiment.

Bradford Observer. “When Mr Guthrie published his “Village Scenes,' Lord Cockburn and other Edinburgh critics hailed him as another true Son of the Scotch muse, and one worthy of enrolment in that glorious band of which Burns is the chief, and Ramsay, Ferguson, Hogg, and Cunningham, and many more of immortality, are members. His new work is such as the public had a right to expect from the author of "Village Scenes.' It abounds in graphic paintings, and in moralisings on things physical and spiritual which shew the author to be possessed of the true poet's eye, of the insight and susceptibility which intuitively reach the heart of mysteries that no philosophic key can unlock. “My Lost Love' deserves as much popularity as “Village Scenes.

John S. Gibb, F.E.I.S., Rector, Academy, Dalkeith. “Mr Guthrie's claims as a poet have been recognised in the last edition of "The Poets and Poetry of Scotland, from James I. to the Present time'published under the Editorship of the Rev. Andrew R. Bonar, Edinburghwhich contains a commendatory notice of his life-long devotion to the Muses, and various specimens of his power as a song writer--- The days o' Langsyne,' &c., as 'illustrative of the genius and spirit of those Scottish Song writers whose compositions have deservedly met with general acceptance;' and 'of what is purest and most precious in our national poetic literature.'”

People's Journal. “Mr Guthrie's writings deserve to be popular were it for nothing else but for the fine genial Christian spirit by which they are pervaded. The heart that dictated the kindly sentiments expressed in Mr Guthrie's poetry must needs be full of gentleness and love, and sympathy with all that is good and true and beautiful as well in humanity as in the material universe."

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The Poets and Poetry of Scotland, from James I, to the

Present Time. “Mr James Cargill Guthrie, born at Airniefoul farm, in the parish of Glamis, is the author of several volumes of poetry-VILLAGE SCENES, The First FALSE STEP, WEDDED LOVE, My Lost LOVE, SUMMER FLOWERS—all of which have been favourably noticed by competent critics. It was Mr Guthrie's intention to study for the church, but circumstances induced him to enter the mercantile world. In 1851 he published VILLAGE SCENES, a descriptive poem, the first edition of which was disposed of in a few months. The work has since been frequently reprinted. He has also contributed papers to many of the periodicals. His poems are marked by tenderness of feeling and strength of attachment to the scenes amidst which his early years were spent. To quote Mr Guthrie's own words his

'Thoughts aye fondly wander,

Far to the stormy North,' to the purple heather setting the hills a-glow,' and the world-famed blue bells of Scotland.'


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Price 3s., Second Edition.


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Daily Review. "The Bonnie Braes o’ Airlie,' takes our fancy extremely. The composer has succeeded in catching the peculiar lilt of the old Scotch airs, and sets a melody to Mr Guthrie's fine words, which should take a place among standard Scotch Songs.'

North British Advertiser. ‘Mr Guthrie's inspiration in charming verse Alfred Stella has translated into the sphere of his own art in an effusion elegant, graceful, and replete with feeling. The composer has been eminently successful in adapting the phrases of the air to the sentiment and versification of the poet."

Dundee Advertiser, “As we predicted, this composition by Mr Cargill Guthrie, has proved a great success in song writing-scarcely three months having elapsed since its first publication in Edinburgh, and a second edition being demanded by the public.”

Dundee Courier and Argus. “Not only true to Nature but full of tenderness and feeling. The music by Stella brings out the sentiment of the song with great power and effect.”

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