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Centennial catalogue Company, 1876

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270. oldal - Aug. 31, 1867, is modelled on that of the United States, the legislative power being vested in a Senate and a House of Representatives, the former composed of deputies of the provinces, two for each, and the latter of representatives nominated by the electoral colleges of provinces and parishes, at the rate of one member for every 20,000 inhabitants. The parochial electoral colleges choose deputies to the provincial colleges, who in turn send representatives to Congress.
232. oldal - It vests the whole legislative authority in a Parliament composed of" two Chambers, called the States-General. The Upper House, or first Chamber, consists of 39 members, elected by the provincial States from among the most highly assessed inhabitants of the various counties.
203. oldal - Act 1867,' which came into operation on the 1st July, 1867, by royal proclamation. The Act provides that the Constitution of the Dominion shall be ' similar in principle to that of the United Kingdom ; ' that the executive authority shall be vested in the Sovereign of Great Britain and Ireland, and carried on in her name by a GovernorGeneral and Privy Council ; and that the legislative power shall be exercised by a Parliament of two Houses, called the ' Senate ' and the
200. oldal - Governor-General in Council has power to make laws for all persons, whether British or native, foreigners or others, within the Indian territories under the dominion of Her Majesty, and for...
192. oldal - Malacca is situated on the western coast of the peninsula between Singapore and Penang, about 110 miles from the former and 240 from the latter, and consists of a strip of territory about 42 miles in length, and from 8 to 25 miles in breadth, containing an area of 659 square miles. The town, called Malacca, is in 2° 10' north lat. and 102° 14
170. oldal - Britain but in the south-west of England. The mountains of Wales, Cumberland, and Scotland have a vegetation resembling that of Scandinavia more than that of the mountains of Central or Southern Europe. The state of the case is much the same as to the fauna. There are, however, many remarkable instances both of plants and animals, which, from these apparent relations to continental Europe, might be expected in G.
192. oldal - Peninsula, from which it is separated by a narrow strait about three-quarters of a mile in width. There are a number of small islands adjacent to it, which form part of the settlement. The seat of government is the town of Singapore, at the south-eastern point of the island.
236. oldal - Besides the university of Copenhagen, there are 13 public gymnasia, or colleges, in the principal towns of the kingdom, which afford a
239. oldal - S. is a hereditary and constitutional monarchy, based on the fundamental law of 1809, by which it was decreed that the succession should be in the male line ; that the sovereign should profess the Lutheran faith ; and have sworn fidelity to the laws. The diet, which meets every year, and remains sitting for three or four months, is composed of two chambers, which are both elected by the people. The first chamber consists of...
170. oldal - The entire area is about 31,300 square miles. The greater part of the surface of Scotland is irregularly distributed into mountain and valley, a very small proportion spreading into level plains. The eastern coast forms a waving, continuous, and rarely broken line ; but the western is extremely irregular, being deeply indented with bays and arms of the sea, and exhibiting steep promontories and mountainous islands. The...

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