Whole number of Trustees, 102

Number Elected, 72

Number Ex- Officio, 30

Number of Trustees, 1874, 23

Whole number of Faculty and Instructors, 81

Number 1874, 13

Whole number of Students for fifty years, 1632

Number of Graduates, 573

Number of Graduates deceased, 85

Number of Non-Graduates, a large number of whom entered only

for Special Courses, 1059

Number deceased so far as known, 38

Number of Students, 1874, 209


The Records of the Institute were destroyed by the great fire of 1862, and the list of Annual Catalogues is incomplete. Therefore it has been found very difficult to obtain the correct names and dates for the earlier years of the Institute. Without doubt, many errors will be found, and even some names may have been entirely omitted. All information concerning graduates and former students of the Institute, and also corrections of any errors in this Catalogue, are earnestly desired, and will be carefully preserved for future editions.

It is proposed to publish as soon as possible the " Records of the Graduates," and the Editor requests all those who have not yet responded to the circulars sent out a year ago, to do so as soon as possible.

H. B. N.

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