Reports of Cases Decided by the English Courts: With Notes and References to Kindred Cases and Authorities, 1. kötet

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William Gould, 1872

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318. oldal - We think that the true rule of law is, that the person who for his own purposes brings on his lands and collects and keeps there, anything likely to do mischief if it escapes, must keep it in at his peril, and, if he does not do so is prima facie answerable for all the damage which is the natural consequence of its escape.
395. oldal - But nothing herein contained shall render any person who in any criminal proceeding is charged with the commission of any indictable offence, or any offence punishable on summary conviction, competent or compellable to give evidence for or against himself or herself, or shall render any person compellable to answer any question tending to criminate himself or herself...
732. oldal - January, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight, and that every will re-executed or republished, or revived by any codicil, shall for the purposes of this act be deemed to have been made at the time at which the same shall be so re-executed, republished, or revived...
193. oldal - The executors and administrators of every person, who, as executor, either of right or in his own wrong, or as administrator, shall have wasted or converted to his own use, any goods, chattels, or estate, of any deceased person, shall be chargeable in the same manner as their testator or intestate would have been, if living.
220. oldal - ... on the other hand, the promisee may, if he thinks proper, treat the repudiation of the other party as a wrongful putting an end to the contract, and may at once bring his action as on a breach of it ; and in such...
133. oldal - ... and that there was no contributory negligence on the part of the plaintiff.
394. oldal - Provided that this Act shall not render competent any party to any suit, action, or proceeding individually named in the record, or any lessor of the plaintiff or tenant of premises sought to be recovered in ejectment, or the landlord or other person in whose right any defendant in replevin may make cognizance, or any person in whose immediate and individual behalf, any action may be brought or defended, either wholly or in part, or the husband or wife of such persons respectively...
692. oldal - ... that it could not have been the intention of the parties that the habendum should operate according to the words.
117. oldal - While, if the Court .should be of opinion that there was no evidence to go to the jury of their having employed Champion to make the levy in this particular place.
18. oldal - Merchandises until the same be there discharged and safely landed ; and it shall be lawful for the said Ship, &c., in this Voyage to proceed and sail to and touch and stay at any Ports or Places whatsoever without Prejudice to this Insurance.

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