Noctes Ambrosianæ, 2. kötet

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W. J. Widdleton, 1863

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50. oldal - They take a weight from off our waking toils, They do divide our being ; they become A portion of ourselves as of our time, And look like heralds of eternity ; They pass like spirits of the past...
55. oldal - The gamester, if he die a martyr to his profession, is doubly ruined. He adds his soul to every other loss, and, by the act of suicide, renounces earth to forfeit heaven.
127. oldal - Where now thy might, which all those kings subdued ? No martial myriads muster in thy gate ; No suppliant nations in thy temple wait : No...
xv. oldal - You are aware that the only point of exception to Wilson may be, that, with the fire of genius, he has possessed some of its eccentricities ; — but, did he ever approach to those of Henry Brougham, who is the god of Whiggish idolatry? If the high and rare qualities with which he is invested are to be thrown aside as useless, because they may be clouded by a few grains of dust which he can blow aside at pleasure, it is less a punishment on Mr Wilson than on the country.
79. oldal - Coming through the rye. Gin a body meet a body Coming through the rye ; Gin a body kiss a body, Need a body cry...
110. oldal - Little he deem'd when with his Indian band He through the wilds set forth upon his way, A Poet then unborn, and in a land Which had proscribed his order, should one day Take up from thence his moralizing lay, And shape a song that, with no fiction drest, Should to his worth its grateful tribute pay, And sinking deep in many an English breast, Foster that faith divine that keeps the heart at rest.
viii. oldal - The sleeper's long-drawn breath. Instead of the murmur of the sea, The sailor heard the humming tree, Alive through all its leaves, The hum of the spreading sycamore That grows before his cottage door, And the swallow's song in the eaves. His arms enclosed a blooming boy, Who listened with tears of sorrow and joy To the dangers his father had passed...
336. oldal - Fare thee well! and if for ever, Still for ever, fare thee well: Even though unforgiving, never 'Gainst thee shall my heart rebel. Would that breast were bared before thee Where thy head so oft hath lain, While that placid sleep came o'er thee Which thou ne'er canst know again: Would that breast, by thee glanced over, Every inmost thought could show!
236. oldal - Weep not for Her ! Weep not for her ! — Her span was like the sky, Whose thousand stars shine beautiful and bright ; Like flowers that know not what it is to die ; Like...
56. oldal - Doctor first gives a general view of the particular morbid affections with which the production of phantoms is often connected. SHEPHERD. What — the blude and stomach ? NORTH. Just so, James. Apparitions are likewise considered by him as nothing more than ideas, or the recollected images of the mind, which have been rendered more vivid than actual impressions.

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