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the volunteers out of view ; the bill was allowed
to be brought in, but, on the second reading, it
wa rejected by dearly the same majority as
before. -
These repeated defeats did not abate the ardour
of the Irish reformer a the pursuit of their fa.
vourite object ; but as all hope of obtaining the
d-librrate co-operation of parliament was at an
end, they turned their applications to a quarter
from whence experience had already taught them
to icok for more effectual exertions; as govern.
rment had not yet ventured to question the legality
of the volunteer aslocation, the people at large
were called upon to provide themselve, with arms,
and to array themselves under that description.
Several unpopular acts of the new government,
in torneo, which paniament was also involved by
the share it had in them, served greatly to
increase the general discontent of the nation.
On the 7th day of June a meeting
- was held of the aggregate body of
the citizens of Dublin. It was here resolved to
present another petition to the king, and in the
mean time to endeavour, by a circular address
to stimulate the body of the people to a general
and vigorous exertion.
The petition, after enumerating their several
grievance', and lamenting that his majesty's ad-
ministration should have taken an active part in
all the measures of which they complained, state,
“That this was a circumstance the more ex-
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§ Mr. Pitt, and the Duke of Rutland.

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But to return to the proceeding of the citi.

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zens of Dublin.—An application was made
to the lord eu enant to convey their petition to
the throne. H. answer to their request, he in-
formed them, that though it was his duty to
convey the papers they presented, yet he found
himself obliged to accompany them with his en-
tire ...'... as they contained unjust and
indecent reflections upon the laws and the par.
liament of I. eland, and as they tended to foment
fatal dissension, among the people.
The credulity of the Irish reformers was proof
against all disapprobation. They could not be
persuaded, but that the English minister would
heartily concur in the support of measures found-
ed on principles which he had himseli so often
and to ostentatiously avowed. he 8th of
Accordingly, on the 8th of July
July 8th. a petition . o: king was ...;
to Mr. Pitt, by the inhabitants of Belfast, nearly
of the same tenor with that of the citizens of
G - -
with certain exceptions, and to dispose of them
by will or otherwise ; to descend according to
the course of common law, devisable and trans-
ferable is like manner as the lands of protestants.
By the same law, certain penal acto respecting
the hearing and the celebrating of mass ; for
forbidding Roman catholics to keep a horse of or
above the value of five pound ; empowering
grand juries to levy from them, in their respective
districts, money to the amount of tuch losses as
were suitained by the depredations of privateers;
requiring them to provide in towns protestant
watchoven ; and forbidding them to inhabit the
city of Limerick, or suburbs, were repealed.
So much of the former 2&; as forbid them to
teach school publicly, or to instruct youth of
their own profession in private, was also repealed;
and a law enacted to permit them to have the
£ aidianship, the care, and the tuition of their

own children. - -

Pursued a mode of condućt that had sufficient of

i . . . * * resolution

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horted, in the most earnest manner, the commu

pities which had not sent representatives, if they respected their own consistency, if they wished for the success of a parliamentary reform, and as they tendered the perpetual liberty and pros. perity of their country, not to le pass the cpportunity of effecting the great and necessary confirmation of the constitution. . .

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