Roosevelt and the Russo-Japanese War: A Critical Study of American Policy in Eastern Asia in 1902-5, Based Primarily Upon the Private Papers of Theodore Roosevelt

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Doubleday, Page, 1925 - 357 oldal

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135. oldal - WE, by the Grace of Heaven, Emperor of Japan, seated on the Throne occupied by the same Dynasty from time immemorial, do hereby make proclamation to all Our loyal and brave subjects as follows: — We hereby declare war against...
99. oldal - V. The Governments of the two countries shall not in future, without mutual consent, conclude with a third Power such an arrangement as may be contrary to the principles of the present Protocol.
103. oldal - East that whatever occasion arose appropriate action of the Government of the United States, in conjunction with Japan and Great Britain, for such a purpose could be counted on by them quite as confidently as if the United States were under treaty obligations to take.
136. oldal - And since the absorption of Manchuria by Russia would render it impossible to maintain the integrity of China, and would, in addition, compel the abandonment of all hope for peace in the Extreme East, we determined, in those circumstances, to settle the question by negotiation, and to secure thereby a permanent peace. " With that object in view our competent authorities by our order made proposals to Russia, and frequent conferences were held during the last six months.
xvi. oldal - As soon as this war broke out, I notified Germany and France in the most polite and discreet fashion that in the event of a combination against Japan to try to do what Russia, Germany and France did to her in 1894, I should promptly side with Japan and proceed to whatever length was necessary on her behalf.
109. oldal - No human beings, black, yellow, or white could be quite as untruthful, as insincere, as arrogant — in short, as untrustworthy in every way — as the Russians under the present...
305. oldal - China. 3. They are accordingly firmly resolved reciprocally to respect the territorial possessions belonging to each other in said region. 4. They are also determined to preserve the common interest of all powers in China by supporting by all pacific means at their disposal the independence and integrity of China and the principle of equal opportunity for commerce and industry of all -nations in that Empire.
215. oldal - Government likewise to agree. While the President does not feel that any intermediary should be called in in respect to the peace negotiations themselves he is entirely willing to do what he properly can if the two powers concerned feel that his services will be of aid in arranging the preliminaries as to the time and place of meeting. But if even these preliminaries can be arranged directly between the two powers, or in any other way, the President will be glad, as his sole purpose is to bring about...
238. oldal - Japan and Russia reciprocally engage not to obstruct any general measures common to all countries, which China may take for the development of the commerce and industry of Manchuria.
76. oldal - Each Nation is working itself up to a condition of desperate hatred of the other; . . . each from sheer fear of the other. The Kaiser is dead sure that England intends to attack him. The English Government and a large share of the English people are equally sure that Germany intends to attack England.

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